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The Break Presents: Kae Hock

Standout: "Dreamer/I Want the World" Also Check Out: "Be Cool" ft. Mike Jaggerr And: "Let's Chill" ft. Brent Best & Asia B Name: KAE Hock aka Hockaday.  KAE Hock is simply an abbreviation of my Gov.  Nothin' made up, that's what they call me. I just made it a NAME. Age: 27 Reppin': Newark, Delaware I've Been Rapping Since: Age 9.  This is the reason I am so proficient! My father owned a record store in Plainfield, NJ.  We were neighbors to P Funk.  I was born into music. My style and/or skills have been compared to: When I was younger, I was frequently compared ...

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