The Break Presents: Fuze The MC

Breakout: “What You Want” ft. Diz

Also Check: Co-Sign from Big Boi

And: “6 Foot Revenge”

“The Great Occasion” ft. Ashley Joy

Name: Lance Coleman aka Fuze The MC

Age: 20

Reppin’: Marietta, GA

My style and/or skills have been compared to: Mos Def, Jay-Z, Lupe Fiasco, Kanye West

I started rapping: In 2008

My standout records and/or moments have been: A co-sign from Big Boi; a co-sign from Blu; oppening for Wale, J. Cole, DMC of Run-D.M.C., and others.

I’m gonna change the game by: Bringing back the unadulterated truth.

My goal in hip-hop is: Developing Noble Black Society into a dynasty across all spectrums of music and entertainment.

I’d like to work with: OutKast, Jay-Z, Mike Dean, Alicia Keys, Frank Ocean

I’m gonna be the next: Creator of a Dynasty

To check out more of my music you can go to: My site,, or my Twitter.

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  • Henock Sileshi

    Yo, this kid is dope as fuck. XXL, I need more!!!

  • Rob

    Yoo! this guy is insane!! How come I’ve never heard of him?

  • six3one

    yooo fuze is a problem! shouts from KTT. keep doing ur thing homie

  • Colt4594

    Your dope as fuck! Def could see you blowing up.

  • CRS

    What you want is sick! Good Job XXL for finding this guy. Where can i download this?

  • Michael-mtp

    Great stuff, man. AUSTRALIA WADDUP!

  • POPE

    Dude’s nice. Gonna have to look more into his music after seeing this

  • Villanelly

    What You Want is real good. Need more of this.

  • Mikee $tar

    Dope as hell.

  • Shawn

    Fuze is the best unsigned rapper out there, period.

  • Anna


  • Ste

    Dude is sick!

  • RB


  • The Great

    DOPE STUFF. More people need to know

  • Aaron

    Ish is tight. Keep up the good work. Props from Canada.

  • Tiea

    S/O to Howard U! Fuze is dope…and we have more like him..the whole XXL Freshmen Class 2012 could be done at Howard! So proud of you! :)

  • Kend

    Yo, Fuze is the FUTURE!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kenny G

    this nigga’s tight!

  • Chuck Loritz

    Wow this kids the truth, looking forward to hearing more from him. Please post more in the future!

  • Jesus C!

    dang bro your music is great! your flow is on point! keep it up much love.

  • ThisJustin

    really nice flow & a co sign from big boi…bout time he gets some shine.

  • mikeymarris

    yo this is dope as fuck, kids gonna blow

  • MeLtheKiiD

    Gotta hear some more of dude. Dopeness for real. XXL Freshman 2012 material.

  • Joe


  • YeezyDude

    To be completely honest, so is this dude very dope. Everything about him is with swag. I’d recommend him personally.

  • keezy

    BRAINLESS CLUB congratz bro

  • KeemBeats

    Nice.. Fuze is dope.. Keep findin these good artists so they can grow.. Appreciate ya!

  • Block

    Fuze is dope! Insane flow.

  • Ghost

    Ghost approves of this video. KTT we in here

  • Josh (JSCBeats)

    This guys dope. Shoutout from KTT :)

  • CrooklynGawd

    You this nigga Fuze is soooooooooo dope ! I wanna see more of this nigga !

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