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Blu, J e s u s

After his debut in 2007’s superb Below The Heavens with producer Exile, Los Angeles’s Blu was at the forefront of the revival West Coast hip-hop—before suddenly retreating into the shadows, only to emerge sporadically with avante-garde style projects. The latest from the elusive rapper, J e s u s, continues that trend.

A lo-fi collection of whimsical musings and unmastered mixings, J e s u s comes across as a bizarre compilation of studio sessions, rather than an actual album. With nearly every song less than three minutes long, it is a short glimpse into the beautiful dark twisted fantasy of Blu’s mind. Unfortunately, the unfinished nature of the project diminishes its overall value as Blu’s still razor-sharp lyrics on “w h a t i f i w a s” and the bluesy “l u c k y” are dulled by poor, barely audible sound quality.

J e s u s could have been a warm welcome back for Blu. Instead, it will leave his fans praying for more. —Meka Udoh

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  • T

    You’re tripping. The lower sound quality enhances the sound in my opinion. Somehow makes him sound doper.

  • Ya Right

    This is almost insulting. I downloaded this and its ridiculous.
    “Blu was at the forefront of the revival West Coast hip-hop,” ya RIGHT! Don’t try to rep Jesus and put out trash like this. EPIC FAIL!

  • mark

    whoever wrote this review should be fired.
    this has been one of the best rap albums of the year

  • jayny

    Blu is the truth! Ya Right can eat a d1ck.

  • Diggz

    Lets be honest. This album is dope as hell by anyother rappers standards. But Blu can put out such better work than this, yea if one of their recent feshman dropped this it would be a XL, but its Blu. This is an 2/5 compared to his 5/5 work

  • Why?

    What business does a site like this have reviewing actual good music? Stick to reviewing your mainstream trash.

  • thoreauly77

    pretty telling that my comment has been awaiting moderation since may 31st.

    do you guys even have a mod anymore?