The Break Presents: Phil The Thrill

Breakout: “I Made It”

All Check: “Writings On Your Wall” ft. Stefan Skeeter

And: “R.I.P. Dilla” (Over J Dilla’s & 9th Wonder’s “Make It Circulate”)

Name: Phil The Thrill

Age: 22

Reppin’: Newport News, Virginia. 757

My style and/or skills have been compared to: Kanye West, Travie McCoy of Gym Class Heroes, Drake, J. Cole

I started rapping: At the age of 10

My standout records and/or moments have been: Winning the XXL J Dilla contest. Hearing my songs being played on the radio and seeing the positive feedback my two videos received on Worldstar.

I’m gonna change the game by: Bringing the fun and flexibility back to hip-hop and music as a whole.

My goal in hip-hop is: Is to change the perception of it to the masses. There are so many areas that can be touched that so many artists are afraid to tap into, and I feel that it can be done with my approach and ability to connect with a variety of people and demographics.

I’d Like to Work With: Kanye West, hands down. A hook from Frank Ocean and Adele would be dopeness, and J. Cole’s production is something that definitely catches my ear.

I’m gonna be the next: Hip-hop artist that one day reaches his full potential so that people will one day want to be the next ME.

To check out more of my music you can go to: Tumblr, YouTube, or Twitter

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Best of XXL

  • jay

    heard of this kid before..he’s legit

  • sasha

    his flow is different..he has IT

  • king

    yooooo this is the first the break artist I actually could see making some moves..props to the dude..niiiiice

  • E

    Hard work pays off. Dope.

  • Shod

    Yeah he is definitely doing his thing as well #Salute

  • upnorthlove.

    never sleep on this talent…. : )

  • lisa

    maaaaan he sexy and he nice…um can somebody sign him pleaaaase

  • King of The Mountain

    He definitely been holding down VA right now

  • ramon

    he def doesn’t sound like he is from va..which is a good thing..he’s unique..i hope he gets on for real..hip hop is missing creativity like this

  • t-time

    yea…he’s stamped…somebody better cosign him quick..I love being able to find talent when they are hungry..I dig it

  • true hip hop fan

    impressed…and that doesn’t happen often..he is on to something

  • love

    wow now this is good music

  • miles

    from virginia? huh? he needs to get out of there because he has the look to be somewhere big one day..He is reaaallll

  • shai

    one word..talented..i see the kanye/drake/cole comparison in his flow and creatiivy but he still stands out on his own.. a good look

  • rob

    oh shit I remember dude from worldstar..thought he was nice back then..big ups to xxl for showcasing this guy..hope he blows up

  • Ndya

    Im loving this….great music!!

  • chris


  • Boss223


  • BWonder

    He got next. Strong talent. Hard worker. Solid flow. He will be on in no time.

  • Rell VA

    been to a few of his shows and kid def does his thing. Brings a different vibe to the table, and can appeal to many genres and people internationally. Keep doing your thing

  • 2knowher

    I love it!!!

  • YOM

    My first time hearing the brother but he definitely got it though.
    Way better than most of the industry dudes XXl usually features.
    I’ll be checking for son in da future.

  • Jaywilly

    Where can you download his music at?



  • John Doe

    Just checked out his tumblr and he definitely has some dope music up there

  • shorty j

    shit is sick, if he gets signed…..scratch that WHEN he gets signed, ill def buy his music and bump it…..good look yo and keep reppin the 757

  • jermaine flames

    SCHWEET! more and more talent comin outta VA. i love it, big baby!

  • scott

    real cool…all of that fly shit…this is what I’m talking about xxl…he’s better than half the freshman yall had this year right now

  • maya

    oweeee can I have him oh and his music is goooood

  • gee

    yeaaa cosign with everybody else..I was skeptical at first because of his look but that mixed in with his sound is what’s gonna make this guy a star..good shit

  • gottie

    nice song….keep at it… i respect the hustle..

  • kwi-zzle

    Yo he holding the V-down. Represent cuz.

  • cali boi

    freshhhhh…his style and sound is bomb…def gonna swag to this out here on the west coast

  • che

    ohhhhh let me find out virginia has another light skin star with trey and chris lol

  • jamie ny

    been a fan since day one…so happy to see him finally getting the credit he deserves..TEAM THRILL

  • los

    he flipped that kid cudi beat type crazy…salute xxl for showcasing talent for once…can we say FRESHMAN COVER 2012??

  • Amber

    He is amazing :)

  • N.O_O.N.

    Salute to the Homie Phil the Thrill. VA. We see you.

  • ruth dc

    glad to see the dmv represented by somebody other than wale…refreshing to see good music still exist in hip hop

  • lex

    true fan…I remember phil the thrill back in the myspace music days..glad to see baby boy getting props finally

  • jroc

    he got some heat..I’m feelin this

  • gurufan

    he is real..guys like him, dom kennedy, kendrick lamar and jcole make me believe that hip hop is truly here to stay and be the true craft that it’s meant to be

  • chuck t

    bout damn time xxl got hip to this dude..we stay ridin to his joints out here in the bay

  • sai

    fire…thank you xxl for putting me onnnnnn

  • britt

    love love love him I will buy the july issue times 10 when he is in it

  • cruz

    dude is mad marketable I can’t even front but his talent backs it up..def gets a #salute from oakland

  • chaz

    his look,his swag, all of that is dope and different..i”m feelin it.pause

  • ash clarke

    ohhhh he just got him 20 new fans..we are in class rocking out to i made it…thank you xxl

  • lecia

    something new and fresh…i liiiiiiike

  • jmoney

    he’s dope x dope for real

  • J

    Nice!! He’s next!

  • leo

    saw this link on facebook and wondered what the hype was about…& now I see..his music is funky cool


    good stuff!! keep pushin!!

  • jg

    “whyyyy the pretty girls gotta be so crazy” lol..he aint neva lied…his flow is correct and he doesn’t look like anybody in the game now..besides being light skin but he is a good artist in my book

  • rome

    peeped him on worldstar wayyy back..thought xxl would have been had him in the mag but hey better late than never….good stuff

  • basedboi

    I’m a fan…talented

  • shayla

    love this..just found me a new favorite artist out of va..umm sorry trey lol

  • layla

    this is what my ipod needed!!

  • jeantheblogger

    i want more of his music for my blog!!

  • joejack

    good..real good..saw the link and the name caught my eye..impressive

  • guest

    hmm he’s ok..might have to grow on me..his look is cool though

  • musicfiend

    real smooth flow and delivery

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  • coolguy

    I wanted to hate at first from looking at him…typical light skinn tatted up rapper but he actually is REAL.

  • Scottie_P

    Dilla rest in peace.

  • fittedcapjays

    agreed with my man above me RIP JDILLA that tribute was a cool ass flow phil the thrill did

  • boiiiii

    good ass music right here..good music better sign him lol

  • postmod

    he next mane 4real

  • lelani groove

    haha at him saying dopeness…I’ve heard about him through some of my friends..real music i must say

  • hoopajays23

    fire…he been buzzin for a good minute since the worldstar joints..I stay bumpin his mixtapes that he drops every month

  • cheaaa

    hot shit..

  • vhingrhamesonyo’momma

    how the fuck do you get on this shit?


    he’s dope as fuck!!

  • trackSTAR

    reminds me of a young drake..creativity wise he has his own shit..not mad at him for that

  • gtownhoya

    why all those light skin va ni**as look alike..looking like trey songz with long hair lol but no hate he good.I would ride out to his joints without a doubt

  • neffy

    best the break artist I’ve seen thus far..he has the look/sound

  • mr.j_l

    i like this..his music is going in the right direction

  • djtwoturn

    yea this is what I call “music” and not some based cookin shit..i could actually play this anywhere and get a good response

  • dwademvp

    i feel it..salute

  • rowdyboi

    that i made it jawn gooooeeessss

  • doug g

    he is dope

  • imonone

    I diiiiig it

  • susie payne

    saw the link…clicked it..found me a new playlist to add to my fan right here yup

  • ken true

    he’s different…in a good way

  • newboyswag

    I literately just ran across his tumblr the other day…wow really good stuf

  • big tiddy tee

    good ass music. thumbs up

  • #1fanju

    ahhhh I love him and his how humble he is and he talks to every fan..he will go far

  • amber k

    phil the thrill’s tumblr sent me here..been a fan since I found him on there…love

  • naomi

    keep doing what you do best :)

  • Tyleeka

    I Support REAL music :) Keep doing your thing baby boy :)

  • http://www.foreverinmotion, Ugonma

    Woooow, I watched this from start to finish. From the first line, you’re completely hooked. This song is dopeeee and is definitely one of my favorites.

  • raleighboi

    #salute my brother do your thang..done seen you on your got love from down here in raleigh no doubt

  • naomi

    very unique artist

  • Bella

    In love with his music so farrrrr! <333333333

  • Kayl

    Pretty damn dope

  • treysongzwifey

    whoop whoooop..good to see him getting love on here..props to him and xxl

  • ashley-olivia

    love this kidd

  • Mimi360

    I like the music a lot… it’s quite unique for modern music. I know we’ll definitely be seeing more of u…. ;)

  • fefe

    wow at the amount of comments but he did say on tumblr that his fans show crazy love..guess I’ll add to it..keep on hustling and good music

  • aliyah

    I never knew that I was already following a star on

  • ana

    i like his flow really chill =]

  • Faith

    He’s dope….I found him on tumblr! =)

  • H

    VA stand up! dope

  • s234

    killen dem right now

  • Ally

    he’s awesome. nuff said.

  • Queen Bee

    The Thrill is the Rill! XXL much props to you for keeping your finger on the pulse of what’s hot! Continue to give a platform to true talents such as the featured artist! He is the truth! I hope somebody finds this diamond in the rough soon!

  • iladelcat

    craaaaazy dope…genuine..not trying to do too much….refreshing..keep up the good work..

  • Chance Fischer

    Dope cat. Definitely got a gift.

  • ciciGibson

    yall better watch out for him…just a warning. I’m a fan by all means

  • CyM

    i look forward to hearing much more from him! he’s pretty dope :)

  • ryan u

    was going through all of the break artist and this guy was the most impressive..hope to hear more

  • tmjmb10

    i see you phill…soundin gud