The Break Presents: OCD: Moosh & Twist

Breakout: “City Kids”

Also Check: “Live It Up”

Download: The mixtape Up Before The World here.

Name: OCD: Moosh & Twist

Age: 18

Reppin’: Philly

Our style and/or skills have been compared to: Moosh’s sound has been compared to Kanye/Nas. Twist hasn’t been compared to anyone.

We started rapping: In middle school and just stuck with it.

Our standout records and/or moments have been: Standout records are “City Kids” (over 500,000 views onYouTube) and “Live It Up.” Standout moments have been performing at the Roots Picnic (alongside some greats like Black Thought, Wiz Khalifa, and Nas).

We’re gonna change the game by: Being ourselves and letting everything else fall into place.

Our goal in hip-hop is:
To spread positivity and prove that hard work can get you anywhere.

We’d Like to work with: 40 (Noah) and Andre 3000.

We’re gonna be the next: The only OCD

To check out more of our music you can go to:
Our site TeamOCD, Twitter (Moosh and Twist), Facebook, or YouTube

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  • Ryan

    Yo this kids are good as shit!

  • devin

    sick! philly is killin it



  • Cameron

    YAL BLOWIN UP!!!!!

  • A Money

    Dez niggas hot!!!

  • Anthony

    these boys are gunna blow up soon. this is how hip hop should be, OCD!

  • Jermel

    dez nigaas b spittinqq straht fire yo. D lil white boi b qoinq ham!

  • new fan!

    what does OCD stand for?

    • derryck

      Twist has ocd its obsessive complusive disorder

      • matt

        no he doesn’t. they use to have a third member and it was a combination of their 3 initials of their actual names. don’t claim stuff that isnt true kid

        • Matt

          thats wrong too lol

  • Mata Q. Wigi


  • MoneyMattGME

    they doing they thing!!

  • Dylan

    yo. these kids are sick. i love um. what does ocd really mean?

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  • Kennedy

    Yo these guys be the sickest music that i listened tonight and i just heard them for the first time they be ill.