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Chamillionaire:Mixtape Messiah 6

For the life of me I don’t understand how “Ridin’ Dirty” became the commercial hit that it did. Off the strength of that single alone Chamillionaire’s solo debut went platinum and he became a national rap star. In retrospect, the success of that single did a lot of damage. It stole all of Mike Jones and Slim Thug’s shine, ended Paul Wall’s career and confined him to a life of grilling, won him a Grammy and somehow allows him to declare “I am the best rapper alive” on “Best Rapper Alive.” So, do you see how a mediocre flavor of the month single can throw off the balance of the hip-hop universe?

I liked Paul Wall. Sure he was trailer park trash (lyrically), but he was damn entertaining on the tracks he was on. Who in the hood wasn’t saying “Paaaul Waaaaallll bay-be” for no reason whatsoever? We all were. Mike Jones, eh. He was bound for obscurity sooner or later so I don’t care. And Slim Thug lived the dream: he got himself an R&B b*tch and called it a wrap. He was aiight too. He had some pretty decent joints.

Now I’m not gonna completely knock Chamillionaire, son got rhyme skills for days, but he’s not saying nothing. He’s like Lil Wayne. He says clever things here and there and we just allow him to get by on it. Difference is, Wayne’s got a style and swagger that makes his music acceptable and listenable, but Cham doesn’t. That rapid rhyme style is just too much to take in large portions at a time. Only Bone Thugs, Kool G Rap or Big Pun could make a whole album listenable with the rapid rhyme (Sorry Twista. You get annoying after a while too).

There were times when he slowed it down and just flowed like on “That’s You,” and “Throwdest In The Game.” Both those joints were second-rate. He even tried a slower paced/futuristic Jigga on “Can I Get A” type style on “Switch Style Reloaded” and created a style that annoyed me even more than his usual one.

Only joints I was really feeling were “For The Moment” (Cham had a cool flow on it that went with the smooth tempo of the beat), “Murder They Wrote” (He wasn’t even on that one) and “The Evaluation” (He kicked a cool freestyle over Mobb Deep’s “Shook Ones pt II instrumental).

All in all it wasn’t a Ugly worthy mixtape, but it wasn’t hood. Not to me anyway. Maybe the faithful 200,000 fans who stuck around and copped his 2nd album might like it (Where’d the other 800,000 go?). Son can rhyme his ass off, but most of the time his lyrics have no substance. Clever and funny lines like “50 got rich and he didn’t even die/Jay gettin’ rich he ain’t needing to reply/R. Kelly on the ground, he believing he can fly/I’m running through the drought like it isn’t even dry,” are good and all, but not enough to stake a claim for the throne. Call me a hater all you want (cause you’re damn right), but I’m just calling it how I hears it.

I mean by the time “Judge Judy” had finished I couldn’t anymore. He said he “Just bumped into Oprah and wanted to feel on her booty.” Will someone please get this man a groupie – preferably a hermaphrodite, please. Son done went off the deep end again and I’m not throwing him another line.

Have a great weekend, y’all! I’m off to see NOTORIOUS!! BK all day! -The Infamous O

Hottest Joint: “Everything” (Credit Crooked I for making that joint hot)

Weakest Joint: “Judge Judy”

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  • jb

    Man..this reviewer here is a hater. Period.

    • Casey

      How can you call this a legit review when half of it is a rant about other Houston rappers?

    • James Williams

      Man the writer of this article is a buster, he probably got turned down for an interview with King Koopa (Chamillionaire) or something, and needed someone to write about cause the Aftermath/G-Unit articles were getting redundant. This publication gets no respect in TEXAS!!!!
      holla back

  • 210

    ““Everything” (Credit Crooked I for making that joint hot)”

    Your emotional side is clearly on display here. Cham is one of the most talented rappers out. This aint a review, this is yelling out your frustration from his success.

  • dan99

    It was a hot mixtape, I would of def. gave it a “hood” rating.

  • O

    Yeah, y’all probably right, I was prolly tainted by that annoying Ridin’ Dirty joint. Like I said, i’m just hating. But this just isn’t my cup of Henney.

  • scplay3r

    lol wow cham doesnt say anything? really? ultimate victory he talked about every subject you could possibly think of…hes known for acually having substance to what he says…one day was a great tribute to pimp c and his flow on MM6 was great…idk what you were listening to but your really just hate dude or dont know what it means to acually talk about something important on a tape

  • http://www.chamillionaire.com Jpat

    Cham IS the Best Rapper Alive
    so stfu cuz he will do XXL like slimshady did tha source & lyricly slay yall



  • CMoney

    I’m sorry, but when you spend 2 paragraphs talking about things that have NOTHING to do with the mixtape, well that should tell you something. It sounds like someone didn’t like what was said on Mixtape Messiah 4.

    “Trying to hit em wit some knowledge, they gon’ respond and say its garbage. If I say my cars is candy, they tell ya he the hardest.”

    He just explained how the music has gone down the drain. It’s sad really. Everybody wants to be a rapper. Fuck being a rapper! Everyone wants to be a rapper, but only a few have earned the title of “MC.” 99% of the rappers out aren’t MC’s. Would I call Chamillionaire an MC, not yet. I’ve been a fan since his 2nd album, but he continues to impress me. He’s a veteran, who’s been rapping for 10 years, starting in 1998. Like it or not, he earned his way to his deal from starting local in Texas. The thing I like the most, he’s not the typical Southern rapper. He actually tries to get better.

  • jmes

    everyone here can smell the hate in the article. cham is a great rapper ive been a fan since get ya mind correct. cant wait for venom!!

  • lonestar state

    Wow,this is ridiculous,Cham kills everything in the game,someone else should have reviewed this,O is a up north biased hater easily,he probally bumpin garbage ass charles hamilton right now,trash ass yankie!

  • http://DJReMike.com DJ ReMike

    mixtapes need to have more options for review than ugly, bad and hood. it should have the s, m, l, and xxl that albums do.

    http://www.DJReMike.com for the hottest remixes and mashups including my remixes of Coldest Winter, What Them Girls Like, and more

  • dark vanilla

    Who da fuck is this guy rating this? Anyone who thinks Paul Wall and Mike Jones are better than Cham shouldn’t be writing reviews. Cham could lyrically slay anyone and his lyrics aren’t a thing like Lil Wayne. Infamous O, go fuck yourself and suck on 50′s and Waynes lollipops

  • texasleen

    I know who got they invite to the “2009 Haters Ball” already…Infamous O…HATE! HATE! HATE!

  • grandma11

    incase any of you haven’t noticed, chamillioniare has dropped off since like mixtape messiah 3. his style used to by multi-dimensional and now he’s just another lil wayne

  • Rodjilius

    dont care what nobody say this mixtape is hot Everything, One Day, Best Rapper, and Mixtape Murder were the best tracks on this tape but still the whole mixtape was hot but then again this is coming from somebody who just plain doesnt like him it’s just an opinion from a hater

  • King John

    WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YALL??? Seriously do yall have something against Cham personally? If giving Ultimate Victory and L was bad enough(should have gotten an XXL), yall don’t even give this a hood rating? Dam that’s some bullshit. If I hadn’t already I’ve officially lost any respect I once had for this publication.

  • killyourself

    are u retarded… first off these are mixtapes.. he showcase his skills on em… his albums are more for substance… and wtf.. are u talking about.. man.. u talking about paul wall, dike jones.. they got lots of substance(sarcasm intended) he stole their shine what are you on… man if cham never put out ridin.. half the south be dead by now he added to the movement.. you are way hating on this joint

  • http://fashorecords.com Legend

    What this idiot-and most of you other haters- prolly don’t know is that Chamillionaire has been rapping since 1998 and has done nothing but excelled. he has always stuck out because his lyrics have “substance” that’s what separated him from the typical souther rapper. what you also may not know is that chamillionaire and paul wall used to be in a group together and i’m pretty sure chamillionaire ghost wrote a lot of paul walls rhymes. ever wonder why Paul wall started sounding exactly the same after he and cham split? also my friendly haters, chamillionaire had already made millions of dollars before his FIRST major label album(sound of revenge) that’s before riding dirty. He was already a Legend in the south. they guy sold 100,000 independent and his fan base became ridiculous. and if you can honestly say that he can’t talk about different topics and he has no substance, then you obviously didn’t listen to Ultimate Victory. seriously this review wasn’t even worth replying to if you know anything about music, but i just felt like i should put that on your mind…

  • yep

    thats not 200’000 fans, cham has million of listeners all over the world!! the 800’000 was away like all people that stop buying cds. I can say you that Ultimate Victory is a classi in France, Germany, Switzerland!!FRESH, TEXAS IS DA SHIT