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The Album

DUCK DOWN Smif-N-Wessun transcended many of their contemporaries with their 1995 opus Dah Shinin’. Yet, while their debut spawned unforgettable anthems like “Bucktown” and “Sound Bwoy Bureill,” the Brooklyn duo’s subsequent works—’98’s The Rude Awakening and ’05’s Smif ’N’ Wessun: Reloaded—failed to leave any indelible marks. Looking to make up for their past transgressions, Tek and Steele return with a more mature sound and worldly outlook for their fourth disc, simply titled The Album. With beats handled primarily by producers Tommy Tee and Ken Ring, Smif-N-Wessun exhibit tremendous growth, opting to mix their patented gun-clapping rhetoric with a save-the-world approach. On “Who ...

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