I’m not the biggest Max B fan, but I do tend to root for the underdog. And while his music isn’t exactly as “wavy” as he thinks it is (or maybe it is), his man French Montana’s been impressing me since I first heard him a few months ago. And like I said before, the kid has the potential to make a pretty dope debut album. Akon must’ve notice this too having signed French to Konvict Music.

His laid back flow and suave style make him a potential problem. While he isn’t the best lyricist on the come up, he’s more of a stylish rapper. Though his off key hooks on joints like “Mac N Cheese” and “Wake Up In The Morning” throw off what he’s trying to bring to the table. Obviously Max’s style is rubbing off on the kid. Luckily the quality of his verses outweighed the weak choruses.

Like the cleverness of “New York Minute” where he and Jadakiss went in talking about, “It ain’t rap/niggas better stay strapped/or you can call the stick up boys and try to get your chain back/(in a New York minute) we thought the game was over—when Big died then the homie, Hov took it over/(in a New York Minute) they shot Pac 5 times/years later them boys took Shyne/(in a New York minute) that ain’t even the least/Akon signed the hottest nigga in the streets.” By the way, Jada murdered his verse too. I hope y’all copped that Last Kiss album.

But I really wish I knew who told him it was a good idea to make a early '90s commercial sounding song with Fergie and Max B. That “On Fire” crap was as mediocre as they come. The beat sounded just tacky. Kind of hard to explain. And the hook, Jesus H Christ! I’m sure there’s an audience for this joint, but I’m not in that attendance.

But one rotten apple wasn’t gonna spoil the apple sauce. I don’t know if that made sense, but whatever. I don’t care. Y’all know what I’m getting at. Joints like “Be With You” and “Closer Than Most” has that cruise down the ave feel to it while joints like “Goon Music” and “Cocaine Konvict” will ignite some kind of brouhaha in some hood. French Montana got that hustler music for them brown paper bag boys and stick up kids. That’s the best way I can describe his angle. He’s not blowing away the competition with his insight on the game and crazy lyricism, but he is playing it cool as the other side of the pillow and is pretty damn good at what he does. I’m looking forward to see what he can do with a major label backing him.-The Infamous O

Hottest Joint: “New York Minute”

Weakest Joint: “On Fire”