Plies has been noticeably quiet since releasing his most recent full length album, Goon Affiliated, in 2010. In the last year, the Floridian has gone more towards the mixtape route, dropping both I F*ck With The DJ and Aristotle in 2011. In preparation for his possibly-soon-to-be-released fifth full length album, Purple Heart, Plies returns with his On Trial mixtape.

Plain and simple, lyricism isn’t Plies’ strength. What he does do, however, is make songs about the streets, himself and his crew. All of the above topics are covered from the outset on tracks such as “Go Off,” “Anything Fa My Niggas” and “Motivation.” Surprisingly, for the most part, Plies stays away from what has become one of his favorite topics, his women. On Trial features sixteen tracks and of those sixteen only one is truly dedicated to the ladies.

To hold up, On Trial relies on its production. The beatsmiths aren’t the most imaginative, as the majority of production is synthesizer based. Even so, the production fits Plies’ high energy way of rhyming. His ear for production throughout On Trial constitutes the mixtape's high points, from “Some Money” to “Can’t Let Em Bury Me” and “Heart So Cold."

With its 16 tracks, On Trial runs a little long, and while Plies's style and content may not be for everybody, the jury of his fans should be pleased with On Trial. —Nene Wallace Reed