The Break Presents: Tef Poe

Breakout: “Coming Outta Missouri”

Also Check: K.N.G.M.F.B.

And: “Out The Kitchen Remix” featuring GLC

Name: Tef Poe

Age: 24

Reppin’: Footklan, Bullet Train Army, Overdose Ent., St. Louis, MO

My style and/or skills have been compared to: A Midwestern Nas with a pinch of Kanye, Eminem, 2pac, and Ice Cube.

My standout records and/or moments have been: Opening for Lupe Fiasco in front of a crowd of over 25,000 fans. I’ve collaborated with GLC, Killer Mike, and Royce da 5’9″’s brother Kid Vishis. I am currently working on an LP entirely produced by DJ Burn One. Most artists pay to play but off the strength of talent and work ethic I’ve opened for Big K.R.I.T. ,Yelawolf, and Big Boi from OutKast in front of capacity crowds. I’ve rocked the same stage as Common in front of 15,000 people. I am completely independent and moving my own product.

I’m gonna change the game by: Being honest with myself and the audience.I want to showcase my creativity and have fun doing it. I love all forms of hip-hop music and I want to experiment with them all. I want to be political yet relevant to the easy listener that may not desire to hear a bunch of preaching. I want to create records that influence people to think differently yet have fun. The best MCs could do anything. I want to be the in same lane as Big Pun, Scarface, Biggie, Redman ect. All of these gentlemen will be respected forever.

I’d Like to Work With: One day if I’m fortunate I’d like to work with the likes of Timberland and Dr.Dre these guy’s are pure genius and have created rap legends.I desire to do more work with Rockwell Knuckles, Trifectka and Tech Supreme. I’m currently working on securing a feature from Stic.Man of Dead Prez. My dream record would feature Eminem, Nas, Rockwell Knuckles, and Lil Wayne. I would love to be able to jump in the water with the best lyricists alive and see if my talent can uphold itself.

My goal in hip-hop is: I am praying that when it’s all said and done I look up one day and find myself on some type of Top 5 Dead or Alive list. This is a day to day process but my goal is to introduce myself to the world and speak for the impoverished people of my community.My goal is to tell the truth while being creative and influential. I hope I eventually leave the underground and sale more records than Creed [laughs]. Right now my focus is gaining one fan a day.

I’m gonna be the next: I am going to be the next Tef Poe. I’m going to evolve into whatever the universe has planned for me.

To check out more of my music go to: @TefPoe or

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  • Urban Legendz

    RESPECT!! Dude is iLL!

  • Theresa

    i battle rapped him in kindergarten! *lies*
    Tef is dope!!

  • Stretch

    The real is on the rise

  • A9amis the FlyGeek

    pure dopeness

  • TonyBricks

    War Machine 2 bitch!

  • Boo Boo Sims

    Foot Klan is the movement. Like Tony Bricks said War Machine 2 bitch

  • Zoie Marley

    Definitely well deserved!! Two thumbs up for Tef Poe!!! I’m not from Missouri but this song definitely makes me want to be from there!!!

  • Jordan

    Yess #314 #STL

  • Marko-V

    Major labels pay attention! Poe is one of the best artist in St.Louis. Him and his his entire crew, The Fprce, cover all genres of music and do capacity numbers at every venue. Stop sleeping

  • J. Wilder

    Footklan… Step up or step aside.

  • Finsta

    This is perfect for 3-1-4 day! I’m proud of Poe, keep moving forward bro.


  • Static

    Way to go!! Just recently saw him perform (again) and tweeted that it was awesome. I am so proud that St. Louis Hip Hop is growing!

  • big the aka the rock

    He is one of my favorite artists alongside kanye n jay z. Period. He is better than 90% artists in the game. Ive got other footage of him frestyling with me on my youtube channel check it out exclusive interviews on there of him too

  • Big T aka the T Rocka

    He is one of my favorite artists alongside kanye n jay z. Period. He is better than 90% artists in the game. Ive got other footage of him frestyling with me on my youtube channel check em out. Exclusive interviews on there of him too

  • SaV!

    very dope

  • djTrOGstL

    Tef has been a raw emcee since the Teflon Poetic/Soul Tyde days. This dude has been putting in work for a min now and is one of the most humble cats I have ever met on our hip-hop scen here in St. Louis MO. Humbleness aside I have seen this dude eat damn near the whole city on the mic at open mic battles over the years. Tef is that dude and Im glad XXL interviwed him. He deserves the publicity.

  • Meezy

    Dude is dope. Definitely comes with talent and looking to see where he goes!

  • Damo Entertainment

    S/O to Tef Poe representing St Louis. One of the best lyricists out here. Congratulations bro you know me bro Damo Ent

  • Roch


  • Lisa Byrd


  • Juicille

    good stuff Tef!!

  • travis smith

    Keep going at it. The Lou is rooting for you

  • Delonte

    His live show is ILL! Nobody out here is rappin harder than Tef Poe!

  • LC

    not suprised @ if we didnt kno this already…well deserved reognition off hard work…

  • jd_star2k

    good luck!!

  • R>W

    Summed up a lot of questions, keep hitting that pavement!!

  • buffnchubb

    s/o 2 the homie tef-poe!!!!! we right behind u cuzzo” plus day JEALOUS….

  • stlxchange

    Yall done fucked up and left the door open!!!!!!!!Tef you in there now boi………Respect

  • kash

    Poud of you, and happy for you!

  • Mel

    Great live show!!

  • DeWarren S.

    NObody rappin about Power these days but this dude! I support this dude 100

  • Dede

    “Ronald Regan turned my neighborhood into a slave ship”

  • HipHopGamer

    Keep up the hard work 1luv and GOD BLESS to the top is where ya headed homey

  • Booooring!

    This sh*t is weak ass hell. Nothing new, nothing original at all. Oh, and tell your “manager” DeWarren Smith to stop spamming industry folk its not kosher and makes you both look unprofessional.

  • Tech Supreme

    This is dope AF.

  • KrisisBlackstar

    B!tch We Out Here Walking,FootKlan+The Force,STL Stand Up…We Got Talent…Salute to my Boy…Respect.

  • StaceyAdamz

    May #TheForce be with you.

  • Jay Stretch

    The Real is on the Rise!

  • Gotta Be Karim

    Powerful is the team

  • Robby H.

    I live in Indiana been hip to this cat for a long ass time now! I”m glad to see he’s getting some shine finally. I’ve never been to St.louis but they seem to have alot of love and respect for this dude. If your not familiar go get that DJ Trackstar back catalog he’s all over those mixtapes and never stopped doing his shit. These songs may not really reflect it but he’s a fucking lyrical beast!!! This shit posted is some of his “real shit” talking bout life and shit but he has some serious fucking bars when he wants to.

  • SkanBlock WestSiderSTL

    Out the Kitchen was a hit in these parts we still ride to that shit,RIP DRU GUTTA thats real fucking rap right there T.P. does him and thats why real niggas fuck with him,not tryna be a thug or a real nigga he jus speaking what he saw or knows and mixes it the nerd comic book shit he aint tryna be shit he aint we fact checked this nigga already I cosign it RIP DRU MOTHAFUCKING GUTTA BMF hood legend T.P. shouted him out in Out the Kitchen and thats why the shits a St.louis anthem!! #westside

  • Mimi

    Dope Boy Fresh!!! Love this kat’s music!!

  • Profit

    U cant deny shit like this! stl stand up!

  • tarik brown

    tef poe we need another break out artist for the lou u good rapper who knows maybe i might come join u one day but keep doin wht u doin put the lou back on the map

  • Meach

    dude is niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

  • serlesson

    Congrats to Tef, dude never stops workin

  • James B

    It is so nice to see some of the legendary talent that is in the St. Louis underground music scene receiving some well deserved light. Be sure to check out the upcoming music festivel, the third annual SLUMfest Music festivel in St. Louis. It is a 12hr festivel that you will be able to catch Tef Poe and other local legends in their full glory.

  • Lou Disciple

    Bullet train army in this mofo!!

    david ruffin theory!

  • CHampNasty

    I saw him battle rap at the pageant years ago and picked up a mixtape and listened and instantly new he was the best in St.Louis….#neverajohnnycomelately


    you cant mention stl hip hop without saying tef’s name right now… #salute

  • VN

    Don’t let up on em young brah!!!!

  • TeamTefPoe

    Nobody does it better! Congratulations!

  • Denise Jones-Orange

    Coming outta Missouri!