I remember the first time I ever heard of Uncle Murda I thought, “Can niqqas be anymore simplistic with the choosing of their name.” Based off his moniker alone I wasn’t interested in listening to anything
this man had to say. Sometimes all I need is a reason to not listen to a rapper and it can be as simple as having an extraordinarily simple or ignorant name.

But then my homie Cuban Crip kept trying to convince me to listen to Uncle Murda for months. Then one day one of my homies gave me a Murda mixtape he put together to get him amped up in the mornings and after about 3 months of nagging me to listen to it, I gave in. I’m not gonna say that Uncle Murda blew me away on any level, but I was somewhat impressed. Not by his lyrical ability, but by his energy and raunchy
voice that leads to animated songs. In some ways he’s a Brooklyn version of Tony Yayo. What with the “I’ll still kill” attitude and unpolished flow. So it made sense that they collaborated on the green thumb
anthem, “I’m So High.”

But unlike Yayo, Murda tries to think outside the 2-D box and made a well-rounded hip-hop mixtape with Back On My Bullshit. Dunn got his story telling on and painted a homicidal picture on “Brooklyn Tale.”
He then took the time to big himself up and give the shorties something to think about on "Come Here Baby" when he spit, “Come Here Baby” saying “She told me nobody ever hit it how I hit it/I’m the best
she ever had, she had to admit it/I do it so good I ain’t even have to lick it/but she lickin’ on me until I tell her I’m finished
.” Will any rapper ever say he's garbage in the sack? Even Jay once let women know he was a 15 minute man. Will anyone ever keep it real like that again? Kicked a dope freestyle on "Gucci Sneakers" over Premo's "Nas Is Like" beat. (Sidenote: Luda's and Premo's "MVP" is the muthaf*ckin' truth!). And finally Jay showed a little life is left on his mic when he kicked a cool verse on "He Asked For It."

All in all, Murda dropped a respectable mixtape. Nothing next level but definitely made for the hood by a hood niqqa. That's all we asking for. Plus he gets weed brownie points for not using that Auto-Tune bullshit.
Now if he only had a better rapping alias. -The Infamous O

Hottest Joint: "New York City is Mine"

Weakest Joint: "My Way"