The Break Presents: Hopsin

Breakout: “Ill Mind of Hopsin 4″

Also check: “Sag My Pants”

And: “How You Like Me Now” ft. SwizZz

Name: Hopsin

Age: 26

Reppin’: Funk Volume

My style and/or skills have been compared to: Slim Shady, Big L, Crooked I

My standout records and/or moments have been: Release of my RAW album independently on Funk Voume in November 2010; “I Am Raw Tour” —40 cities, across the US and Canada, earlier this year; Release of “Ill Mind of Hopsin 4″—close to 5 million views in 5 months; Australian Tour—4 shows in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, and Brisbane in September; Featured on Tech N9ne’s “Am I A Psycho” with B.o.B—and recently shot the video.

I’d Like to Work With: Kanye West, Eminem, Yelawolf

My goal in hip-hop is: To be a superstar in my basement.

I’m gonna be the next: Hopsin

To check out more of my music go to:, Twitter @Hopsin or

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  • Jimmy

    It’s about time he was featured on The Break. Hopsin, Wax and D-pryde are definately my favourite artists featured on the Break. now all they need to do is get Dumbfoundead on here.

  • Crazeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    Dope rapper

  • aboutimeeeeeee

    About time hopsin got some love seeh.

  • Ryan

    Your “Kill Her” music video is straight up copied from Brotha Lynch’s shit he did thats straight up fake shit. Dont get me wrong, your a tight rapper and all but dont copy other peoples shit.

    • Joe Momma

      Who the F*** cares dude. It’s Hopsin so quit hating, he’s doing more than you are

    • djaudio503

      When has Brotha Lynch Hung ever done a SAW style video?? Lynch does some crazy shit, but I think your just making a reason to be a hater and get this reply. Do ya research!

  • Jermzface

    Discovered him a couple months ago, his lyrics are so dope and has sick flow.

  • RICK C


  • Shredder

    Needa feature SwizZz!

  • T-RO

    HopSin is dope! I dont think he copied BLH on “Kill Her”. If that was the case then all of horrorcore rap is just copying each other. Dude has worked from the ground up. He is doin his thing without rapping about bitches and money. He got mad skills in rapping, producing and makin his own vids

  • Funk-VolumeNC

    peep his jammy with bankrupt records called “ruthless”. shits nasty

  • JD

    Hops been slaying it for awhile bout time hes gettin plays and people are recognizing

  • D3

    Only famous for dissing Tyler, which worked for him as most underground rappers try do and fail. Every song he makes has a gay chorus in it, disses someone for attention, and has a killer verse. He is good but he really needs to sort something out with himself. Still a fan

  • Kyle

    Ryan the Kill Her video is influenced by the movie Saw jackass. Has NOTHING to do with Brotha Lynch. If Lynch did a video like that then he was copying Saw too.

  • Frankie107

    Hopsin is a beast glad to see hes getting some recognition =)

  • LaDyLoKiiTa

    I love Hopsin!!! He’s super talented and got a wicked flow. Funk Volume has the hottest arsenal of artists. So glad he’s getting well deserved recognition!!

  • juggalOshmoO

    hop and swizz are the shit plain and simple . fuck the mainstrean keep it undergroung and independent .. all you rappers still rapn about money and cars . you kno your wack . fv 4 life bitch

  • Devaunte Johnson Aka D’Jonez

    I Want To Vote Hopsin For 2012 XXL Freshmen.. Kid Nice

  • broski_Love

    hThe performance began to come unhinged right around the time of “Pans in the Kitchen.” Perhaps it was amateurish loss of stamina (the two definitely remarked at the difference in altitude), but Hopsin and Swizz took to sloppy crowd surfing, laying on the floor of the stage and throwing around so much water, it looked more like an adolescent water gun fight than a rap show.

    HOPSIN SUCKS. played routines and a bite off eminem. No wonder he cant move any type of volume in sales.

    • The Mother Fucking DoughMaster

      Hey Broski. You can kiss my ass
      and suck my dick
      And lick around my balls
      Cause I like that shit!!!!!
      You don’t like Hopsin and SwizZz then go somewhere else and listen to that mainstream shit that you’re used to. We don’t need your hatin ass around here. Your momma told me she likes Hopsin when I was fucking her in the ass. And she told me she likes SwizZz when she was sucking my dick and she also told me you were the load she should have swallowed!!! What up, BITCH!!!!!!!!!!! The Mother Fucking DoughMaster don’t play!! Check me out on youtube asswipe. DoughMaster.

  • Jrat

    I bet this guy listens to mainstream shit^

  • # 1 Hopsin fan

    If you don’t have anything niice to say on here about Hopsin then keep your rude a** comments to yourself… Hopsin is way better then some of these dumb ass rappers.. and for the kill her song, that song is about that well, go figure,he says her name in the song enough..