It seems like Bobby Creekwater’s been on Shady Records since its inception. It’s like that saying, the first shall be last and the last will be dropped from the label. I remember not thinking much of him when I heard his first mixtape in ’05. But lately with the way the game's been going, his material’s seemed more and more original and distinguished. It’s like that other saying, go out with an ugly friend to make yourself look better. Well, the music coming out the game is pretty ugly right now. Uglier than those Urkel glasses Jay-Z be rocking (Really, why Jay?). But that’s not to discredit the man. I’ve heard some pretty good music from the man lately and sure enough there was some pretty good music on B.C..

“Hey” has a good spirited feel to it like it should’ve been on the “Lean On Me” soundtrack back in the day. Then dudes went in on “Tryin’ To Make It” as did my man Stat Quo and Sandman. And he sounded damn near poetic with it on “Throw Da Deuce” when he used a nasty flow to say, “I don’t know ya/I’m not wit cha/might forget cha/might’ve forgot cha/and don’t give a fuck about cha/that mean whatever/ my mic phone skill betta/she tryin’ to get my bread but I won’t let her.”

Most will argue that dude’s voice is simple sounding and his flow is average, but that’s what I liked about him. He wasn’t trying to do more than what he was able to. But that turned out to be a problem as some of the material on this project seemed real uninspired. Like “Ridin Muzik” sounded real blah with his slow flow and simple rhymes. And his lyrics on “Winner” left a lot to be desired when he rapped, “And I ain’t need ice, but hell I took it/and if there was a show to show it off then we booked it/I been through a whole lot at my young age/from off cascade to on front stage/from getting overlooked to getting overlayed/from on no page to on A page/ the only thing I ain’t did was get overpayed/but I thank God them boys ain’t come put me in a cage.” Did Jim Jones ghostwrite that? John Brown maybe?

I don’t think that Bobby Creekwater gets enough props for his work. And I don’t just mean his rhymes or lyrics, but the production that behind his music as well. I don’t know how far he’ll get in the game if he gets it going on a mainstream level at all. But I do know that dude has real decent and original hip-hop music. But if he wants to take his game to the next level he’s going to have to come a little more intense with it. Whether it’s his rhymes or his overall demeanor, Bobby has to be less digital and more hard driven like he was on “B.C. Era.” He’s still cool in my book though.

Hottest Joint: “Tryin To Make It”

Weakest Joint: “Ridin Muzik”