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Action Bronson & Statik Selektah, Well Done

Just eight months after dropping his critically acclaimed debut, Dr. Lecter, hip-hop’s second favorite culinary artist, Action Bronson, is back in the kitchen, and this time he has sous-chef Statik Selektah on grill duties, cooking up some heaters. The recipe is simple: dope rhymes over funky beats. No more, no less.

In a moment when hip-hop radio is dominated by the dark, moody backdrops of Drake and his imitators or the 808 patterns of the South, it is refreshing to hear an album that sounds like it could have been released in the 1990s, alongside records by East Coast greats like Gang Starr, the Beatnuts or Pete Rock & CL Smooth.

The difference is, in 2011, it’s not cool to be a rapper from New York. And Action Bronson, a proud native of Flushing, Queens, is unabashedly New York, from his Carhart gear all the way to his Knicks cap. Utilizing his Big Apple attitude, Bronsolinio seasons Statik’s sample-heavy produce with quirky food-obsessed similes about being fly and dreams of cashing in on his talent. “I’m looking crispy like a chicken cutlet/One wish is to get rich before I kick the bucket,” he raps.

That pairing works perfectly over such gems as “White Silk,” “Keep off the Grass” and “Cirque De Soleil”—a track that is so in the pocket, it doesn’t even need a chorus. The only aspect that’s hard to digest as a listener is AB’s non-sequitur lyrics. Borrowing the term from Lil Wayne, he could use more “concept songs,” that differentiate one track from another. “The Rainmaker,” a high point of Well Done, showcases that Bronson has the skill to stick to one topic and ride it out.

Still, once they digest this one, fans will be eager for seconds. —Jesse Gissen

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  • D Caonabo

    this the illest shit out

    anybody know if that’s ea$y money from ST on that miss fordham road hook?

    shouts to them ST niggas

    statik selektah one of the top dogs with the beats these days

    • I Fux With The Name Under Me

      Yes it is…he’s credited in the album

  • Getting Incredibly Zooted

    everything is getting an XL rating…

  • http://www.honestinternetcash.com/blog Honest Jay

    This is fire. Well deserved XL rating.

  • pnice

    shit action the truth……………..everything he drops is dope………from the mixtapes to the album……NOMORE SITTING THE BENCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • los

    wtf kinda review is this???? dude sounded like a hypeman. objective of a review is tell the highs and lows of the album not describe the sound of it. go look at the lupe review. now thats a in depth review.

    • bullets

      your wrong fam the point of a review is too describe the sound as to give the reader a deeper look at what there thinking about purchasing… Someone telling you the highs and lows doesnt make sense because you might have a different opinion anyway every LP that gets a XL rating isnt worth that but thats for you to decide. I cant tell you if something is good I present it to you and you decide..

  • Rafael

    Shoutouts to Action Bronson for dropping a nasty joint. XL all the way. YOU GUYS FINALLY GOT A DAMN REVIEW RIGHT. WAY TO MAN XL’S


  • Respect The Fly Shit

    Shots out to MEYHEM LAUREN for puttin Action Bronson on. Action is cool, But Meyhem is a beast!