It’s funny, all this time I thought the only Peter Parker in the hip-hop game was Wu-Tang’s Inspectah Deck? Whatever, I don’t care. All I care about is this mixtape. And judging from the names I saw on this CD, I had high expectations. Especially with my man DJ Warrior co-signing. Putting all these nasty MCs on one mixtape eating different instrumentals like cotton candy, this had to be one for the barbershops.

I mean you got my dude Crooked I freestyling with Grafh—“In Love With A Dealer” was crack—keeping it G’d up over 50’s “Gunz Come Out” beat talking about, “I might have to spray like taggers/let my .9 splatter your mind’s data all over you nice swagger/it’s still the art of man’s slaughter/I’ll kill your unborn granddaughter/by shooting her future grandfather.” Seems simple enough to think of, but damn! It’s really not. And they gave Ghostface’s classic “Fish” instrumental to this dude I never heard of named, Muja Messiah. But on his freestyle homie got right like Nah, na’mean.

Another rapper I never heard of was St Paul Slim who sounded like an uneducated version of Papoose. Though he has a better name than Papoose, his rhymes and lyrics weren’t close to that of the BK MC. But son did go in hard with his freestyle. He’s bound to rip down stages and incite fights at your local pub or t*tty bar. And that kid P.O.S. ripped Nas’ “Made You Look.” Son sounds like if he uses the bathroom he’ll need two rolls of two-ply. One for writing and one for wiping, na’mean.

The L.A. OG, Bishop Lamont got on some Gang Starr “Betrayal” ish with his laid back banger, “Friends.’ Speaking on fair-weather homies and backstabbing bums that we all deal with on some ol’, “Word from mutual friends when you speak it’s fuck me comin’ out cha mouth/fuck me? Nigga, fuck you/but damn I was the man whenever bills was overdue… now they wanna hate on my shine/who needs enemies when I got friends like mine.” Word is Bon Jovi! Sadly, if you’ve never experienced that it’s because you ain’t been successful in some way, shape or form. Gift and a curse, homie.

This Get Loud mixtape was definitely popping off with young talented rappers and MCs that are taking advantage of the little shine they’re getting. Dudes like Termanology, Bishop Lamont and Charles Hamilton are just bound to be problems in the game one way or another. But this mixtape also put me on to dudes like Slaine, P.O.S. and Muja. I’m anticipating good material from all of the MCs on this jumpoff. With that said, Peter Parker definitely made a good first impression on the kid, but he’s still on thin ice. But that’s only because of his name. I’m a simple nucca like that. Love me or hate me, it’s who I am, f*ckers.

Hottest Joint: “Friends”

Weakest Joint: “London Fog”