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Papoose, King Of New York

When Brooklyn lyricist Papoose dubbed himself the King of New York two weeks ago on Twitter, the hip-hop blogosphere went into a frenzy. “The king of the ny city is back whatsup peasants #kng of ny talk,” he tweeted. After much criticism and debate, Pap returns with the claim, this time crowning it the title of his latest mixtape, King Of New York.

Kicking off the royal affair is the BK spitter’s rendition of Jay-Z and Kanye West’s “Otis.” Here, Pap tries his hands on the The Throne’s single spewing, “Make my bed in the Stuy, I sleep in y’all streets/I’m a certified wolf, so I’m eating y’all sheep.” Later, he raps, “Shut down the jails from Clinton to Auburn/Flood the drug stores with cures, no more germs/Every young man become rich, we all earn/Little girls with long hair, no more perm.”

On the triumphant “King Of NY,” the industry vet stakes his claim for the prestigious title by breaking down some of his reasons. “Freed inmates from the Department of Corrections/”Law Library,” I broke down different sections/Brought the feeling back when the whole city was stressing/Beast From The East, I’m Already A Legend.” Another highlight is “Mind Games,” where the rapper gets introspective over Beyonce’s, “Party.”

KONY features guest appearances from Remy Ma, who appears on the in-your-face, “Name Callin,” Busta Rhymes and Lloyd Banks on the remix to Pap’s “Party Bout 2 Pop,” and more, including an occasional hard-hitting Thug-A-Cation posse cut.

Despite flexing his wit on a slew of original tracks and well-known instrumentals (“I’m A Boss,” “Warning”), Pap falters with typical topics as well as a few cases of lackluster rhymes. On tracks like Miguel’s “Sure Thing,” he dashes, “You be the book, I be the author/You be the Blackberry, I could be the charger.” The same lazy drawback is found on the bland party record, “White & Brown.”

At a lengthy 26 tracks, King Of New York doesn’t prove much of Papoose’s bold claim however, it does showcase a hunger for the position. —Ralph Bristout

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  • fuckyall

    xxl likes to shit on real hip hop bet if it was lil nut stain. or fake they be all on there nuts .

    • Papa G

      Yea, I see that now…this review is total crap.

      XXL way too biased…

  • young drew

    what the fuck???????

    that shit should have been

    beats – L

    lyrics – XXL

    original – XL

    get ur ratings right.

    pap is a beast

  • js

    ^its not 2004 anymore papoose is a done

    • $yk

      what you typed shows and proves you have the thought of a follower…

      due to what you typed, the person who was born today or tomorrow is better than you, whatever year you were born, because it was back then and not present time birth…

      see how ridiculous that comment is now?

      You do realize you’re calling YOURSELF irrelevant as well…

  • JahiSalaam

    thats ridiculous, an L???? papoose at least deserves an xl, didnt LIL WAYNE geht an xl? ugh, screw xxl lol

  • Avenger XL

    Sorry Pap fans this is not his best work. Even though xxl is bias and pay for play like all big media infotainment houses. They occasional get something close to true. A lot of heads give pap credit because he actually practices sound lyricism but he is not necessarily providing me with any new take on tired subjects or even making me more interested in his perspective. I don’t listen to hip-pop like lil irrelevant and Aubrey cakes because they are larely dance oriented and directed at pre pub girls and causal fans.

    But in my perspective Pap never really separated himself from the pack. Yeah he can rhyme, he gets access to solid production but he sometimes get stuck attempting to impress the hip-pop crowd rather than solidifying his hip-hop base. I know this is a revenue retriving ploy but I thinks it hurts his music in the end.

  • Dutch Master

    if you really think this tape deserve the same rating as Cole World, Master Of Ceremonies, Carter IV, Watch The Throne YOU ARE BUGGGGGGGGGGGGGIN!!!!!!!! Keep that “L”