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Future, Pluto

In the past year, 2012 XXL Freshman Future has used addictively simple hooks and a syrupy flow to become one of the hottest MCs in the game. With Pluto, the Atlanta native proved himself worthy of the buzz by crafting what may become one the best commercial debuts of the year.

When he sticks to the formula that made songs like “Magic” and “Tony Montana” into smash hits, Future is one of the most exciting artists around. The ATLien struggles, however, when he strays too far from the lane he carved for himself and instead attempts a song like “Neva End,” a cringe-worthy ballad that finds him crooning for a young lady to “put the past behind us and go where no one can find us.”

Though the album stalls when the rookie strays from his blueprint, the phenom hit-maker’s potential as a song maker is undeniable. His energy radiates through the speakers on the Sonny Digital-produced “Same Damn Time,” and he is in his element on the album’s celebratory closing track, “You Deserve It” as he triumphantly takes credit for his success.

Pluto may be far from the sun, but Future shines brightest when he aligns with the stars. “I’m Trippin” mixes his sticky delivery with the signature bounce of Juicy J, creating one of the most stimulating songs on the album. Snoop Dogg, Trae the Truth, Drake and T.I. all make appearances as well, but it’s R. Kelly who steals the guest show. He makes his return to the hip-hop world on “Parachute,” a soaring duet that will burn up the airwaves this summer thanks in part to lines like “Her ass got a voice and it sings acapella.”

Pluto’s most surprising feature is Dungeon Family legend Big Rube, the gravel-voiced MC that made his name reciting spoken word poetry on the interludes of OutKast classics. On the intro to Pluto, Rube recites a short poem that sets the tone for the entire project. “No longer can I remain earthbound,” flowed Rube as futuristic synths and a pulsing bass build behind him,” “The Future Is Now.” Prepare for take off. —Calvin Stovall

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  • DF Stan

    Future is 2 gen Dungeon Family and has worked with Big Rube before

  • 6661irrelevant

    This album deserved an XL. Best OFFICIAL album of 2012. It has something for everyone. But make sure to cop the DELUXE version. Best tracks are Permanent Scar, Truth Gonna Hurt You, You Deserve It, & Go Harder. The singles like Same Damn Time (They changed the original beat), Magic, & Tony Montana are good. But without the features. Future actually went off on the verses they cut to put them dudes in. SO FUCK WHAT XXL gotta say. The staff smoke too much or sell out for the money and give played out artists good ratings. When their music is outdated or whack as FUCK. Cop something original with a positive message in it. Everybody say they want some substance in their music. WELL HERE IT IS. With an original flow & bangin beats. #TURNUP #PLUTO

  • Jacob

    This nigga garbage you dont know what the fuck you are talking about nigga lol go listen to Starlito or Young Dolph Then tell me future is good lol this nigga dont compare to alot of underground rappers Don Trip is way better too

    • Zen

      Boy how u gonna compare Future to underground rappers??? That even make sense nigga??? Future the most unique rapper out there

  • MS

    XXLs rating system for albums is awful first and foremost like those 3 things are the only things that constitute good music. Secondly, Pluto did deserve an XL ‘Neva End’ was one of the best songs on it, check youtube and most people will agree. Honestly XXL your reviews are the worst around Pluto was a good album 7-7.5/10.

  • Zane

    Pluto the best album of this year so far!

  • Jay

    XXL yall definitely got this one wrong Pluto a XL

  • keem

    far as lyrics this album is weak but the BEATS are bangin and as far as yall sayin best album of the year listen to TYga

  • Hannya

    Future deserves an XL?!?! ROFL!!! Nigga is trash, pure and simple.

    • Rap Man

      Co-sign dude. People saying this album deserved an XL don’t know what they’re talking about. It’s just garbage.

    • I_I

      I second that, how the fuck does this guy deserve a rating of XL, let alone a rating of L.

  • http://xxlmag.com Bla Bla

    This shit was pure trizash and i don’t give a damn if he is a second generation member from the dungeon family

  • http://www.xxlmag.com hiphoplover

    Meanwhile, listening to Illmatic.



  • kenny

    this guy is an embarrassment to DF. sometimes i think rico wade just tries to do the impossible … like when shawn micheals made virgil look good in a match on raw ..

  • bullets

    XXL a supposedly HIPHOP based magazine gives “FUTURE” an “L” rating on a scale that goes from S-XXL smh seriously when XXL came out the source had become shit and it was the savior now i just dont know its like there judging lp’s and jerking off “At the same damn time!”…

  • shaquille

    it really was a wack album from one of the most overrated rappers in the game, he is gonna be a no namer next year. bullshit like this only belongs in the atl city limits NOWHERE else. it should be a shame that he is using the DF name with legends like outkast and goodie mob, he he comes out with this Auto tuned bullshit.. Jay-z killed that shit in 09, if this is mainstream.. i want people like curren$y, Dom kennedy and casey veggies to remain underground and dont end up like this lame ass nigga

  • http://www.twitter.com/lyricalphetish Kari

    Sadly, this is another case in which the mixtape preceding the album goes harder than the actual album. Future has a knack for putting himself in position with the right people to not have to deliver the best lyrics or even the most cohesive or relevant lyrics and still have a hit. His production always over powers his lows so what you’re left with is replay value, but based on his ability….his replay value is based on the heavy bass-laced tracks and the personal challenge to understand just what the hell he’s saying this time around. Nevertheless, you’re replaying his music just the same. Future lacks longevity, but makes up for it in radio spins.

  • andynorstrom

    Future is the worst rapper I have ever heard, XXL freshman class is weak beyond Macklemore and Don Trip

  • Keisha Nash

    Future is an amazing artist, he should have been rated at least XL. A lot of the lyrics are heartfelt, while others get u vibing in the club, and if you have a ear to hear a lot is positive..A lot of times our point of view comes from the level our minds are on..thats why its called Pluto hes on a rocket…If you listen to a lot of interviews that hes done, he has wisdom, hes learned from his past, and he has a desire to move up in the industry…And he has a humble Spirit…IM LOVIN FUTURE!

  • meishae b

    i like future but the album is watered down

  • blake rogers

    where dat Future Paradise
    dey took it offf whats goin on

  • brandon

    future album was straight. I think he got the correct rating. but if you truly a future fan. you should know his mixtapes go harder then his album.

  • chi

    Future is not a lyricist. People listen to different rappers for different reasons it’s called DIVERSITY and y’all hate so hard on the man just because y’all don’t like his style. Shit I love J. Cole, Kendrick Lamar, BIG K.R.I.T. etc. but I don’t come on a post about FUTURE tryna compare because his sound and their sound are polar opposites. If you don’t like his music YOU DON’T HAVE TO LISTEN go listen to the people you do like so maybe you can stop being so miserable and hating so hard. That shit is pathetic.