The Break Presents: Moufy

Breakout: “Miss Newton”

Also Check: “Boston Lights”

And: “Twist It And Light It”

Name: Moufy

Age: 20

Reppin’ : Star Gang Crew/Boston, MA

My Style and/or skills have been compared to: Biggie and Kanye West

My standout records and/or moments have been: Being the main Boston artist at the Boston Urban Music Festival in front of 50k people, getting my song “Boston Lights” played at a Patriots game, doing a song with David Ortiz and selling out a 600 person venue in Boston.

I’m gonna change the game by: Breaking down the barrier between Urban and Suburban America through hip-hop.

I’d Like to Work With: Jay-Z, Eminem, Fabolous, Jadakiss, 50 Cent, Kanye West

My goal in hip-hop is: To Become the Greatest

I’m gonna be the next: To break the 100 million mark in hip-hop

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  • Josh

    Boston Lights is my jam.

  • Goodman

    Moufy has it going on right now, I hope he isn’t like Miss Newton and “fades away”. I’m surprised this article didn’t talk about the new Star Gang Athletes program on

  • Mike

    Love the effort he sounds terrible though. But I guess if he is actually good an established record label will sign him and get him venues where tickets are more than $15.

  • gansssss

    moufy is dope as fuck. best boston rapper. fuck sam adams. haha

  • Matty B

    I saw this kid at hempfest, boston lights is my shit, and I live in NY… nuff sed

  • iinfynite

    what the fuck! there are SO MANY BETTER RAPPERS IN BOSTON. why pick the one the sounds like hes got a blocked nose…? this dude sucks compared to other people in the city.

  • Juango

    There’s a lot of Talent in Boston, MA. I grew up with the kid & I know what he speaks about is truth not like most of these rappers talking about drugs constantly. Him & his Star Gang team Grind hard & I hope Boston appreciate what he’s done for the City & it’s only the beginning!

  • john_stamos

    Boston rappers should be embracing this kid, he’s making moves and helping pave the way for an industry that sucks in Boston and gets no love.

    Don’t hate him for his success, you should be pumped

  • Boston

    star gang = gangstarr

    moufy and guru both from roxbury, mass!!!

    word up and rest in peace to a true legend

  • NUXX114

    dont hate on my fam my homie mouf is on his grind N REPPIN HARD unlike a lot of other dudes out hea n thas kumn from anotha rapper that grinds hard keep it up bhro u already kno hunna gang star gang affiliates SOOOOWOOOOOOOO

  • Brian

    Moufy is talented but Maye Star i believe will be the rapper from Boston to get respect for our city he has the potential to one of the greatest in the game easily

    • Jose Lara

      Are you serious? i”m from Boston and i never even heard of this dude. not hating on him, but i wouldnt say he has better chance to becoming the face of boston. understand that moufy is a brand. moufy is distributing his music in a non- and surban societies. lets be real here moufy is much more popular and life changing moves that is escalating his career. please feel free to inform me of this star guy

  • Brian

    Who deleted my comment thats so fucking fake? Maye Star is the best rapper in boston haters suck a dick moufy nice but hes not the best

    • Star Gang AFFLIATE!!!

      Um your comment right above you dumbass but Maye Star nice but Moufy repping boston hard!!!

  • DeMarco

    my boy is reppin this city so fuckin hard it’s not even funny. kids blown up. good shit

  • cecimarie26

    star gang affiliates

  • Jose Lara

    I’m from Boston. It’s good see someone pick up the slack benzino had in the hip-hop field. Moufy is going to be the new face of hip- hop. we see it with j-cole, Big Sean, and meek mill. Moufy will be just as good. i willvote to have him as XXL freshman.

  • j-man

    maybe i lied’s his best song