Standout: "Do You Believe ME"

Also Check Out: "Beautiful Ignorance"

And: "The East Flatbush Project" (Freestyle)

Name: Euro League

Age: 23
Reppin': Bronx (Uptown),NY
My style has been compared to: The lyrical ability of Nas mixed with a Pusha T swag meets the East Coast Kendrick Lamar with a Dead Prez revolutionary vibe.
My standout records and moment: I would have to say that my most standout records are "Euro Trip," "P.O.V." and "Free WannaBees" off of my latest mixtape Euro Trip . "Euro Trip" and "P.O.V" displays my lyrical ability and passion for people to understand my life's struggles and how they may relate to them. They also challenge the sound of Hip-Hop today by having a Dubstep ending in "Euro Trip" and alternate ending in "P.O.V". "Free WannaBees" shows listeners that I have the songwriting ability to create music unlike the majority of my song, but it still be a natural part of the artist that I am.
My most standout moment would have to be: Meeting Kendrick Lamar at his "Rigamortus" videoshoot and rapping for him. He was so impressed by my music that he insisted that his label mate ScHoolboy Q come take a listen to what I was spitting. To get respect from an artist like him reassured me I had something special to offer hip-hop.
I'm gonna change the game by: Enlightening people on all the things they think they aren't capable of. E.U.R.O is actually an acronym for: Enlighten Under Rule & Oppression. Growing up I didn't have a relationship with my mother because she was acCrack addict for 10yrs. My father was no where to be found and all I had was my Grandmother and my brothers and sister. I make music to express my pain and through that pain I found the love for an art form. Today I get people that write me from all parts of the world and tell me how my music gets them through their day. I feel like if I can make an impact like that knowing where I come from , then I can encourage people who can relate to my struggles to achieve their dreams as well.
I'd like to work with : Nas and Lauryn Hill. Those two artists have had the most influence in my music , but overall I would like to work with any artist (Underground) or (Mainstream) as long as they compliment my sound and message!
My goal in hip hop is: To expand the genre musically and politically. I would like to be responsible for expanding Hip Hop by including different elements from all genres of music in it until it becomes a natural part of it as well as encouraging people to take more control of their own lives instead of giving all of that power to our government.
I'm gonna be the next: Tupac Shakur. (Because I'm willing to sacrifice myself in order for my people to understand who they really are meant to be.)