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Rain: The Most Wanted Baby Father

The first time I heard of this kid, Rain was a while back when he was about to drop a mixtape dedicated to Tupac and his classic Makaveli album. I was interested in listening to The 7 Day Theory Tribute but when I found out he didn’t even know Pac, I fell back and let that man do whatever the hell he wanted. Since then he’s been building a buzz and even made it into the Show & Prove pages of XXL.

With The Most Wanted Baby Father, Rain created a whole mixtape geared towards women. From the first track “The Roller” to the last, “Most Wanted Baby Father,” the North Carolina rapper did nothing but plead his case as to why he’s a player, the kind of man a woman would be honored to be with, what kind of women he’s been involved with, and why he’s so fly. It was like listening to a Marine trying to convince a 13-year-old snow bunny to turn tricks. On joints like “The Baddest” and “Kiss & Tell” all son did was talk about ish like, “Baby face but her body grown/that tattoo on her lower back really turns me on.” I’m surprised R. Kelly wasn’t featured on this joint.

But it wasn’t until I heard him say, “It’s nothing like what you used to/usually these niggas just wanna use you/I do me after I do you/cop a pair of shoes for me, let you choose two/and get the bags to match/leave you with the Visa, let you tear up Saks/I don’t trip on the receipt whenever you get back/as long as when it’s time to ride you got my strap,” on “Something New” that he convinced me that yes, this man really is the most wanted baby father… of women who are homeless. And I don’t mean homeless women who live in a shelter. They actually have self-respect. I mean these Amy Winehouse hoes who roam the streets and subways at night barefooted with a official Louis V bag. They’ll have this man’s baby in a heartbeat.

I have to say that I was unimpressed with dunn. Maybe it was because this mixtape was so one sided, but lyrically dude was about average. He really didn’t say anything mind blowing or came up with a concept song that would make him anymore relevant than that bum ass “Chocolate Rain” song that Jay-Z sang when he was a teen (Oh wait, that’s not Jay?!). Listening to dude trying to sing on “Get It Girl” made it painfully obvious that dude couldn’t even cut it as a member of Menudo. Dude isn’t a horrible rapper, he’s just an aight one who will end up having more kids than Dirt McGirt with no means of supporting any of them if he doesn’t carve out his own niche. Just ask Lil Zane.-The Infamous O

Hottest Joint: “#1 Draft Pick”

Weakest Joint: “Get It Girl”

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  • Pierzy

    “…yes, this man really is the most wanted baby father… of women who are homeless”

    HAHAHAHA! Nice work, dude!

    • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com Tony Grand$

      Whadup P?!

      I’m convinced that the album review was far more entertaining than the album.

      “The Most Wanted Baby Father” Wtf?

      • Pierzy

        Good morning Grand$…

        No doubt. I’d rather have a track of someone reading this review on my iPod than this mixtape.

        Besides, he kinda looks like the dude Samir from “Office Space” and he wasn’t getting any!

  • hate

    rain stay puttin out mixtapes. never no girlie shit either. so of course as soon as he makes a mixtape for the broads yall review it and hate it. he actually got some fire tho. i fucks with him a little. but of course not this piece of fuckin garbage-ass weedplate.

  • O

    My thing is, if you make a mixtape called “Most Wanted Baby Father” you have to at least be somewhat famous in the game. You’d expect a mixtape title like that from a dude like Yayo or Jim Jones. Like really, who the hell knows of Rain like that? Dude isn’t a wack rapper, he’s just an OK one. But he sure as hell isn’t a famous one…

  • http://Crackaudio.com D

    This article is mad funny, but not for what the writer is one, First the Dj put this joint out the Artist gone do what ever promotion it take to break himself, what’s funny is I don’t see one female comment on her hmmmmm! Second, The comment about The Tupac Tribute tape, this Author is an idiot, to say “but when I found out he didn’t even know Pac, I fell back and let that man do whatever the hell he wanted” ok so when the Bob Marley and Jayz joint dropped, or the Jayz and Marvin joint dropped, why didn’t he comment on that, so a very inspirational artist like 2Pac can’t inspire a person he never knew, or was to young to witness his times, or did they stop making 2Pac music when he died. I will admit this tape isn’t for no dude, unless you like that, so what’s the deal, Rain hasn’t EVER, EVER dropped nothing wack, all the way back to the Cory Guns days so dude isn’t a new cat. He got Fire music, he on ever major media format with no deal, the writer even admitted he in this publication, but its all about opinions and perception, Smoke on that O

  • BeerGangsta

    Where in the hell XXL getting these dam bombs. XXL stop going to gas station and picking up wack bastard.

  • corlione39


  • Victor

    Why not review Mos Def’s ecstatic instead? AZ’s Legendary…Not even to knock your work man but the blog section is what is holding this site down.

  • Donte’ Brown

    Im from North Carolina But I never heard of him