You might recognize Audubon as JP from MTV's 'Washington Heights' reality series. But the 25-year-old is now ready to gain a whole new audience through the power of his music.

Standout: "Riot For Kiko"

Also check out: "Thoughts Of An Avenue"

And: "James Webb"

Name: Audubon

Age: 25

Hometown: Washington Heights, NY

I grew up listening to: Wu-Tang, Selena, Aaliyah

My style and skills have been compared to: Stylewise, I feel like I pick a little bit from everyone. Because of that I feel as if my style is undefinable. I am not a label whore. My thing is 'are the items exclusive?' Skills wise, I am heavily influenced by the Wu-Tang. I used to watch karate flicks a lot, and that ties into my music as well. Also like I feel like my content holds a lot of weight, I am definitely saying something with my music. Most people today focus on the delivery, but they aren't saying much.

My standout records and moments to date have been: I was a member of a reality tv show on MTV titled “Washington Heights”, which focused on my growth as an artist and person. One of the big songs I made was “The Substitute”. That caught a lot of attention with the blogs. I had another single that garnered a lot of notoriety on the blogs titled “I used to, now I...”

Most people dont know I: Got moved to Florida at the age of 13. I started making music as a act of rebellion. I didn't like much that was around me. There was not much culture where I was. At times I felt trapped, and music set me free. My mom did the right thing at the time thoug. Moving me down there probably saved my life.

I'd like to work with: James Blake,Flying Lotus Daft Punk,Joey Badass & Earl Sweatshirt just to name a few.

My goal in hip-hop is: To create a gateway with my career for my community. I wanted to show people that it's not as hard as it looks to achieve your goal, that you can make your dreams come true. Also, I want to be respected amongst my peers for the quality of my work. The fans loving you is great, but having the respect of your peers means a lot to me as well.

I'm gonna be the next: Big thing. I feel like everyone gets a wave. It's one big ocean within this music thing. I feel like my wave is coming and it's going to hit hard.

To check out my music: Go to And Follow me on Twitter @Audubon_. Look out for my new project in June called The Audubon Hotel.