The Break Presents: Dizzy Wright

Breakout: “Hit Me When You Coming”

Also Check: “Happy”

And: “Legendary”

Name: Dizzy Wright (La’Reonte Wright)

Age: 21

Reppin’: Las Vegas

I started rapping: I started rapping when i was 8 Years old

My style and/or skills have been compared to: 2Pac, J. Cole, Kendrick Lamar, Big K.R.I.T. Really any rapper that raps with some kind of substance.

My standout records and/or moments have been: Some of my standout records would be my more realistic songs like “Hit Me When You Coming,” “Rollin Skimps,” “Nigga I’m Souped,” “Accept My Flaws,” “Legendary”…Most of my songs like that. Some of my standout moments would mos def Be Performing on 106&Park in 2010 Winning Fan favorite At the bLaze the stage. Opening Up for Tyga and Dom Kennedy recently was pretty amazing just for the simple fact I had my own personal fan base come out and represent this HyLyfe Movement we got poppin.

I’m gonna change the game by: Doing shit My way

I’d Like to Work With: Andre 300 And juicy J

My goal in hip-hop is: Make people have a better understanding of someone else situation. Just being more then a rapper, having a voice.

I’m gonna be the next: I’m Creating My own lane Not Tryna be the next nobody

To check out more of my music go to: or go to Datpiff and cop that New Soul Searchin NEXTLEVEL Mixtape

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  • jay

    dope shit

  • chris

    i fucks with Dizzy Wright! BSF

  • JOE


    • ShaeLanah

      so because they have common likes he wants to Pac dont hate cuz hes making it and your ass is sitting in from of yout 1980 desktop eating noodles and hating on what hes doing maybe if you listen to his music and get out of your ass he raps you might learn something

    • Kerv

      LOL! Your a joke.

      • Kerv

        That comment was meant for “JOE” btw. He’s the joke.

    • izzyRx

      this is the realist nigga out u dumb fuck. u mainstream cock sucker!

  • mike

    this kid Sucks very Bad the xxl really posted a jerk rapper SMH #2012NEEDSTOOHAPPEN

    • me

      This kid is dope.. your a dumbass.

  • F.Luna

    This man spits fire. That reality music, something with some feel to it. He even makes music for the haters enjoy.! ^^^^^^

  • @LGBTee

    i respect homie, he came a long way & is headed even further.

  • Anthony “SPADE” Parrish

    Keep doing u bruh. that “legendary” track was some real shit… nice to see that you aint afraid to see how deep the rabbit hole go…feel me?

  • WilliamTheMogul

    Congrats homie! Stay focused on the music. “Fck anybody trying to put you down” -Dizzy Wright Oh yea you killed that Balcony Life Hoody Season Cyper on Youtube #HyLyfe


    this guy just signed with hopsin…TURN IT UP!

  •!/DASHTheGr8 DashTheGr8

    Brosz is puttin on for are city fuck all the haters this nigga hard

  • Halfcast91

    i hope he blow up sooon man hes so dope

  • stop the government 2012

    why u hatin at least he aint scared to rap about illuminati. and just because pac one of his inspirations dont mean he tryna be 2pac u probaly a tyler the shitty rapper fan who talks about 666 and gay homo shit and hate on hopsin and whoever trynna be positive

  • bryce

    man this guy is the future of rap along with FUNK VOLUME and hopsin and swizzz, just you watch, his new song “solo dolo” is madd crazy

  • wes

    i mad they out his old stuff not his new musick (f your opinon and mr solo dolo) those tracks are tough


    My nigg Dizzy Wright too DOPE keep doing yo thing brodie & fuck who evers hating


    from SS cali, some of his music is really hard, keep it up…

  • http://xxl real nigga hip hop

    Dizzy is a man of his words and lyrics. His rap music consist of his own thoughts and problems. many of which people face everyday. Dizzy lyrics is a different voice or opinion to help motivate the common people like u and i. In my own thoughts he has helped me greatly. He might just be my new ideal only being 3.5 years older than me. He is truely another brother i would like to meet!
    “Dizzy Wright” ladys and gental man!!!

  • Dallas

    Feelin it, “Happy” touched my heart & made me appreciate the relationship I have :)

  • Sean

    Dizzy Wright speaks the truth. His lyrics his unbelievable. Keep doing what you’re doing Dizzy. The path is already set Wright.

  • steven ferro

    dizzy wright..will be signed to big record lable!!, he already goin hard as of today..i think he gonna be the best young artist from the next xxl freestyle video i guaranteed that!..

    • helo

      No, he wont sign to a big record lable, he is with Funk Volume (independent living).