Show & Prove is our section in the magazine where we highlight which rappers are hot in hip-hop now. Many who have appeared in S&P have gone on to launch successful music careers. With the goal to bring our hand-picked selections online, here are excerpts of the stories from Sage The Gemini, Isaiah Rashad and Deniro Farrar, as well as their entire mixtape discography. Our December/January issue celebrating 40 years of hip-hop with five collectible covers is available on newsstands.

Sage The Gemini

The organic buzz is the Holy Grail for an aspiring artist. With the help of his real fans, Bay Area native Sage The Gemini already has two singles that have hit the Billboard Hot 100 chart in 2013, and he doesn't even have an album out yet.

"Gas Pedal" peaked at No. 29, and its follow-up, "Red Nose," hit No. 52, and both garnered new attention for the 21-year-old rapper/producer. The records also caught up with California club kids and inspired fan-made viral dance videos that were posted on Vine and YouTube. "It got out there by itself," Sage explains. "'Gas Pedal' got a million views in a few months."—B.J. Steiner