I can honestly say I’m probably one of the few nuccas who didn’t go ga-ga over “Throw Some D’s” when it dropped. Sure it was a cool sounding song, but it didn’t blow my wig back like Pun’s “Still Not A Player" Remix or Busta Rhyme’s “Woo Hah!!” on first listen. But even though I wasn’t too impressed with the Alabama rapper, I did find son’s style interesting to say the least. It was what I like to call “fun hip-hop.” I know his content is pretty hard, but still, that beat had me categorizing son as a ringtone rapper straight off the back.

I mean come on, how long did it take Rich Boy to come up with the stage name, Rich Boy? And one look at this mixtape cover—which I actually like—and you can understand why I label his music “fun.” I mean homie sampled Pacman for his joint, “Da Pacc” for Christ’s sake! But I ain’t trippin’ off of that. I remember when I first heard Cocoa Brovas’ (formerly known as Smif-N-Wessun) “Super Brooklyn” and thought it was the greatest sample since that small bag of Hydro that Dread gave me.

But I can’t front, son has some pretty ill sh*t on this mixtape. He used a nasty slow flow on “Hataz” to speak on why he ain’t paying attention to what people like me have to say about him. He followed that with a laid back G swagged, “You Don’t Love Me” where he’s questioning dude’s gangsta like, “You on the internet, saw a 9 online/we from Alabama where niggas ain’t scared to die/pussy niggas hate me/Lord, they tryin’ to fade me/son of the God, so how the fuck pussy gon’ take me?”

Don’t get it twisted though, dude did have mediocre joints like “Everybody Lookin’” where the claps and horns on the beat sounded as generic as they come. Not to mention “She Wanna" Remix, and “Ride Inches” which sounded like something off a Crunk compilation’s block mixtape. It’s a shame cause RB’s not a bad rapper and his style is pretty ill too, he just suffers from “I’ll rap over anything and make it hot” syndrome.

I’m not gonna lie, dude surprised me with this mixtape. He actually has some pretty interesting records. I’m not saying that I’ma co-sign his career, but I will say that he’s not garbage. But with radio friendly songs like “Everybody Love Me,” and ringtone joints like “Ferrari Motor” and “Got Purp,” Rich Boy isn’t helping his cause to be looked as something more than a one dimensional rapper. With the right producers backing him, he can be a problem. But then again maybe this mixtape ain’t for heads like me and the same people who supported “Throw Some D’s” may love it. A nucca like me felt that Gangstarr’s Hard To Earn is a classic hip-hop album, but my young homie who stays dipped in Ed Hardy gear and thee tightest True Religion pants known to man feels that very same album was as lame as they come. Maybe It’s just a generational thing.-The Infamous O

Hottest Joint: “Hataz”

Weakest Joint:
“Got Purp”