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Chief Keef, Finally Rich Review

Over the course of the last year, Chief Keef hit a whole bunch of the milestones required for a storied rap career: the breakout single; the major label bidding war; cosigns and collaborations with the industry’s elite; magazine covers; rap beef; Twitter beef; street beef. All this unfolded as Chief Keef’s hometown—Chicago—experienced a surge in gang violence, becoming one of the most dangerous cities in the country. And the Windy City’s newest star seemed to not only embody the chaos of his hometown, but he embraced it, making him one of the most polarizing young artists of recent memory. So what becomes of Keef now? Has 2012’s fascinating storyline of Chief Keef and Chicago’s drill scene just about run its course? Is Chief Keef still the next big thing? And does his debut album Finally Rich answer either of these questions?

On the whole, the album is a slightly more welcoming, less threatening body of work than Back From The Dead, where relentless machine gun fire and ambulance sirens served as constant reminders of the mayhem from which Chief Keef emerged. This album’s title is a fitting one, as it seems newfound wealth and fame has surpassed bloodshed as Keef’s main talking point. Obvious singles “Love Sosa” and “Hate Being Sober” capture the excitement of BFTD, without the alienating subject matter. Equally responsible for the successes here is Keef’s go-to producer, Young Chop, who’s enjoying a 2010 Lex Luger-esque run, where even though all of his beats pretty much sound the same, listeners wouldn’t have it any other way.

Perhaps the most telling sign of Keef’s true potential can be seen in how he matches up on the album against the likes of 50 Cent, Young Jeezy, Rick Ross, French Montana, and Wiz Khalifa. 50 is actually dynamic here and strengthens “Hate Being Sober,” but the rest get outshined in Keef and Chop’s world. Collaborations with Jeezy and French are arguably the album’s weakest efforts and “3 Hunna” gets downgraded by a posturing Ross verse in place of the undeniably more fun Soulja Boy version from BFTD.

Keef still remains a one-dimensional character, never breaking from the cold, detached charisma that’s defined him. On Finally Rich he continues to execute a specific type of song—consistently and at a high level. “I Don’t Like” still hasn’t lost its appeal, and much of his debut carries the same level of replay value. So people will love it. People will hate it. Chief Keef probably doesn’t care either way. He’s 17, and he’s finally rich. —Neil Martinez-Belkin (@Neil_MB)

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  • J

    Shouldn’t those 3 ratings average out to an M?

    • http://www.facebook.com/tobes23 Zak Tobes

      nah the lyrics and originality average to an M, which when averaged by the XL beats becomes a L.

      • http://twitter.com/DannyDarkspace Daniel Nkwocha

        XL for the beats seems a bit generous anyway

        • http://www.facebook.com/tobes23 Zak Tobes

          Yeah i agree. All chop’s beats sound the same, but it’s a good sound

  • http://twitter.com/TommyIceRockin TommyHILLiceRocking

    the illmatic of trap…………….LMFAO some dumb ass nasty looking nigga was saying that album this album LMFAO

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/EULMCNWNJWVTR6ZSMWL2LBJVAY Token B


  • SS87

    LMAOOOOOOO what is the last album on here to get an “S” in lyrics?

    • http://twitter.com/thisis4dt Jin

      I think it was a soulja boy mixtape hahaha

      • gyo

        that soulja boy tape also had an overall S rating too lol.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/GVDQ76U2UR5X7NPEMBR7ZDCOUY Vincent

    So the area in which it excelled the most (the beats), Chief Keef had nothing to do with making? lol.

  • 8====D~~~~(.)(.) = babies

    lol i know niggas look at soulja boi like damn that nigga wasnt this bad … we miss our wack nigga mascot .. at least soulja boi had charisma .

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/ARNEBDRHBIKL33VVRIVQMDMLMI toyman

    What L stand for LOUSY……THIS SHIT Garbage….most this bullshit on mixtape where the fuckin work at…this dirty lil niggah verses are rehearse …one song is worth listening to is 50 cent/wiz…hope u all didnt buy this shit waste of money….real rap music …T.I./ASAP CD’S

  • FucIt


  • Real

    I think a young Chop instrumental album would have gotten a better score. The young chop sound at the begining of each beat would have gotten the same S for lyrics and the whole album would have gotten a better score in originallity.

  • http://twitter.com/Ridderstrale Dwight Spitz

    Good review, was thinkin the same thing goin throo it. 50′s verse was bad as hell, can’t wait for SKI.

  • melv


  • drugmoneysick


  • http://www.facebook.com/dwahn.denson Dwahn Denson

    December has been the bomb for hip hop first Game now T.I.P shit is blazing who said hip hop was dead they just saved the best for last !!!!

  • don


  • A$AP $@vvY

    Beats should have got an XXL, Lyrics can stay S, but the Originality should be bumped to XL… I mean the only album anywhere near similar to this was Waka’s Flockavelli.

  • HAAANN (French Voice)

    only reason the beats are XL because Young Chop produced half of it. He produces straight fire.

  • chiefgreen42

    laughin to the bank i was laughin to the cd eject button. who gave this fool a deal? can anyone answer this for me. why does keef never look the same in any picture i see of him? is it like a collection of people that are chief keef? that video for i don’t like everyone looks the same. seriously is chief keef a group? they need to add women sizes to whack rappers double zero for this bitch ass lmao!!!!!!!

  • ace

    gay Man wrote this, who else would sit and write some bitch oppinion on a 17 year olds hustle.

  • gokuspikachu

    wth hes 17??

  • JohnPaul8731

    This album at best is a M. it’s sad cause the label didnt do much. Most of these track were of the mixtape. Interscope didnt do a fucking thing. They signed this kid clearly off hype of these young kids “twitter/instagram” & the 20 millions views of youtube. “Don’t Like” was the jam but its was already on G.O.O.D music album. WHich the remix was better than the song to me. Anyway, the album is so so at best. This isnt about Lyrics, this is nothing more than balling, stunting, & fucking hoes type album. JUst isnt for me. I think alot of credit needs to go to Young Chop for the beat & sum of the success of Keef.

  • Josh

    According to these guys here at XXL this is just as good as Kid Cudi’s Indicud.. Just thought I’d throw that out there.

  • bud

    the best part, and really only good part is the beats, which chief keef doesn’t even make himself, so how does anybody say this guy is good?

  • HipHopHead999

    This should be no higher than an M, and that is fucking generous in itself.