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Mac Miller, Blue Slide Park

If Mac Miller’s ascent into stardom has faced its share of music industry woes, it’s certainly been hidden well. The 19-year-old Pittsburgh MC has been sporting a shit-eating grin ever since breaking through with his 2010 mixtape K.I.D.S.—and with good reason. It’s a peculiar time in music when artists are able to cultivate such a colossal following (check his million-plus Twitter followers and sold-out shows) without the backing of a major label, radio, or even a debut album. But with such hype, come corresponding expectations, and on Blue Slide Park, the XXL Freshman looks to meet them.

In ID Labs, Mac found a production team whose vibrant sonic landscapes provide the ideal backdrop for his soft, smooth flow. It’s a pairing that works great, and the fact that Big Jerm and E. Dan are on duty behind the boards for the majority of the album creates a singular feel throughout, helping to continue to craft a Mac Miller sound that’s been evolving throughout his mixtapes.

Inputs from the other contributing producers such as the buzzing Clams Casino, and Ritz Reynolds result in some of the most experimental moments of the album. The spacey intro (“English Lane”), a curious 36-second long instrumental piece (“Hole in The Pocket”) and the introspective closer (“One Last Thing”), all illustrate an inclination to go outside the box.

Lyrically, the album has its conflicting moments. On “Party on 5th Avenue,” Mac shows an appreciation for hip-hop well beyond his years, rhyming over a clever revamping of DJ Kool’s 1996 “Let Me Clear My Throat” (originally by way of the 45 King’s 1987 “The 900 number”). But then there are songs like “Up All Night,” an anthem for underage high school drinkers everywhere. Catchy, sure, but anyone of legal age can’t help but cringe as Mac brags about taking shots with no chaser.

Mac Miller’s image is one so closely tied to the idea of being a regular, fun loving, kid. With this, there was opportunity on Blue Slide Park to genuinely capture some real elements of youth, and the album doesn’t capitalize on the opportunity. While “Diamonds and Gold,” is a creative look into struggles of female adolescence, “Missed Calls,” a story of a relationship gone sour, ends up an all too familiar and cliché.

On “Loitering,” Mac raps “I’m way too old to be chillin’ at the playground, never be too old to be chillin’ at the playground.” In many respects, the line embodies the dichotomy of Mac Miller. On one hand, his appeal has grown out of his silly, carefree enthusiasm. On the other, there’s room to evolve. The talent is there for him to outlast the generally precarious shelf life of the latest buzzing White rapper, but the jury is still out whether he’ll pursue an artistic vision, or ride out the Jonas Brothers-esque commercial appeal. Luckily, Blue Slide Park is impressive enough that listeners should want to find out. —Neil Martinez-Belkin (@Neil_MB)

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  • jfl11

    I got no intentions to actually listen to this shit.

  • scott

    BULLSHIT!!!!!!!! who ever reviewd this is retarted, the album was supposed to be a fun party album, not like a serous album by kid cudi, eminem and all that, i give it a fair, well deserverd XL

    • jfl11

      Kid Cudi? Hahaha.

      • spaceynyc

        nothin funny about that..

        • Jack

          Kid cudi is ultra garbage dude

    • jhwg624

      Yuor First Albuim ever is not supposed to be a “fun party” album it just was a bad album im a mac fan but damn his album had was just not that good every song literally had the same lyrics lyrics should be rated and s and everything else and l

  • jaay

    This album sucked all the way through. Mac is superboring and use the fucking same lyrics in every song. This should’ve been a M at most

  • radium

    i think even L is too high of a grade for this pile of shit. this dude sucks. no idea how he got any kind of deal from anyone.

    • james

      he didnt, hes an independent artist…

      • fitz

        got em

  • james

    @radium..he didnt, hes an independent artist

  • ed hater

    time reveals all, this kid is pure garbage and a disgrace to black culture & music.

    • Hitso

      Ur corny last name that you troll with online says it all. Eat a dick bitch. This dude is mad nice.

  • Pat Myaz

    Album sucked balls but mad respect for gettin preemo on it.

  • dacoz

    Yall crazy this album deserved XL its better than most albums out right now talking to you TAKE CARE

  • Pacer

    Album is dope. Its fresh & revitalizing.
    How the hell it got an L for originality has me beat. There’s no other albums out right now with a sound like this?

    I agree ‘up all night’ was a pretty sad state of affairs, but the rest of the album was pieced pretty well for a debut release.

    Props to Mac Miller. Making moves, making money & all on his own terms.

    He’s fan base & credentials speak for themselves. So all you haters should just take a back seat & just learn to appreciate other aspects of hiphop.

    • dave

      well said

  • Yourmomma

    Yo ! you guys all suck ! Mac Miller is fucking top shit ! <3 hes an amazing rapper and he accomplished so much on his own!
    Id like to see you guys get as far as he did … suck a dick

  • JesseJames2713

    im not a fan….but dont knock the kid for his hustle, he obviously has fans out there with over a million followers on twitter n sold out shows. y do people on this sight judge so much if you like him litsen if you dont like him then dont listen that simple….oh and all this he is a disgrace to black music is bull….what about the black artists that r a disgrace to black music ie; soulja boy, wak flocka flame, p diddy lol, fat joe, shawty lo….damn the list can go on & on…..but since he’s black your coppin right? just saying mac has more talent in his pinky then those dudes….and im not even fan n i realize that….stop judging people on there color cause i think thats what alot of people do sometimes if everyone did that russel simmons wouldent have signed the beastie boys, dr dre wouldnt have signed eminem, timberland wouldent have signed bubba sparks n so forth…just my oppinion

  • Jamar

    only people that like this fag be dumb lil white kids in the private schools
    bet he jerk khalifa’s dick

    • the epitome

      bro i think you alone on that one im black but im from the era where there was actually hip hop and not just hype music like Gucci mac is bringing back dat old school vibe

  • iln

    These hating comments seriously show that racism goes both ways.

  • iln

    I mean really. All of you people saying “this pile of shit” blah blah get a fucking life. The only reason not to like him is he isn’t a fake, wanna-be gangster like EVERY artist you like. He doesn’t lie about shooting people like all those other rappers, saying they’re so “hard”. They’re only hard because you’re riding their dick 24/7.

  • Pablo

    This album sucks big time. Don’t buy

  • http://fuckxxl fuckxxl

    are you kidding me. Who ever did this review is a joke. Fuckin hate xxl now. Blue slide park got a L. This album is better the drakes shit. Fuck the big record (ym) labels. #1 on the charts and independent.

  • most dope fuck the haters

    All the haters quit bitching already. Miller has fresh lyrics and is different then the other corny rappers. Fuck everyone that hates on mac. So that means fuck xxl for giving BSP a L. who ever hates on mac go back to listing to li wayne, rick ross, waka flocka etc. They all wannna be gangsters who are millionaires and don’t have anything to say in their track.

    • thetruth

      how the hell does he have fresh lyrics? weed, bitches. the lyrics i can respect are about his come up

  • adam

    How did 2Chainz and Mac Miller get the same scores in each of the same categories

  • coolestchickeverrr

    Wellllll, i don’t understand why all of you people are bashing him? like honestly, do i see you going out making millions upon millions? Nopee, do i see your name everywhere i go? Don’t think so. Do you have any kind of talent? Negativee :D So, before you start talking shit, try to be like him. Try to become famous outta nothing, you can’t. Mac Miller has talent, even if you HATE to admit it. Welllllll, time to go listen to my new CD. (: buhbyee!

  • JC

    The new album was far from wack..i dont see how you people who claim to know what hip hop sounds like can sit there and say this album was garbage. if anything, your taste is garbage. everyone complains and complains about rappers now a days not having a damn thing to say, or thats its the same ol bullshit, well take a better listen then. this album doesnt deserve a xxl or whatever you wanna call it, but the kids come from the bottom to the top without blinking an eye. 6 months ago nobody here had an idea of who this kid is and now EVERYONE including all you shit talkers still speak his name….if you ask me, the only thing you nay sayers are doing is building his hype…..jump off it

  • Swag

    This should definitively be an XL. I don’t get how the originality is an L. That is the most part of this album. Beats are okay. Lyrics are good. It should be Beats – L …Lyrics- XL …Originality- XL …Blue Slide Park is an XL

  • XXL is good

    mac can suck a dick hes not from the street im from the street and i never see him street niggas be thinkin they so hot but they smell like garbage cause their from the street and thats where that shit accumulates. Garbage and wak ass niggas. on the streets. in cans. just garbage. in garbage cans. weak ass bitches

  • J-Tha Hun

    Im a 90′s hip hop fan. While Mac isnt the best I’ve heard by a long shot, he’s got an old school approach in terms of simple beats and lyrics that are the content for his songs. The majority of easily accessible hip hop is so bad these days, I’ve stopped listening for the most part. Mac’s got his own style and doesnt try to pretend he’s something he’s not. I downloaded the album, and I’ll put it into rotation depending on my mood. Now Im gonna get back to listening to Jesus Price Superstar.

  • Hatter

    Love all ya Mac miller hatters.
    ya rock.
    I’m stuck in school with a fan.
    Not fun!

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  • Rob

    This is the kind of guy who puts white rappers to shame, I have no problem with fun party music as long as it is done well. This is not at all done well, there is nothing original about this kid. Picking up a mic, wearing a snap back and making poorly thought out rhymes about weed, women and money does not make you a good rapper. If you want some real white rap, please go listen to Yelawolf, MGK, Macklemore or Eminem. Not this idiot.

  • Crackersploitation

    99% confident that all the heads in here BIGGING up this album are WHITE. What brotha in the hood can relate to this? We don’t go to frat parties, fuck ballerinas, let alone acknowledge ballet, or have the audacity to say “Nastier than Nas.” Fuck outta here. This kid is not cut from the same cloth as us. And to say we’re hating? I guess the concept of one who states an opposing opinion has gotten lost, right? Sit down, shut your pale ass up and listen to U2.

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  • Congrats on being ignorant

    @crackersploitation – way to be racist. If you wanna go there I’ll let one fly. You’re the reason Trayvon Martin was gunned down. If it weren’t for ignorant blue gums like yourself making a bad name for black folks that shit wouldnt have happened. Get back on the porch!!

    See, its easy to throw out racial slurs that have nothing to do with this album. Grow up.