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DJ Premier & Bumpy Knuckles, The KoleXXXion

DJ Premier and Bumpy Knuckles really need no introduction, as both have been in the hip-hop game for close to three decades years. They have collaborated before, on Gang Starr tracks and on Bumpy’s solo release, but The KoleXXXion is the first official full-length offering from these two veterans. The DJ/MC partnership is as old as hip-hop itself, and with The KoleXXXion, Premo and Bumpy Knucks look to take it back to the essence, with the gritty, boom bap sound that underground heads cherish.

As the title implies, this project is a collection of new tracks and some previously released collaborations between the two, such as “My Thoughts,” “P.A.I.N.E.,” “D’Lah,” “The Gang Starr Bus” and the remix to “Turn Up the Mics.” Interestingly, the majority of the beats used on the album, including “B.A.P. (Bumpy And Premier)” and “wEaRe aT WaR,” were beats rejected by other artists like Jay-Z and Immortal Technique, respectively. Taking that into account, the production on the The Kolexxxion leaves the listener wondering what the artists that rejected these beats were thinking, as Premier sounds as refined as ever. In fact, the release features some of the better Premo sounds in a while, with tracks of note such as “Shake The Room,” “More Levels” and “The Key.” Premier is in typical classic DJ form, lacing each track with pinpoint cuts.

The strength of The KoleXXXion lies in the diversity of the production. Tracks such as “EyEnEvErPuTmY4cUsAwAy,” “The Life,” “FYPAU” and “GrEaTnEsS” are a slight departure from the Premier bells and drums that listeners have gotten used to. In this case, change is a good thing.

Lyrically, Bumpy Knuckles brings a collection of battle rhymes and ass-kicking to the mic, as he and Premier continue to work together well. While the track “OwNiT” misses, it’s picked up by the well crafted look into life on the Gang Starr tour, “The Gang Starr Bus” and “Word Iz Born,” the fantastic dedication to fallen comrade HeadQCourterz. The KoleXXXion is some uncut raw from two of rap’s revered talents. Hip-hop heads can add it to their KoleXXXion. —Nene Wallace Reed

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  • james


    • true 7

      FUCK DJ PREMIER CRACK FIEND RIP GURU This album is for senior citizens. He made this same beat 40 years already.

      • mecca

        Premier needs to retire he sucks. Go back to the 80s

      • Double Black

        Nigga you stupid. Go listen to some Oj da Juiceman and shut the hell up. Dissing Preemo really nigga? stupid muh fucker

    • Tone1

      garbage straight garbage. This dude dissed guru while he was
      in the hospital passing away. the song is called 81 bars of murder. he is scum and everyone should boycott him. FUCK DJ PREMIER

    • q

      This album is a piece of shit. what a joke

  • Jim

    Excuse me XL??? Album aint bad but its decent and nothing more. Premo is lazy nowadays and is doing nothing new just like Bumpy who sounds if its 1998. Come on off course its better then that crap from cash money but nothing special

    • sunny

      Ill take anybody over this crap.

  • Tic706

    I cosign Jim. This album is average at best. You can tell it is just a collection of songs.

    • MM

      This is’nt even average its terrible

  • dj self


  • what what

    you can tell which tracks are from the early to mid 00′s and which are new. somewhere around ’05 or ’06 premo strayed from his production supremacy arc that he was on since the mid 90′s. likewise bumpy said himself that he has stopped pushing his voice and yelling into the mic. but that was what made him so dope, and because of that he also stepped off his supremacy arc that he was on since the 90′s as well

    similar to big l, bumpy just kept getting better and better and better. same thing with premo. but the thrill is gone now, and it is evident that they had their peak somewhere in the early to mid 00′s and are now just touring and collecting props and doing the bare minimum stylistically to stay working. good thing they left enough gems to keep the real heads satisfied. nothing lasts forever though, and what they accomplished together already could not be repeated.

    ‘greatness’ is pretty much the only new joint that comes close to the energy and magic they had in the early 00′s. if i could suggest anything to both it’s for preme to stop popping in his old disks and recycling drums ie put in that work to make some more magic happen, and for bumpy to start yelling again like mr t trying to squeeze one out.

    • true 7

      true 7 | April 9, 2012 10:36 pm
      FUCK DJ PREMIER CRACK FIEND RIP GURU This album is for senior citizens. He made this same beat 40 years already.

  • sue

    This album is a piece of shit.

  • JJ

    Premier is an old faggot ass crackhead. With his purple lip. Put the pipe down.

    • FuckallofYall

      how can u disrespect the most legendary dj/producer in hip hop history? you’re a faggot ass bitch… how old are ya? 13?

  • LaLa

    No wonder Guru left him. This is wack.

  • MG

    I would say that this sounds like old school. But it just sounds old.

  • Dan

    Who ever wrote this must be stupid. This is a extraordinarily bad.

    • mulletarse

      Not sure what an extrordinarily bad is, but Dan, you need to learn how to write a complete sentence.

  • what what

    thanks for all of your anonymous posts solar. get real fucking job why don’t you

    • Googoo24

      Glad I wasn’t the only one thinking this shit.

      • Fuckallofyall

        glad you’re not the only one that don’t know real hip hop when it’s in front of him… i bet you like lil wayne you bitch ass homo

  • fat joe

    This album is a piece of shit.

  • what what

    i see gusmo finally learned how to use a computer…..congratulations man

  • BangEm

    some of these tracks are old.

    Nas murders the song he is on.


  • illmontic

    ” While the track “OwNiT” misses,” …..huh???!!! OwnIt is the best joint on the album in my opinion. Reminds me of the way RZA freaked “Stroke of Death” of Supreme Clientele ….Bump & Preem definitely did their thing. REAL HIP-HOP!

  • Googoo24

    Solar must be responsible for all these fake ass comments.

  • http://www.playthishiphop.com MattK

    Great album, real hip hop!

  • jamal

    u lot r da most ignorant and stupid fuckers ever if u all think this is garbage this stuff is betta den most of today’s bullshit U motherfuckers dont know hip hop if u think this is shit

  • Real talk

    Well it looks like that fake ass chump solar is back going under numerous fake names trying to slander premier. Your a loser solar and will burn in hell. Rest in peace guru, another legend before he he got involved with ur wack ass. Respect to real legends dj premier bumpy Knucks y’all did a great album

  • Wayne

    Although it took me 3 listens, I really like this album. 4 stars.