XXL Staff Picks Their Favorite Notorious B.I.G. Songs of All Time


“This epic Biggie track is the audio version of a summer blockbuster action flick. Plus, I still get a kick every time I hear Biggie say ‘Two auto-matoes, used to call me Fatso/Now you call me Castro…’”—Vit Debellis, Account Manager

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  • mistah dub

    so many classics spread across a short time fuck Suge Knight and Pookie Williams for the hit on Big and fuck Puffy, Keefe D and Orlando Anderson for the hit on Pac I wish they both could breathe to save hip hop from the watered down b.s. it has turned into Thank god for Kendrick and others

  • http://twitter.com/thaNorthStarMN thaNorthStar.com

    too bad diddy had to ruin so many by being on all of em

  • http://twitter.com/thaNorthStarMN thaNorthStar.com

    they should release a version of each album without any of diddy’s vocals so we can enjoy biggie w/out diddy’s lame @$$

  • dreconsay

    going back to cali??

  • traum247.com

    I miss B.I.G.


    Whoa whoa whoa, NO 10 CRACK COMMANDMENTS?! good list though, guys! I like how multiple people said “Gimme The Loot” that’s in the top 3 Biggie songs for me.