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Game, Hood Morning (No Typo): Candy Coronas

Despite a solid track record through his first three LPs, Game has amassed a growing number of skeptics on the road to his fourth album—the perpetually delayed—The R.E.D. Album.
Since then, Jayceon “Game” Taylor’s career has had more twists and turns than the 405 Freeway, yet the undeterred Black Wall Street commander offers up his newest street release, Hood Morning (No Typo): Candy Coronas.

With in-house producer Mars handling the bulk of the soundscapes, Game attempts to reclaim as one of California’s finest on the Kanye West-inspired title track before backing up that boast on the horn-heavy “Mr. West,” spitting, “Beat sound like some crazy shit that Tim would do/Now when you see me, I’m the brown Eminem to you.” Chuck Taylor reunites with the good doctor and Snoop Dogg on “Drug Test,” which features a pulsating beat provided by DJ Khalil.

Unfortunately, Game’s unpredictable nature often results in confusion. After baring his soul over Boi-1da’s keys on the somber “Monsters In My Head” and the soulful “Grave Yard,” the Comptonite rehashes his age-old beef with G-Unit on “25 to Life” and then randomly jabs at Kanye West, Jay-Z and Kreayshawn on “Uncle Otis.” Fortunately, Hood Morning (No Typo): Candy Coronas has enough potency to keep listeners zan with that lean until Game prescribes The R.E.D. Album.—Meka Udoh

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  • Tha Truth

    hes on his way to becoming a legend, man paid his dues, 4 albums in, all platinum, only a hand full of artist have achieved that, no even Nas..THINK RED, AUGUST 23RD..

    • Guest

      Nas has seven platinum albums and two gold.
      Nas first seven albums are platinum.

    • J.R.

      yo man i’ve got nothin against Game but yor arguement is wack! i mean MC Hammer had 4 platinum albums, doesn’t mean shit! Nas is true XXL, Game is XL on a good day! call your self tha truth, all u talk is bullshit!

      • J.R.

        + after a brief google it turns out game only got 1 platinum disc, so now not only u talkin bullshit, but u a liar, why not go drown in L.A.X. CD’s, lookin at the sales i’m sure there’s plenty left 4 u ;), country ass fool

        • Lee Rixx

          No, his first two went multi platinum. I don’t think the guys lying – maybe just made a mistake. Otherwise you could be accused of lying too as you are wrong

        • THA TRUTH

          notice how J.R did his ”google” search after his 1st posting claiming he knew the truth bout games album sales, thats how i know u uneducated and a child..go get a hug from mama..anyway, he is PLATINUM FOR ALL HIS ALBUMS..LAX WAS PLATINUM WORLDWIDE FOOL..

          • LA

            Game is the shit .

          • RED


  • http://xxl biged

    ya what he said^…game got aways to go before he beats too short. that dude got platinum albums for days and he gets no love from the rap community either

    • jimmyjam

      game only has one platinum album, the documentary went 2 x platinum, the other two went gold but those two were on geffen were he actually had no help cos dre was being a dick and sucking off 50. and the reason hes been gettine LESS love is because his quality of music did drop.

  • biggbullybilly

    ive always respected game and hes def one of my favorite emcees. man i met homey the other day in ct. i was trying to give homes a cd and he kinda brushed me off.man real talk i was disapointed, his crew still took my cd i hope they listen to it and he gets in his hands. i think the red albulm is going to be dope

  • Fireforreal

    Game is good but not great. He spends waaaaaaaaay too much time name dropping and focusing on the G-unit disses. After 300 bars and the stop snitchin DVD he shouldn’t have given it so much attention. Legends don’t need to conitnue to be in bullshit beef. Maybe he’ll always JUST be a rapper playing on twitter and riding Jay-z’s dick. He reminds me of the EX girlfriend who says she could give a fuck about you,but some how always talks about you to,to other people even though you never mention her.

  • landocammando

    Fuck ya’ll all ya’ll if ya’ll don’t like me blow me RED NATION BITCHES!!!!

  • http://www.po.gov.za Chiliz

    U can’t even begin 2 compare Game 2 Nas in terms of only albums sales which he still regains supreme. Do ur maths.
    Nas is the gr8test rapper alive period. Only Em/Jay can lay claim 2 that.

    Hopes he finds motivation 2 put critics 2 bed early,nuff said.

  • http://xxmag.com b.o

    games documentary has gone 2x platinum in the states and sold abt 2.5mill worldwide. as of late 2010 docters adv has sold over a million copies in the states and 3milli worldwide. lax has sold a milli worldwide and in the states combined just thought id correct ya.

    • kedordu


  • FlowMoe

    How the fuck is this better than ace hood’s album wtf

  • Jd

    Game is a good rapper and doesnt get his respect underrated one most hated mcs in the industry IF PPL ACTUALLY OPENED THERE EARS AND LISTENED instead of just judge judge.Ignorance just cause there rapper dont like this one or this that they judge a dude b4 hearing the music he puts out quality n doc went 5.5 mil WW 3 mill doc WW so fuck u talkin about his albums aint go platnium retard

  • Maverick

    the first few comments made in response to dis article, all f in wrong, dumcunt has sold 6 mill of documentary, that is 6 x plat, count em 6 for documentary, doctors advocate went platnum, n LAX went gold, better side of 800,000 or so, fukin teen cocksmokers think day kno, u aint herd on issues of records always sayin 6 x plat n shit, obviously u teen bopper bubblegum ringtone dick riders aint kno shit, go all tha way back to lowriderrecord dayz, untold story 1 n 2, G.A.M.E mixtapes bitch n start from scratch before u make ya self sound like a real wannabe fukstain again

  • heep hop

    this mixtape was shit overall. However there were a number of good tracks. “Rough”, “Monsters In my Head” and “Otis” were absolutely amazing, showcasing his lyrical ability and finesse. As West might put it “he writes his raps in cursive”.

    Drug test was adequate as was hoodmorning but the above tracks full of supressed yet audible agressive emotion were classic game tracks.

    If R.E.D is like the tracks it will be awesome@

  • ausj2

    does an xl even mean anything anymore at xxl? this magazine has gone to trash