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Chamillionaire, Ammunition

It’s been a while since Chamillionaire made his music available for purchase. His first two major label albums, 2005′s The Sound of Revenge and 2007′s Ultimate Victory were commercial and critical successes, and helped put a new generation of Texas-bred rhymers on the map. His debut brought the two successful singles “Turn It Up” and “Ridin” to the masses and even garnered some hardware: “Ridin” won Chamillionaire and Krayzie Bone the Grammy for Best Rap Performance By A Duo Or Group. Though he’s put out a slew of mixtapes in the years since, the Houston native returns to the retail game with his Ammunition.

The release is a tight, 9-track EP that shows that Chamillionaire is back with a vengeance and put the project up for sale for a good reason. Ammunition starts off with a bang, with the drop “Running Laps” and “Let’s Get That,” two strongly produced tracks that the Texas emcee slays. It’s evident early on that Chamillionaire’s craft is sharp as ever.

Ammunition is a great example of how sometimes, big things come in small packages. The project’s high point comes in the form of an impressive collabo with Saigon on the track “You Gon Learn.” Back two talented MCs with some boom-bap, and the result is often a winning combo, as is the case here. Even the redux of “Let’s Get That,” featuring Houston upstarts Doughbeezy and Marcus Manchild shines. The only real misstep comes in the form of the “On My Way,” the obligatory, but, in this case, unnecessary track for the ladies.

Ammunition may be Chamillionaire’s best release since The Sound of Revenge. It’s a project that flourishes in its focus. Still a talented wordsmith and more than capable of incorporating melodies to add character to his songs, Chamillionaire still has plenty of Ammunition in his barrel. —Nene Wallace Reed

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  • hippaToDaHoppa

    That was an excellent review. Though “On My Way” is an obligatory song for the ladies it is still a good song. I really don’t think it takes anything away from the record.


    99% of the reviews all get XXL

    How is this on the same level as bullshit teenyboppers like Diggy and Tyga

    • Gotti D Maniac

      I aint seen a review yet that got a XXL, a lot of them get an XL but they dont jus throw that XXL real easy. The reviews are all bullshit though.

  • http://XXL Taylor H.

    Salute to the motheafuckin general great mixtape. Go support King Koppa. Even though it’s been a while Chamillionaire is still my favorite rapper. Greatest rapper alive real talk

  • http://twitter.com/ThisisTiCO TiCO

    I been keeping up with King Koopa for a min since the Mixtape Messiah days keep up the good work I like the XL rate great album “It’s time 2 get iT”

  • BucktownzFinest

    I like the review. On My Way was a pretty good song, but ehhh I figured some people might not like it. Not one track gets skipped tho… had this on repeat since the 20th.

  • Asoka

    This EP Is awesome. Can’t wait for the new album!

  • http://twitter.com/majormad majormad

    Chamillitary is all i really got to say. But for real this shit right here went hard. I like the review. Its the only thing I actually listened too in the last couple of day :)

  • Prabh Dhillon

    Man, what you talking about. Koopa should get all full on each bar. It’s okay though. Koopa killed this EP. Just wait until he drops more content.

  • Harraj

    This should be XXL. Seriously…

    • Rap Fan

      I’m not denying that it’s good, but come on, it isn’t a classic.

  • Kendall Tso

    Koopa,has aways been on top of the Rap Game!#Ammunition

  • http://chamillionaire.com BJLJBranded

    i would’ve liked to see his lyrics and originality at the XXL mark, but it’s straight. Cham pat your self on the back, because you did us proud. An i think cham had to do something for his female fans who support so i feel like it was needed.

  • Travis S

    Ammunition was a dope EP. I preordered it, which is something I don’t do very often. Why did I pay for it before hearing it? Because Cham never disappoints.

  • Bill Superman

    This album was legit and while I do agree about the criticism of ‘On My Way’ it is still a decent and worthy track that could’ve been much better had Cham just done the hook himself… Aside from that, every EP or LP is allowed one, if not multiple, unnecessary tracks.. and Ammunition didn’t have a single one that was unnnecessary.. Cham’s about to change the name of the game!

  • Cutchall

    If you are just now recognizing Chamil never left, you missed a lot of great music.

  • David P

    This is only The start…

  • cham fan

    Chamilitary mayne, dude always putting out the best music with the best beats. 2012, no-middleman, lets get it

  • hunsberger713

    Can’t wait for Poison!!!

  • Hunsberger713

    OK, obviosly i’m missing something “On my way” is my favorite song on the EP!!!! How is that track a misstep??? WOW, MF’s gotta hate on something……

  • hater_Hurter

    WATTTT!!!!!!! ON MY WAY IS A BANGER dude crazy as hell and probly prefers the styles of diggy simmins

  • Jim C

    Good review, although the only problem is that it says this is his best work since sound of revenge…..ultimate victory is his classic album . not sure why people look past that album

  • hunsberger713

    If you think Ultimate Victory was a flop, then you you might want to re-check on that…..Jim C called it, Ultimate Victory is a classic!!!

  • chamillitary soldier victor

    artist like non other. listen to his music on shuffle all day. all his music. EP well put together. originally is at a big boy level though XXXL

  • Grunstarr

    Have been waiting for this album for ages now and it has lived up to expectation, his mixtapes were the shit. I honestly doubted if he could better/match them and he has.

  • glom

    i thought this fag died