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Wiz Khalifa, Taylor Allderdice

Since he blew up and crossed over in 2010 with his Kush & OJ mixtape and subsequent smash “Black and Yellow,” Wiz Khalifa has been accumulating a chip on his shoulder that seems to weigh bigger than the days when we wasn’t yet on. His follow up single, “Roll Up,” was deemed too pop by many hip-hop circles. His follow up mixtape, Cabin Fever, with its heavy Lex Luger touch, was a sonic deviation from previous work—and unwelcomed by some (though celebrated by others). His debut Atlantic Records album, Rolling Papers, was deemed a disappointment by many, potentally stunted by major label pandering. Now, with Taylor Allderdice, his first solo body of work in a year (he teamed with Snoop Dogg for Mac & Devin Go To High School), Wiz overlooks the haters and reverts to his signature sound.

The tape is hosted by MTV’s Rob Markman—which means that there are brief clips of a conversation between Markman and Wiz at the end of each song. During the chat on “O.N.I.F.C.,” nearing the tape’s midpoint, Wiz claims that, “what inspired me back then is the same shit that inspires me now.” Throughout, he proceeds to prove this.

Like he has been for years, the Rostrum rapper is still all about his weed, his women, and his homies. His insistence on sticking to this small scope of subjects surely limits the diversity of content within the project. But it’s hard to fault him for riding with this method for a couple of reasons: first, he seems to truly be talking about how he lives and what he knows, and isn’t that what we ask from our rappers—to just spit what is real to them from their experiences, rather than something contrived? Plus, he’s damn good at it.

Both the production and Wiz’s presence on record carry the release, but, like with Kush & OJ, it’s the soundscapes that serve to set the tone. Infused with the signature sounds of Kush & OJ architects Cardo (“California”) and Sledgren (“Never Been Part II”), TA also benefits from the touch of I.D. Labs (“Amber Ice”), Big Jerm (“The Cruise”), Lex Luger (“The Code”), Jake One (“The Grinder”), Harry Fraud (“Blindfolds”), Spaceghostpurp (“T.A.P.”) and more. The result is a varied yet cohesive backdrop.

Young Khalifa’s songwriting is as strong as ever, as he continues to pen some of the most toxically inescapable hooks and couplets around. “Mary 3x” may be 2012′s best smoker’s anthem, while “Never Been Part II” demonstrates an ability to creatively swicth flows and “The Grinder” is a successful attempt at a lyrical exhibition.

Stressing the importance of his team both in interview clips and on wax, Wiz makes good on the boast, bringing along Taylor Gangers Chevy Woods, Juicy J, and Lola Monroe, while also grabbing guest spots from Rick Ross and Smoke DZA. Not once though, is the tape’s star upstaged by a counterpart.

It wouldn’t be completely accurate to call Taylor Allderdice a Kush & OJ part two. It’s more of a progression from that project, where the 2010 XXLFreshman builds on what he has already established and perfected. He again sounds completely in his comfort zone. Get ready to look back on this as the start to another big year for Wiz Khalifa. —Adam Fleischer

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  • wat

    Take everything down a notch and you have an accurate rating. XL, L, M.

    • spaceynyc

      EXACTLY what I thought. Wiz gets an XL for lyrics? really? seriously? think about it. I’d give this an XL, L, L.

  • josh

    I haven’t seen something get an XXL in the beats category in a while…

    • jfl11

      Common’s album from the end of 2011.

    • zak

      Neither have I, but you gotta admit it deserved it.

    • Htown

      Big krit, live from the underground hot xxl on beats

  • tgod

    Wiz talks it how he lives it unlike other rappers. Wiz isn’t hustling drugs and doing a bunch of bullshit. He is smoking weed, drinking bombay, and chillin with his taylor gang family. People hating on him cause he writes about WHAT he actually does is stupid.

    • wat

      So smoking and drinking all day isn’t a bunch of bullshit?

      • Stoli and God’s Gift

        It’s reality for most people around that age group. In their early 20′s most people get fucked up all the time.

        • pimpnasty

          Ha! This is sad but true. I myself smoke everyday and drink just about everyday, and i’ve only made it to the ripe young age of nineteen so far.

  • BangEm


    XL for Lyrics? LMFAO Wiz has no bars. Always talking about KUSH!!!!

    • Senzh

      Totally true. I was a big fan of Wiz a year ago. He was the best for me. He was. But he’s surely one of the wackest nowadays.

    • kush

      yah i agree. If your gonna rap only about weed you should at least do it like Devin the Dude

      • Smoovio

        ^^Exactly just make stoner music.

  • TheTruth

    The sad part for all you haters is WIZ ISN’T EVEN TRYING YET! You’re right, all he talks about is weed and champagne and gin. When he actually wants to make an album with substance, watch the fuck out! Dude is young as hell and has seen more than any of us fuckers making comments on his music. He’s just having fun rhyming about his life. do something today, write a song about it tomorrow. Easy as shit for him. just watch out…he’s gonna snowplow this game.

    • jedwards

      He’s not trying? Then what the fuck’s he doing? Isn’t this his job? Doesn’t he have any pride in his work? It’s pretty early in his career to not be trying. He’s had some good mixtapes and 0 quality studio albums. He’s got sick beats, but his lyrics leave me wanting a lot more.

  • jake

    You give this an XL for lyrics?? Cmon son!

  • alderman j

    Usually niggas like wiz loose there touch when they start trying to do concepts and introspective shit. He need to do like jeezy and stick to the script or he wont see album number three!! And aint no nigga under the age of thirty seen more than me, i done touched every coast in america and done heard every rapper that ever did it on a national stage. Nigga betta stick to the script or he gone end up like CHINGY!!!!

    • 6661irrelevant

      Real talk. Thats the truth.

    • nv

      you just said no one under 30 has seen more than you? you should have been swallowed… try leaving the country kid then tough talk the internet more…

    • turnymontana1465

      Are you referring to a script similar to Rolling Papers? Cause that was trash. This is the shit Taylors brought Wiz up on. Real Taylor’d shit. This isn’t a concept or trying something different or anything like that. I agree that he shouldn’t flip the script, but this is the music Wiz has always made, and if anyone doesn’t like it, fuck you, Jump. TGOD

  • ROBD916

    this shit was gay as fuk, he has no creativity in metaphors or similes an says the same shit at the end of every bar. he uses the same lines in every single one of his songs. 90% of his bars end in the same fukin shit. wiz is one of those rappers that puts out songs that are only listenable if the beat is dope as fuuuk.
    Originality: S
    Lyrics: M
    Beats: XL

  • http://xxlmag.com mac

    the beats on this mixtape are hard as fuck but the lyrics should go down one more and originality up one more

  • @KikOcDMV

    STop hatin my nigga wiz got this shit HOE…

  • VillGates

    raw the kid is chasen

  • ETG

    now , hold on i read a grip a comments about how his shit don’t deserve the rating . naw , if your smoking weed , riding , kicking back , his lyrics contain the things you want to here . i really listened to this half way through on the bus and had to stop because the beats got to hard and i had to be high to fuck with the rest of the mix tape . this is Wiz Khalifa . nigga has his own rolling papers . no shit he gone rap about weed. and Adam whatever your last name is put it well, he does it damn good. if you have been messing with wiz since say yeah, you understand how amazing it is to hear how far he’s come. now , yeah a lil substance would be good in his music, but obviously the only substance he cares about is THC . so shut the fuck up and fuck with WEED music when its time for that and when you want substance. sick with logic or something . I’m out .


    XXL for beats is very well deserved, all the producers killed it, the Deadmau5 sample on O.N.I.F.C. was incredible although when Wiz said “slizzard” it lost its lyrical value to me. I am a Wiz Khalifa fan but my opinion is anything but bias when I say this mixtape earned an M in lyrics, they were very predictable.

  • swype-matic

    I have to say that the beats are fantastic, the originally is low, and the lyrics are expected. If you went into this thinking it was gonna be some Nas/Common masterpiece, LOL slap yourself. Wiz is really good at staying in his lane. I’m not even a fan of his, but this mixtape is really good.

  • Escobaro

    This gets an XXL for beats and 9th Wonder’s solo album doesn’t …..?

  • @marky_walberg

    People gotta understand bout wiz is his beat selection and diversity is what makes him incredible. Wiz is not the most lyrical but his flow on a track is mean and he can ride a beat. Sayin he cant get lyrical is ridiculous check prynce of the city through kush and oj and you be the judge. When he stop writing that’s when his mind got put in a box. The sad part is he not in his prime yet.

  • jhwg624

    They should have a fan vote and what they think kinda like when they had the best of 2011 cuz like some their ratings r not even close liike i really like wiz but originality is actually M lyrics r and M if not S like i pretty much predicted the lyrics of each song

  • Ymcmb

    I personally didn’t like the beats here. Cabin Fever was so much better with its Lex Luger beats. Wiz is one of the best in the game when he raps all hard like that.

  • brismar

    cardo and sledge did work

  • A.C. say 10%

    HAHA! i knew it would be reviewed!! nice!!

  • alex

    no offense where hip hop? like all he raps about is weed, kicking it, etc and those who said he not even trying ha u make me laugh u dont know that i just read one of his blogs talking about this is the best album he made so far so in a way he actually did try smh wiz wiz instead of young wild and free moree like young wack and dumb

  • Joey

    XL for lyrics, is this a joke?

  • ChillySpits

    I have a hard time agreeing with what alot of you have to say about this mixtape. Despite my already biased oppinon that this is one of the best tapes of the year, I can see where the hate is comming from. Yes.. Wiz smoke mad trees, thats what his music prevase, and thats always what his music has been about.. Hes admitted that. His lyrics have alot deeper meaning then what they come across sounding like.. An no one should take any credit away from the producers an engineers who put this together.. Beats deserve a triple XL

  • Adamsville Mafia

    Mothafuckas kill me with that “he aint got no bars” shit. The tape is nice, not as good as Kush and OJ, but still heads and tails better then most of the shit coming out. So what he raps about weed, drinking and women, he does so masterfully. Big KRIT talsk about struggle and heartache, Nas raps about Africa, Jay-Z raps about being the head honcho, Ross raps about Maybachs, drugs, money etc, Who raps about a wide array of subjects that has any relevance in the rap game?..maybe Andre 3000, Kanye…very few. I wish people would just let niggaz be niggaz and respect them for what they are doing and not what you wanting them to do. Nobody said Wiz was the greatest of all time calm down

    • SoROyal911

      That was such a real statement, he only talks about the life he lives, and his inspirations, weed, females, and money. No one said he is the best rapper, but this is a classic mixtape and he kept it real!

    • RollingJays

      Totally agree with u

  • Adamsville Mafia

    You either respect the dude for what he puts out or, and maybe this is impossible for some of you gossipers, how about you just not listen to him or click anything having to do with his music. I know that is hard for some of you niggaz thinking your opinion is what drives these rappers to motivate themselves. I dont care for Gucci or Soulja Boy so why would I entertain a mixtape from them only to dissappoint myself? If some of these niggaz put as much time into self-employment as they do criticizing other niggaz I think we all might be a force to be reckoned with.

  • DickieD

    who ever did the beats on this mixtape did a hella dope job

  • tysteady

    Wiz bars = money, weed, champagne, drunk, high repeat for 3 minutes

    how does he get an XL in lyrics? I’m a fan too

  • http://kinginwithtwo.tumblr.com @m2woolridge

    yall gotta stop all that hating man. He spits whats real whether he isnt talking about nothing its still real. he has style and substance!! id give him a XXL. Most rappers say fake shit and yall believe it! RESPECT IT! S/O Wiz though. T G O D.
    Also S/O to the writer Adam Fleischer

  • http://www.kush.org @inthehoodbobo

    wiz in his own genre.. 2easy

  • Skyla

    Wiz Khalifa is one of the most lyrically artist there is, to this day. I don’t understand why this rating are low on lyrics and orginal. He amazing. His beats are hard and his lyrics are even harder. Taylor Gang over everythang.

  • turnymontana1465

    Opinions, Opinions, Opinions. Taylor’d

  • RollinJays

    Man if ya don’t like wiz don’t fuckin look him up in tha first place! Simple as that he’s having fun wit wat he’s doing and I enjoy ALL his music he’s making

  • maRC


  • Pacer

    Average mixtape.
    I listened once & havent been back since.

    Certainly not worthy of a XL & defintiely not XXL for beats. GTFO.

  • Brizzy

    the beats are xxl but lyrics should be lower by a bit and originalty should be higher. bomb ass mixtape overall

  • http://twitter.com/str8cash_mag mag


  • WaveGod

    XXL be frontin on giving out perfect ratings…THIS TAPE AND BIG KRIT’S DESERVE “XXL RATINGS”

  • allday

    this nigga consistently puts on epic music to cruise and smoke to…hes not fucking common or talib kweli so PLEASE quit hating on the content, it is what it is…hes young khalifa man and hes DOPE as fuck at what he does…period. Just ride out and enjoy bitches!!!!!!!!!!!
    412 WE HERE

  • http://twitter.com/ETG2012 twitter.com/ETG2012


  • dan

    he deserves the xl for lyrics u fools , he raps bout his life which happens to be smoking , drinking and whatnot , the fuck do u want him to rap about ? driveby’s ? selling crack ? world problems ? u don’t give a shit about world problems cus if u did u wudnt be on ur lazy ass leaving hate comments on his lyrics , he can rhyme better than any mainstream rapper today and if u don’t believe me , listen to blindfolds wiz can rhyme , stop hating

  • Brittany

    Weed & partying *yawns*. Wiz’s career will be dead soon. Thank God.

  • @BrandoHuddle

    I feel Taylor Alderdice was rating pretty good. I feel he had pressure because everyone compared it to Kush and OJ or Cabin Fever. It had amazing beats and decent lyrics.

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  • http://www.xxlmag.com jlamont

    wiz is tha man, best rapper in the game, fuck all tha haters

  • Yamz

    Wiz is never going to be an impressive lyricist, but you can vibe with this. O.N.I.F.C is my shit

  • Sean

    Taylor Gang or jump off a fucking bridge

  • carAnthony

    EXACTLY what I thought. Wiz gets an XL for lyrics? really? seriously? think about it. I’d give this an XL, L, L. [2] Exactly, but L, L, L IMO…

  • HandleysFinest

    Sh*t was whack…not feeling his music, I’m done f*ckin” wit him. I don’t see what n*ggas see in shawty, but can’t hate on him.