If there’s a rapper in the game that’s harder than Styles P on the mic, then he’s probably been dead and buried for a while. I mean think about it, every rapper’s had their crossover R&B song, right? So did Styles, and his was called “Locked Up.” That should solidify how hard this man is. His R&B crossover hit was talking about being in jail. Come on, guy! Can you get any harder than that?

If this man’s words and bars were able to manifest into actual matter, it would turn into cement. That’s how hard it be. On “How Can I Say It” the man simply states that, “If you play it sweet then you sugar like/you can get shot or stabbed for not lookin’ right/fiends don’t buy your shit, you’re not cookin’ right/niggas gonna try your jaw if it’s not lookin’ tight.” In those four rhymes he pretty much sums up the thug life of NYC.

And he continues his quest against the tight pants fad with harsh words for those hipsters on “Tight Jeans P.S.A.” For the record, I co-sign everything this man says. Have we learned nothing from “Children of Men” people???

And real talk, his freestyles belong on remixes. He took Kid Cudi’s “Day & Nite” and tore it down. Same goes for his “Get Down,” “Renegade,” and “Ready To Die” where over Big’s classic instrumental son spit, “Came from a house that was haunted/it’s the Ghost, bitch!/Wanna shoot it out with the kid, kiss your folks, bitch!/ You won’t make it back to your home or your household/bullets in the crease of your lips where your mouth fold!” Speaking of which, his and Sheek’s “Tribute” to Big was just gangsta.

I love Styles P 'cause he does it for us OGs in the hood that love hood hip-hop. But I have to be honest and say he never had a whole mixtape that I could just bang out to. Until now that is. This is by far his greatest mixtape. The beats he chose to rip and the way he ripped them had me wishing I still had my Trezeta boots with the spikes so I could just stomp a tight jeans hipster back to the '90s so he could see how real niqqas used to do. Word to everything, the only albums I truly go out and buy these days are Styles, Jadakiss, Beanie Sigel and Ghostface Killah’s cause these are the men who do it for the culture. That and cause if they don’t get our money one way, they’ll get it another way. We gotta support these records and keep these hooligans off the streets. LOLOL.-The Infamous O

Hottest Joint: Way too many to just pick one

Weakest Joint: “You Don’t Want It With P”