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Incarcerated rapper Bloody Jay recently made waves after dropping Blatlanta 2: Brazy and Black Portland with Young Thug. Jay is still keeping his name buzzing these days with his recent annoucement of a new tape in the works called NawFR. "DJ Plug. DJ Trap-A-Holics. I gotta shout them out. They’ve been holding me down," he says. "I feel like I’ve just started over. I don’t have no mixtapes right now. I have so much I want to talk about now."

The newest artist signed to Rocko's A1 Records gave XXL an interview from behind the walls where he introduces us to his music and what we can expect from the self-proclaimed Michael Jordan of music.

Name: Bloody Jay (Justin Ushery)

Age: 26

Hometown: Atlanta, GA.

I grew up listening to: Just the greats. I’m a fan of good music, you know what I am saying? I love Lauryn Hill. I listen to Thug, Future, Rocko, Boosie. Boosie is just real. He's original. He talks about everyday life, that’s what I try to talk about in my music. Just everyday life. It’s something that you can always relate to. I grew up listening to OutKast. Let me throw that in there too. OutKast is my favorite group of all time. Andre 3000, I love him. That’s the best lyricist of all time.

Most people don't know I: That I make all kind of music. Rock, rap, R&B. I can make any type of song that you put on a beat. That’s just my walks of life. I’ve done it on every scale, from nothing to something. I stay in that mindstate when I make my music. I try to make it for everybody.

My style's been compared to: Juelz Santana [once] said Mystikal. I liked Mystikal growing up. Unpredictable, that’s my shit. That was one that stuck to me always. I like it because it was live. Mystikal was always live. Whenever Mystikal rap, you standing up. You amped up. His energy is live in all his music and that’s how I want to be portrayed.

My standout records and/or moments to date have been: “Get It In Blood,” “Florida Water,” “Blood In My Eyes,” “Strange World.” But, “Get It In Blood” is my biggest record as of now.

The Black Portland mixtape was so much fun. That’s my brother, Thug. People don’t know that’s my brother. We blood. That’s my brother—I am Thug and Thug is me. I stand behind him. We related through the streets. Me and him got so much stories. Of course, Black Portland 2 is on the way. Actually, Thug just paid my whole probation fine. I love him for it. That’s my brother. Great guy. He came and bought my son a mink coat and paid my probation fine.

The day I got signed to A1 Records is a standout moment. I was at a show in South Carolina, I believe the club was Club Miami. I remember like it was yesterday. Me and Rocko actually recorded a song and he told me to come on the road. 'Let’s perform the song.' I was excited. This Rock! I told you, that was my favorite rapper. I was just like, “Yeah, let’s go!” You know what I am saying? We get on stage, and we get to perform one of his hot songs and the crowd was on they feet for him. He just did “Going Steady” so you already know how that was. He just stopped the music. 'I want to introduce the newest member of A1, Bloody Jay!' I was like 'Wow.' I was lighting the blunt. I was like 'Oh, shit!' I just ran up and grabbed the mic and was like, 'Yo, man. It’s for real. For real?' That’s the biggest moment.

My goal in Hip-Hop is: I want to be the best. I want to create a new genre of music. You got hip-hop, R&B. I want to create my own alternative rap. You know what I am saying? I just want to make my own brand of music. That’s my goal.

I'm gonna be the next: Michael Jordan of music.

To check out more of my music go to: Follow me on Twitter (@BloodyJayA1).

Standout: "Get It In Blood"

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And: "Warning"

Premiere: "Don't Know"