Earlier this year, Sikai dropped his Painkilling: 1500 mixtape. Today, get familiar with the 24-year-old out of Stamford, Connecticut, who channels a wide array of musical influences into his craft.

Standout: "Never Let Go"

Also check out: "D.R.U.G.S."

And: "The Goodness"

Name: Sikai

Age: 24 & 1/4

Hometown: Stamford, CT

I grew up listening to: Everything, but mostly Michael Jackson, Mase, Nas, and a mixture of Rock music.

Most people don't know I: Play golf and I'm slightly good at it, but definitely the best bowler ever invented.

My style has been compared to: Jay-Z, J Cole, ASAP Rocky, Joe Budden, & Young Joc?!?

My standout records and moments to date have been: "Never Let Go" shows my Rock influence and versatility. It also helps people get a feel for me as an experimental artist with respect for music making. My standout moment would have to be dropping my Painkilling: 1500Mg project this year and receiving so much love and appreciation from fans all over the world. It's a beautiful feeling to be able to have that connection to people with similar stories, no matter where they're from.

My goal in Hip-Hop is: To separate the real from the fake, the boys from the men, and all the winners from the busters! Honestly, I just want to be the one that you remember 10 to 20 years down the line as an influential artist and person, not just a rapper. People sometimes underestimate the power of words and having a voice, but then you have legends like Bob Marley and Martin Luther King Jr., whose words and voices have lived on long after them. That's what makes them unforgettable, and no matter what you can never take that from them. I want to be unforgettable.

I'm gonna be the next: XXL Freshman to have a successful debut album and career. I will also be the next biggest sex symbol since the Milli Vanilli guys. Mark my words with a very serious face. You know it's true!

To check out more of my music: Follow me on Twitter @SikaiMusic and check me out at www.sikaimusic.com