Standout: "Promethazine"

Also Check Out: "Dopest Motherf*cker"

And: "Trippy Toes"

Name: Slim Dollars

Age: 24

Reppin': Harlem, NY

My style has been compared to: Jay-Z meets Juicy J but bumps into Redman, Slick Rick and OutKast along the way.

My standout records so far: One of my best records so far was a record I did with A$AP Ferg and another childhood friend/rapper Perrion. We all grew up together and had a group called Harlem Envy in our early teens. We just woke up one day last year and did the record called "Harlem ENVY " and put it online and it received a great response without promo. For me that was a dope record 'cause it allowed people to see the new talents emerging out of Harlem.

My Standout records and/or moments have been: This past April I got booked for my first show in California ever. It was a life changing experience for me. I didn't even know people in California knew who the hell I was. That was the first time I ever did a show and people were going crazy over my presence. I was stunned that some girls knew words to a song I had just dropped the month before. I still can't believe that happened. I'm forever grateful for that moment

I'm gonna change the game by: Teaching people how to be themselves, drug dealing and street life isn't for everybody. I grew up in gangs and selling drugs to survive and my story is about overcoming that and learning that the street mentality is not the way of the world. I lost a lot of time running the streets trying to live up to other people's expectations of me. Through my music I want to teach young Black men, like myself, how to not be leaches, underachievers and limited to the awesome shit going on in life. Some people feel they are obligated to keeping it real, street, hood or whatever and that's not the case. It's a big world out there and if someone doesn't show you, you tend to stay where you are which only leads to jail or death.  That's obviously not cool for anyone's future. When I was 21
I went on trial in Manhattan for possession of two guns and I vowed to myself if I ever beat that case, I would change my life. My music is an exact reflection of that. When I have enough people listening to me, I'm gonna be dropping jewels like nobody you ever heard before.

I'd Like to Work With: Jay-Z, but only after I've risen in the hip-hop ranks. I want to earn a collab with Jay-Z. He's the best ever, I've been following him since Original Flavor, Jaz-O. The "Hawaiian Sophie" days. Other than him Redman, Project Pat, Juicy J, Big K.R.I.T., The Neptunes, Frankie Beverly & Maze (greatest R&B group ever), Adam Levine and this dope new singer named Lauriana Mae, her voice is f**king incredible.

My goal in hip hop is: To be well traveled, go on many successful tours and keep the culture alive. I'm not in it for the money or women. If I was I'd just go back to selling drugs and scamming and hit the clubs on weekends. I really want to make a stamp in the game with incredible music. I also enjoy helping people outside of my projects, someday I'll become a hip-hop philanthropist

I'm gonna be the next: Top 10 rapper of the next generation.

To check out more of my music go to: (Twitter, Facebook, Webpage, Tumblr, and/or etc.): I have a nice online presence building, a few songs on SoundCloud, I'm featured on many blogs
and have mixtapes up on (Direct Deposit, Hell Up in Harlem, Introduction to Dollars and more). I always  tell people to Google: Slim Dollars limelinx, that site hosts all my mixtapes and singles. Also you can go to and click on the "Tripset" link and you can see clips of my shows and some behind the scene footage.