I don’t know much about the kid, Mic Legacy, but the material I’ve heard from dude has been less than stellar. But I decided to give his Channel Zero mixtape a chance. It seemed like an interesting concept. Every song was titled after one of my favorite TV shows growing up. But from the sounds that homie put out on this mixtape, it seems like he still has some growing to do himself.

Mic isn’t bad at all, he’s just one of those “whatever” rappers that can flow, but his rhyme patterns and just lyrics are “whatever” or “cool.” On “Taxi” son said, “Taxi driver won’t stop for me/cause I’m young and I’m black walking down a dark street/with my hands out, no doubt, just tryin’ to get a cab/because I’m black and I’m poor, they all just pass.” Given that’s very true, but at the same time it’s just cliché and sounds tired really. I mean maybe Danny Glover will be bumping this till the day he dies, but I wasn’t particularly giving this the “ooos” or “ahhhhs.”

Then the samples taken from “The Facts of Life,” and “Three’s Company” for the songs of the same titles was a little too “creative” for my taste. Not to mention them shorties, Ganflee and Ghagged were just wilding on “Three’s Company.” They got it in harder than Mic. Which actually makes sense cause Jack Tripper was softer than Janet and dumb ass Chrissy. Speaking of which, Mr. Furley was the man as far as landlords go.

Like I said, Mic isn’t a bad rapper, just one who needs to step his rap game up. His rhymes and overall lyrical content is too simplistic for a dude that can flow the way that he can. It’s bad when damn near everyone you feature on your mixtape outshines you. And dude featured someone on damn near every other joint. His homies went in hard on “TJ Hooker” with the cops and robbers talk and “What’s Happenin’,” but Mic just couldn’t keep up with his mans and em on his own mixtape. That should throw up more red flags than a Game video. Dudes need to take notice to ish like that when they’re making a project. If you can’t headline your own mixtape then you're Nas on that horrible “Oochie Wally” joint.-The Infamous O

Hottest Joint: “TJ Hooker”

Weakest Joint: “Three’s Company”