Hip-hop’s newest Blood has been on the rise for a hot minute now. Hailing from the infamous Nickerson Gardens, Jay Rock’s been making the rounds and bringing some of that good ol’ gutter West Coast sound to a game being oversaturated with Auto-Tune. Armed with a hoarse voice and a smooth as Rihanna’s forehead flow (Before Chris beat the brown off her), the kid Jay Rock is proving to be a hard act to follow. Just ask Lil Wayne. On the will.i.am produced, “All My Life” Jay more than held his own sparring with the “hottest” rapper in the game today. Line for line, flow for flow, he did not get outshined.

And some might take his rhyme, “My style Canal, yeah I got the best flow/I stay with the pound, keep money under the floor, so I’m good from the ground – up! Never take your soul, I ain’t fuckin’ around/Blood, Cuz, whatever/let’s get this cheddar like Cheetos Puffs/Keep O’s of that bad boy kush we gonna Puff/and Shyne like the nigga, Diddy got locked up,” off of “Ahead of My Time” as some sort of attempt to resuscitate a dead East Coast/West Coast feud, but he put any notion of that to rest with “Wassup New York” where he pays homage to the five boroughs.

Proving that he’s more than just an average gangsta rapper, Rock shows that G’s got hearts that bleed on “I Cried” and then delved into today’s current social status on “Depression,” taking notice to “Banks foreclosing/accounts is frozen/the stock market done fell out of a colon/what type of shit is that? Niggas still in Iraq. Fuck the oil, niggas still in Iraq/troops ain’t coming home unless they’re in a body bag or their arm gone…”

I’m feeling Jay Rock something hard right now (No homo!). From the sounds on Coming Soon To A Hood Near You, Jay Rock is ready to rip mics like a porn star with rusted braces. His voice and flow give him the ability to make every track he gets on sound listenable and damn entertaining. The fact that he can rhyme and at times actually says something with those rhymes makes him all the more threatening to today’s Auto-Tune entertainers and ringtone rappers. Word to everything I’m telling you right now, Jay Rock’s Watts up! -The Infamous O

Hottest Joint: “All My Life”

Weakest Joint: “Goodnight Baby”