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East End Empire Presents Mac Miller: The Jukebox

Pittsburg, PA seems to have become a hip-hop music stirring pot in recent years. First I got put on to that kid, Wiz Khalifa. Then I realized that Boaz was putting it down something hard for the hustlers and block huggers. Now comes the 17-year-old Mac Miller who’s been spending the last hot minute carving out his own niche and establishing himself as one of PA’s premier prospects on the mic. Don’t let the goofy look on the cover fool you, the kid got some sweet bars that could satisfy Willy Wonka’s and Lamar Odom’s sweet tooth (Lakers in 6!).

Who can argue with “Barz 4 Dayz” where son said, “We playin’ games in this jungle Jumanji/with bomb tree hidden under all my dirty laundry/call me your arm free/I’m fuckin’ around/I’m puttin’ words in your mind till you’re in love with the sound/they savor my plates/trash up this food in my face/so they force it down my throat till I’m used to the taste.??” Then he got on his A-Game for the ladies on “Got A Clue” where he spoke on a little philly that “Shine like she ain’t know what rain is.” That line alone is enough to make a dude curious about how a shorty looks. Well, that and “She got a fatty banging” and you’ve got me hella intrigued in how shorty looks.

While dude has a dope flow and his rhymes and lyrics are just above average (which in this day and age is more than enough to get you by), the chink in his armor is his hooks. His choruses on “What Up Cousin, “ “My Lady” and “Keep It Rollin’” were just lazy and subpar and didn’t compliment that creativity of the verses on the songs. Having Max B get “wavy” with it on “The Chow Line” was not helping his cause either. But aside from that the lil’ homie is diverse enough with his that he can make a soul touching sounding joint like “Keep Me Alive” and then turn around and drop a banger like “Snap Back.” A lot of dudes can’t drop a banger much less a joint that sounds straight from the heart. Overall Mac had me grooving to his style and for that I give him daps. But if he has that same doofy look on his next mixtape cover, I’m taking it back quick fast like Ramadan.-The Infamous O

Hottest Joint: “Cruisin’”

Weakest Joint: “Late Night”

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  • Pierzy

    “…his rhymes and lyrics are just above average (which in this day and age is more than enough to get you by)”

    Truer words were never spoken!

    • O

      I’m sayin’! Good lookin, P

    • Flenke

      that statement is one of the greatest statements ever made about the rap game lol. rap sux now

  • Sadowsky

    Keep me alive, told ya so!

  • HipHopGod

    i think this kid is dope! never heard of him before i saw him on here, but i definately fucks wit the kid. I think his rhymes and lyrics are more than just above average but thats just me…KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!

  • alby412

    Out of everyone in the Burgh…with an H. S Money is prolly the most “hip hop/rap ready” Just becuz he has the down south bounce, pill poppin music. Yeah! Boaz is the man when it comes to the lyrics in Pittsburgh. But S Money will be the one on 106 & Park first. Before Wiz. Wiz is MTV/ 96.1 Kiss type of nigga. 412 stand up

  • BeerGangsta

    Honkeys always won’t to be black. If I was white I would not won’t to be nobody but myself. The shit is wack! Beastie Boys is the only white Rappers I like. They did something different. They had a black DJ and Producer. Honkeys always need black help one way or another

    • Pierzy

      Personally…I would “WANT” to learn how to spell, regardless of race.

    • D

      Thats just some racist ass shit right there..How can u say he wants to be black? That’s like saying if you’re black and you work in an office you want to be white..Enough of the racist cliches..its really gettin old..grow up already…and learn how to spell…

      “Honkeys always won’t to be black.”

      WANT not won’t to be black…clown

    • http://www.myspace.com/awiggedy Awiggedywhoa

      dude your lame as hell, white people…is the term, we didnt establish a name for our selves anywhere along the lines i myself can be a man and say i dont have a problem with color, but you know damn well that while your talkin all this shit on here your sitten in your bobbin your head to every lp eminem put out. and by the way he didnt need a god damn persons help….dre heard his ass and that was it yeah dre put em on to berman….bermans white. so shut the fuck up and listen to music.

    • jeffd

      Rick Rubin?…definitely black

    • Anonymous

      fuck up nigga

  • O

    It wouldn’t be a comments column without BeerGangsta’s racial rants…

  • Rex Banner

    Why is his hat falling off of his head??

  • Terry Q

    this cannot be serious.. homie is weak and a swag jagger


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  • pgh412

    didn’t dudes name used to be E-Z Mac?…macaroni and cheese…dude definately got some rhymes…but I dont believe alot of what he’s saying..looks like a rich kid from the suburbs too!

  • pittsburghsteela

    Dude is rich used to go to winchester thurston…

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  • ThatOneGuy

    So… If you’re white or have an education you cant get into the hip hop game? This kid obviously loves and respects the game so he wants to get into it. He doesnt suck im currently hearing one of his tape as I type, he’s better than most in the mainstream. People get on the new so called “nerd” rap like Lupe, XV, Asher, Cool Kids, etc. labeling it wack and shit, its much much much better than bullshit Gucci, OJ, Wacka, and the rest of the “trapper rappers.” …. just saying

    • Wax

      Cool Kid,Asher, Mac etc. are all dope. Glad to know people apart from me appreciate good music haha.

  • celestine

    mac miller is pretty legit if u like chill music you can chill to

  • http://twitter.com@dube603 lildube

    Just found out about the dude like seven months ago i dig ii, an burn to it

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