Not since Christopher Rios said “I’m all about business and enterprising, advising financial advisors on franchising and widen they horizons/devising ideas with master minders/moving on they stash with diamonds/first we get the cash then we laugh like minors,” has a Puerto Rican MC blown me away with his rhyme patterns and flow (Sorry Tru, Joel, & Jim. And Banks, you really don’t count). Now me personally, I hate comparing rappers to legends like Big, Pac or Pun, but like them, Term has a gift for this art form that allows him to draw and paint pictures like a hip-hop Todd McFarlane.

This man said, “I come with a razor drippin’ with AIDS to rip ya face up/I got my pistol laid up, haters better hit the gym up/invest in a vest, the best of the best, the rest will be jest/mix a little cut with the fish/I’ma insane spitter, and I run with the pain dealers/old school spitters say I remind them of Kane (nucca!)/politically, analytically, I am physically every bit of a real MC, trilogy after trilogy,” on “Circulate.” Does that not warrant a round of applause? What’s poppin’? Does this man have to brawl in a Louis Vuitton store (keepin’ it gayngster!) with Justin Timberlake to get ya'll attention??

Underage crumb bums like Tyga and Yung Berg are getting record deals that allow them to cop Transformers Ice and this dude nada? Talk about injustice. He kicked 100 bars that were so mouth watering that I needed that saliva-sucking thing that dentists use (Should I have said “Pause” at anytime in that sentence?). “Code Of The St.” had me ready to get on my Brooklyn bullsh*t and scuff my brand new crispy Timbs on a muthaf*cka’s face. Tyga couldn’t motivate me to dirty my socks, man.

The Boston Boricua went in on “OHH,” with the flow and delivery at the end of every line like “Ohh!” Joint was hot, dunn! The concept behind “What Type of Money” and the way it was executed was straight fuego. And son created a sound so laid back and chill on “Spazz Out” that it made me wanna go get a fat sack with a pint of Hennessy and lay back!

And honestly I would’ve never thought Term, Sheek, Freeway, Bun B, Saigon & Joell Ortiz would sound like a dream team on “Say It.” Real talk, Term got that sh*t. His rhymes are outstanding, his lyrics are thought-provoking and his flows couldn’t be bottled by Poland or Evian if they tried. Using the J Dilla (RIP) beats to create his brand of music was an added bonus to his already hot stable of mixtapes. And I’m just asking, is it too soon to crown him the King of Boston? Or does that title still go to Benzino or Everlast? -The Infamous O

Hottest Joint: “Say It”

Weakest Joint: “Down With The King”