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Boaz: The Audio Biography

First Wiz Khalifa had me paying attention to the Pittsburgh sound, now this kid Boaz is another voice out of the PA that got the kid’s head bopping one time for the hardcore. Though Boaz’s been around for a hot minute I never really gave son a chance. But his latest project The Audio Biography made it into my stereo and got extreme burn.

Dude was packing that thug motivational ish on this joint. Him and Sheek Louch (still one of the hardest rappers out) spit tough as nails rhymes over a crazy bass line and some ill violin notes talking about, “You gotta lace your timbs up before you lace your rims up” on “Larimer To Yonkers.” Speaking of violin notes, where’s Miri Ben Ari? She was a cutie. She had a bunch of nuccas in the subway playing the violin hoping Kanye would discover them too. But that’s neither here nor there. With “The Dopeman” homie gets his street pharmacist on and speaks on the 9 to 5 he had before he got his deal.

On the flip side, the Steel City representative drops a jewel about the game on “Promise Land” by stating, “I’m still religious/and instead of tearing down a block I should be building bridges/cause the young homies is lost/ask lil man why he on the block and he never told me a cause/guess it’s only because old heads was stuck’n/role models was dealers, the coke heads was coming/you don’t realize the game gave you nothing/killahs come and put one in your forehead for nothing!”

I can’t front on that blues guitar sample on the SoulStarZmuseeQ produced “My Only Love” where B personifies his relationship with money was just bananas. And real talk, I’m contemplating on throwing on his smooth as Denzel joint, “I Got What You Want” the next time I got a shorty laying up in my crib. That joint is bound to get somebody laid somewhere in the world. You just gotta know how to play this song to your advantage.

In a lot of ways I hear Boaz and I hear a new voice for the hustlers. His voice and style sound raw and gutter, but his music is that of a veteran. He’s grasped the concept of a dope sounding hook to go along with quality verses in-between. And his producer SoulStar got some heat on his hands on St. John Allerydyce (any X-Men fan knows what I mean). This duo can be the most dangerous hip-hop tandem since Gang Starr. I swear, it’s dudes like Stat Quo, Bishop Lamont and Termanology that keep me listening to hip-hop. Now you can add Boaz to that very short list.-The Infamous O

Hottest Joint: Too hard to just name one

Weakest Joint: “Hit Em”

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  • !

    is son name really boaz?, bo…ass?, gotta be some steel city ish!

    • http://www.yahoo.com Streets Is Watchin @ !

      You fuccin tikkle butt ass nagga (nh) thats his gov name you dicc…do some research and holla bac…

      FOR THE RECORD…That “steel city ish” you referrin to so loosely can get you stomped….just sayin

      *and this aint no homo ass internet threat…just some advice….

      Umbrellas Up Bitches

      412 all day

  • Stevie B

    I heard the boy Boaz before he was kinda inconsistent I guess now he gettin shit together I will definetly check it out.

    Yo O please review that Currensy album if you can I wanna get your take on it.

  • http://xxlmag Gee

    Boaz is a name out the Bible. This guy is Hot. Shout out to The Steel-City Music Scene.

  • http://www.myspace.com/boazgov Matt McCane

    Yeah, his name is Boaz pronounced “Bo Az” not “Bo Ass”. It’s his real name and yes it is in the Bible, but he isn’t Christian anyway. Knew him since a kid and he’s been ready for hip hop. My mother would hear him play our clarinets that we got from school on his porch as a young boy and say that boy shouldn’t be in such a bad area like Larimer, he has too much talent, but you see, his hard work, his strong religion, he will be Blessed and succeed. Everything he spits is real, he lives it/lived it, I’m proof. I pray that he makes it. All his CD’s been hard, he’s getting better and better, he makes me cry when I hear him perform, to understand where and what he came from will be an amazing story, I don’t see anyone else in Pittsburgh overcoming his situation and doing it like him. Real. Talent. Humble. Good hearted guy is Bo, as we call him. I pray for him often that he makes it. Was a mentor to me, big brother, STAY TUNED FOR HIS NEW JOINTS TO DROP! Im out. -Matt Matt, Larimer, PA

    • charlie Meyers

      yea I fucks heavy wit Boaz and yea he is hard but a lot of his credit should go to Point BLank Productions and DJ Shef as well. thy r fuckin nice. been on bo beta since Intent to Deliver…..fuck you think im on. Get at me timebomb knows wat it is

  • hiphopnation

    the album iz pretty good.
    some track are dope like steel city,my only love
    but he got some commercial “gettin mine” that’s too crap!
    we’r tired of that shits