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Big K.R.I.T., 4Eva N A Day

Big K.R.I.T. has put himself in a tough, if enviable, position. His breakout release, May 2010’s K.R.I.T. Wuz Here, had many anointing him as the bridge-builder between Golden Era Southern rap of now-legends and the landscape of today’s down South music. Return of 4Eva, from March of last year, continued the pouring of praise, earning nods as one of the year’s best projects from both mainstream and rap publications and fans, while also spawning an organic radio record (“Country Shit [Remix]”). With his Def Jam debut, Live From The Underground, slated to drop in June, Krizzle wanted to give listeners one more free body of work, so he offered up 4Eva N A Day.

With sizeable critical success already under his belt, Big K.R.I.T. isn’t rethinking the lane he’s already carved for himself with 4Eva N A Day. Instead, he’s employing the same musical and stylistic components that got him to this point, once again: soulful, jazzy production; shining Southern pride; lyrical content that reflects the authentic and wide range of emotions any individual goes through.

Even with many of the same qualities that his previous projects possessed, 4Eva N A Day stands out in its comprehensive conceptual approach. Most of the songs themselves still have concepts, as they have in the past, but, here, the entire release is tied into itself, as Krizzle takes the listener through a day with him, from waking up with the sun to knocking out just a few hours before it comes up again.

After the alarm goes off at “8:04 AM,” it’s time to “Wake Up,” over a beautifully mellow saxaphone by Willie B. The 2011 XXL Freshman reflects on his love for and loss of his grandmother with “Yesterday,” which includes a short sample of her speaking at the beginning. He kicks it and lights up with his patnas on “Sky Club,” then fights with his girl on “Red Eye,” before seeing locals and neighbors at the “Package Store.” The Cinematic rapper then hits the strip club and is ready to “turn this into something” on “Temptation,” and then open to the idea of reconciling with his significant other on “Insomnia.” After a full day, he gets some sleep at “5:04 AM.”

On “Handwriting,” the Third Coast Representer considers some of the music industry politics he has faced, but also offers up some of his most telling commentary and career-related self-reflection: “I make albums not hits,” he raps, after recounting Def Jam asking for another single; “Maybe I’m hurting myself talking about real life instead of the fame,” he later wonders; “’Cause I rebel I might get shelved, but that’s part of the game.”

Sure, some of the sounds are derivative of his earlier work (the beat of “Country Rap Tunes” is reminiscent of that of Wuz Here’s “Neva Go Back,” for instance), which many would say is derivative of acts like UGK and 8Ball & MJG. But that approach has been, and remains, true to K.R.I.T., and was what got him to this spot and won over fans.

It’s easy and natural to yearn for clear and tangible growth from an artist—and hearing K.R.I.T.’s soundscape expand through the use of producers other than himself could possibly be beneficial. The multi-talented artist has indeed gotten better, steadily working towards perfecting his crafts. But why be untrue to yourself and fans just to force and feign drastic development, or step out of your comfort zone, when it’s not really necessary.

With 4Eva N A Day, Big K.R.I.T. is doing that Big K.R.I.T. thing again. And that’s a damn good thing. —Adam Fleischer (@AdamXXL)

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  • Brizzle

    This shoulda been a XXL. Big K.R.I.T is a musical Genious….from the concepts to the beats to the lyrical content…this dude is all around talented as hell….Definately in a lane of his own.

    • John

      Mixtape of 2012, by far.

  • jordan

    Adam are you fucking stupid. This is for sure an XXL, what you talking about. This is by far the best album/mixtape I’ve heard in a while.

  • Juwan

    What the hell does it take to get a XXL on this stupid website smh. I think this was classic if not damn near

  • canadasmost

    someone made a mistake here . this is a classic tape rethink this xxl . i cant stop playing this since i got it .

  • gizzy

    of course this got an XL like every other tape/album

  • T

    You guys are downplaying the XL rating. XXL ratings only go to LEGENDARY ALBUMS. Not an exceptional free album.

  • beast

    XXL is just getting more ridiculous as the months go by.
    Tyga gets 2 L and one XL and that tape gets an XL….how the hell does that work…>????? while K.R.I.T gets straight XL but only an XL overall…..????

    Surely with XXL logic this should mean KRIT gets an XXL.

    XXL has fallen off big time, don’t get me started on the freshman list, watched a video where they explained some of the options…those who haven’t dropped a Major Album…fine….Iggy Azeelalalelalelalea…..she was voted in by XXL fans supposedly..??????? Seriously!? I know for a fact I didn’t vote for her.

    I only come on this site know to catch up on The Break (even that has been wack recently) as I’m from the UK, getting all the new shit….even their ‘bangers’ are brass now.

    Unfortunately XXL has got the ‘Mainstream Flu’ these last 6-12 months and unfortunately there is no cure, any mag that puts ‘popular’ over real lyricism and beats (LOS etc) deserve to have no subscribers let alone any support.

    “Once you go wack, you never go back”

    British rant, hope it all makes sense

    British Rant over


    Seany B


    awesome mixtape. prolly does deserve and XXL couldnt find anything wrong with it!

  • will

    cause of the rating the site is no longer credible so therefore i will never visit this site again

  • Alex

    Ok I’m sorry but XXL has really been pissing me off. This mixtape was incredible. It deserved deserved an xxl but once again, these people that rate them never give any mixtape an xxl at all! I have no idea why. they gave this an xl so they are saying this mixtape is just as good as rapsody’s 9 track mixtape and maino’s mixtape?? are you serious right now!? this is a joke xxl im very disappointed. Not to mention he didn’t even get one xxl in any category of the ratings. SMH

  • Realnigga

    Yea this shit deserved a XXL, but at the same time if XXL gave Krit the “XXL” rating then they’ll have to give it to other artists just for covers………LOL……..but seriously though, XXL rating system has been BS for years 80-85% of the music they review gets an XL rating…..I swear I’ve probably only seen like 10 “L” ratings my whole time reading this mag, which has been since like ’01…..AND I’VE NEVER EVER SEEN A ARTIST GET A “S” RATING AT ALL!!!!! you know why right???? IT’S ALL POLITICS AS USUAL!!!!! U can’t give a rapper a bad rating and then expect him to do interviews and shit with you…..or even worst some of em just may beat the shit out of the writer of the review…….

  • rETURNoF4eVA_hO


    • Sir Escobar

      well, rETURNoF4eVA_ho, technically, anything Nas and Jay-Z makes deserves a XXL, but i do agree that this shoulda been a XXL. If not a XXL all around, then this mixtape shoulda received a XXL in originaliy.

  • jmr

    I agree with the XL rating. While this is a great mixtape, it sounds alot like his past mixtapes. He needs to expand out a little bit, which hopefully will be done on his upcoming album.

  • soulja slim


  • Phish559

    How hard does someone hav to go in to get a XXL??

    Great mixtape king

  • bugz

    aight we need 2 get one thing straight people: xxl will NEVER give an album, or mixtape for dat matter, an xxl rating! we got lucky getting a xxl on lyrics for lupe fiasco on friend of the people (which, admittingly, i still havent gotten around to listenin to, sorry) stop complainin about it

  • Mosquera

    I agree with alot of people that it deserves XXL,but it´s just his opinion so who cares. The bar to even get XXL was set when Chronic 2001 came out. That is the best rap album ever made and I rate it 10 times XXL. I think the critics here on XXL waaay too hard when it comes to rate a mixtape or an album. I agree with the people this mixtape definetly deserves XXL, no doubt.

  • SayMyName


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  • http://www.fesomusic.com FeSo

    I don’t relly understand the XL rating for this mixtape. I’m a fan of Spitta but how does he’s tape with Styles get the same grade as 4Eva N A Day? That Curren$y tape had 5 songs…. I think XXL really needs to reevaluate their review system. Just sayin

  • Gritt

    Damn has any good albums/mixtapes got a xxl on this website cause shit I never seen one

    • Mr. Coolish

      Lupe Fiasco’s FOTP received a XXL in lyrics, but an XL overall.

  • Taye

    how the hell did this not get a xxxxxxxxl please tell me because my nigga need to get a grammy off dis bitch

  • BangEm

    not sure if the lyrics deserve a XL.

    • Smoovio

      ^^You sleep like fuck

  • JtG101

    XL???? Say wHat!?

  • Lex1

    Yo respect to the reviewer but i think this mixtape could have been givin an XXL rating

  • Rhodez

    Not that y’all read this at all and no disrespect but like the rest of my fam on here this mixtape deserves an XXL. Excellent Beats, Lyrics and Creativity as a matter of fact Im bumping it as I write this comment. Y’all gave Tyga’s rating an XL, honestly that album would have been weak without the features, with the exception of Black Crowns. I haven’t explored the site but y’all should explain your rating system because this Mixtape was amazing, just became a fan through this.

  • Compton in the House

    Big K.R.I.T. Should have got an XXL. 1 of the best mixtapes i have heard in at least 3 years. XXL smh on this review

  • Ray

    This is definitely a XXL rating! Yall tripping on everything.

  • Steve

    If this didn’t get a XXL it must be very hard.


    This deserves a XXL.

    Someone get at KRIT and let him know while the publications/media might be trying to fence sit, the people really listening to the music he’s making understand and appreciate the brilliance that is his work, this and all the others.

  • rj

    He deserves a XXL 2 times for this mixtape and it was album quality

  • Pacer

    This mixtape is amazing. From start to finish.

    K.R.I.T. is killing the game silently right now.

  • DNZL

    K.R.I.T reminds me of an even more advanced Bun B, as hard as that is to imagine

  • Smoovio

    Damn XXL can I have a job as a music editor?? I bet I can damn sure give better ratings than Adamn lol he the worst nigga out right now