The Break Presents: Yonas

Standout: “Pumped Up Kicks”

Also Check Out: “Fall Back”

And: “I Could”


Age: 24

Reppin’: I’m from The Bronx in New York City

My style and/or skills have been compared to: Surprisingly, I haven’t gotten a lot of comparisons. I guess I’ve worked hard enough to separate myself, that people aren’t comparing me with other artists, but instead, they see me for who I am, YONAS! My own brand of music, and my own swag and personality. I think it also helps that I refrain from using the same content as other artists, and instead I speak on my life in a way that is very personal, and specific to me. One thing I have gotten though, is requests from my fans to collaborate with artists, and I guess this is the closest thing I have to a comparisons, because these are artists my audience pairs me up with… Such as J. Cole, B.O.B., Wale, Chiddy Bang, Kendrick Lamar, and Logic, to name a few.

My standout records and/or moments have been: My stand out records have been “Mindless”, “Fall Back”, “Shy Kidz” and “Nobody Else” off my album The Proven Theory. These are the tracks that really got the world believing in me heavily, because it gave people a chance to see what I’m capable of doing with quality production and original music. Another track that has recently gained me a ton of exposure, is a remix I did to the song “Pumped Up Kicks”. Currently at 1.6 Million views on YouTube, it’s a song that is resonating with a lot of America, and is putting me on the map along with the rest of my catalog. I’m blessed to be able to give people hope and empowerment through my music, and I think that’s even more infectious than the actual songs.

I’m gonna change the game by: I’m going to change the game by not being afraid to be myself! Simple as that. Too many times in Music, and specifically in Hip-Hop and Rap, people feel the need to conform to what’s popular. I have no intention of doing that. Instead I look to really mold my own style, and take risks musically. I have a huge love for music outside of Hip Hop, and my goal is to incorporate those different styles into the genre, which will hopefully create a new lane… the YONAS lane.

I’d Like to Work With: Too many people to list. But to name a few… Bun B, Neon Hitch, Passion Pit, Xaphoon Jones, J. Cole, Wale, Jeremih, Clams Casino, Needlz, DJ Gramatik, Skrillex, Cool & Dre, K’Naan, The Weeknd, Curren$y, Cris Cab, and a couple of other Artists, Producers, and DJ’s.

My goal in hip-hop is: My goal in Hip Hop is to create a new mentality. Not just a new sound, but a new mentality! It’s time we started taking more responsibility for the ideas, and perceptions we put out to the public. We have a great opportunity to influence man kind, why not elevate it? Why not dare to do something no one else has been able to achieve? That’s my goal. If I don’t achieve it, at least through my efforts, I’ll make some kind of a impact in the right direction.

I’m gonna be the next: I hope to be the next artist considered TIMELESS. I’m not into trends, I’m into making art that will last longer than a weekend, or a year, or a decade. I hope they’re sampling my music 200 years from now.

To check out more of my music go to: (Twitter, Facebook, Webpage, Tumblr, and/or etc.): Facebook:, Twitter:, YouTube:, Website: Also, search for me on Pandora, iTunes, Spotify, and SoundCloud for more music!

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  • xtina402

    “The Transition” June 25th!!! FTW #YONAS

  • sm1015

    YONAS FOR PRESIDENT or xxl fresh 2013 at least!

  • hiphophead


  • Noah Brox

    yonas is the best!!!

  • kell

    drive it like its stolen was dope man

  • LetsGetiT

    Been a fan on Yonas for a while, his success is well deserved. I can only see him continuing his current path.

  • Ryan L-K

    This man is to dope. If you haven’t already done so go purchase his The Proven Theory. Been riding with Mr. Yonas since 09!

  • Influence

    I would say he is in heavy contention for that Freshman Cover

  • WadesSSS

    Cant wait for that mixtape!!

  • Zj1stRound

    Next Big Act Out Of The Bronx. Look Out For The Transition June 25th!!!!!! #Yonas

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  • VMG

    YONAS, PAC, JAY, then probably BIGGIE, and NAS. #TPT

  • Tope Olaleye

    Good shit xxl good shit . Yall niggas shouldnt even allow artist to be featured on the break unless they talk like this . If you look at what Logic said when he was on the break , its very similar to what Yonas said . Clean Cut Answers with real meaning behind them , not that dumb ass rapper bullshit . Its 2012 B get real , This Hip Hop Music . I dont know if i can feel every track you put out man , but yea , i agree with you , theres too much power in the music to just be rapping bout money 24/7 . Elevate that shit . 1

  • hippaToDaHoppa

    CAUSE!!! Been telling people dude was next for 5 years now! It’s awesome he’s finally getting some well-deserved recognition.

  • Joshua

    The Proven Theory best album 2012

  • T-Boye Doe

    This “Yonas” dude is the truth

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  • NOVA

    freshmen 2013 lets get it

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