If you ask me, I’m not a big fan of rappers using they’re government or anything that sounds like a government as their stage name. Joell Ortiz, Asher Roth, Charles Hamilton – it just irks me. What’s crazy is that these dudes is nasty on the mic. And the one with the most common sounding name is probably the nicest: Charles Hamilton.

Dude got that laid back and lazy flow with a tone similar to hip-hop legend, Guru (Gangstarr music is timeless). At times the style doesn’t get tiring, but the lyrical content and witty rhymes make it something worth listening to. It’s too hard to just pick one or two rhymes to give an example. You really got to listen and see what I mean.

My only beef was, what’s really good with homie harmonizing on “Weirdo”? Well at least he didn’t use Auto-Tune. Just good ol’ EQing his voice to sound like J. Lo in the late 90’s. Ditto on those out of tune hooks on some other joints. But it’s evident that he’s just having fun with the songs and adding a different dimension to his creativity.

I’d be fronting if I said I wasn’t feeling this sampled filled mixtape something hard. Obviously a product of TV and film, Intervention is a banger. There’s a few songs I’ve already thrown into my iPod. Charles Hamilton is that dude, and I hope he gets his chance to do damage on the biggest stage possible. -The Infamous O

Hottest Joint: "Honesty Box"

Weakest Joint: "Chivalry"