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Ron Browz: Ether Boy

Ron Browz
Ether Boy
(Ether Boy/Universal Motown)

Hip-hop heads know Ron Browz as a supplier of grimy backdrops for 50 Cent, Ludacris and Nas. Forget about that guy. Now gracing the spotlight under the quasi-alter ego Ether Boy, the producer turned performer is set on creating over-the-top anthems, not mash-out music. With listeners already sky high off the zany single “Jumping (Out the Window),” Ron Auto-Croons his way through his experimental solo debut, Ether Boy.

For starters, Ron recreates his most famed melody for the opening “Etherboy Anthem,” a reintroduction with all the bite—minus the venom—of Nas’s “Ether.” After laurel resting, Browz throws a block party with “I’m From Uptown,” as AG (the voice of Harlem, not the D.I.T.C. rap legend) blesses the bubbly hometown homage. Here, Browz revels in his solo success, warbling, “It’s good to see everybody dancing now/I can put my mother in a mansion now.” The energy remains high throughout, as Ron touches on a range of musical genres. He effectively channels Prince on the infectious ode to low-maintenance mates “Simple,” and even goes techno alongside Fatman Scoop with the hyperactive “Paniez in the Microwave.” On the latter, Browz displays his affinity for hot girls and sexy lingerie when he spits, “Slide in with her curlers on/And she got La Perlas on,” over a persistent, pulsating kick that is sure to resonate on the dance floor.

Unfortunately, things go downhill once Browz steps from behind the boards and into the booth. Rarely switching off the Auto-Tune, Ron’s robotic refrains demand aspirin on tracks like “For My Ladies.” Ether Boy’s greatest fault, however, is that the buoyant affair lyrically provides little outside of club hoppin’ and bottle poppin’. The emptiness becomes most evident on “I Do My Thing,” a seemingly pointless boasting session over clanking percussion, and the synthy Busta Rhymes–assisted “I Promise,” where Ron pads his verses with nonsensical rhymes.

Browz finally gets personal on the electric-guitar-laden “Wheels Fall Off,” but after an album’s worth of party and bullshit, the disc seems repetitive. If he’d give the same focus to his bars as his beats, Ron would be poppin’ enough Champagne to last a lifetime. –JOHN KENNEDY

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  • tony

    Ron i am going to tell you the same thing that Ice Cube told Dr.Dre. Stick to Producing. Everybody know you made the Ether beat for Nas. It was hard. You are doing good with your career. The risen XXL gave you a M on record. You not a good Rapper. Keep giving the world those good beats.

  • Rae

    Everyone knew this would be trash, but damn…they could have at least put some effort into that album cover! lol

    • tony

      Don’t player hate congradualte! I never heard your azz make a Album. Ron is a good Producer not a Lyrical. He know that he was trying to do something different.


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  • http://hiphoponmymind.blogspot.com DJ Daddy Mack

    M? I guess I have to rap about guns and stuff. <_<

    • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com Tony Grand$

      Sorry, this guys comedy.
      The Vocoder was best left in the hands of T-Pain, but somehow Wayne thought is would be a good look; fine, whatever. But this is ridiculous. I can’t believe no one said this would be a bad look. Some guys just aren’t cut out to be rappers. That’s not hate, that’s mathematic fact. & “Ether Boy”? Wow. That’s not what’s up. A million names to use/come up with, & he dick rides himself to let the world know exactly who he is. Smh

      • tony

        Grand you have been acting like a Bitch! You writing that bullshit to me about Redman. If you got somehting against me. We can take it to the streets at anytime. I like Redman. Not the How High movie Bitch!

        • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com Tony Grand$

          @ (the other) t o n y,

          Wow. You are so far underneath me, I’m not even going to address the fact that you actually called me “bitch” twice.

          You’re either:

          A) from another country


          B) severely handicapped

          So I’ll give you the “diet” edition.

          I never said anything to you on the Redman thread. You’re barely worth my reading time, much less my response time. I spoke/typed solely to DJ Rod, @ which he responded back to me. That was the extent of that.

          So, as far as “taking it to the streets”, as you so retardedly put it, juice, save yourself some embarassment. The only thing you’re taking to the streets is the trash.

          Be easy, youngster. Don’t get yourself lost in your own thoughts, even though I’m sure it happens to you quite often.

          A responseisnt needed, dude. It’s not worth it. Really. You might want to go back to the Special Education site you came from. Things move awfully fast in here……

          Keep up the good work, & thanks for your participation.

          PS: Why did you respond to the Redman post on a seperate thread?

  • dusty boy

    This dude is a fuckin’ joke!! He makes fire ass beats, that’s it!! This nigga need to jump out the window 4real!!

  • Mrs.Jonez’s

    that fuckin sucks they gave him a “M” thats mad funny.

  • Ya Boy

    I’m not ashamed 2 admit I’m a big fan Of Mr. Ron Browz. I demand it be raised 2 and L. U guys gave Muthafuckin Paul Wall and L and his album is total garbage. Damn!

  • Mr. Panther

    When did Memphis Bleek come out with a new album?lol

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  • http://cedingvideo.blogspot.com Roberto Street

    You’ve done it once more. Incredible article!