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Blue Cheese & Coney Island

bizarre.jpgDespite D12’s double-platinum 2001 disc, Devil’s Night, the members of the Detroit-based crew have had trouble achieving the same solo success as front man Eminem. This has certainly been a point of contention for Bizarre, whose 2005 debut, Hanni Cap Circus, barely sold 63,000 units. Still, the portly Midwesterner is confident he has a shot at (rock) stardom. With his second solo offering, Blue Cheese & Coney Island, Bizarre once again delivers madcap mayhem, as he tries to solidify his presence.

Backed by a slurred flow and meathead lyrics, Bizarre’s dreams of gaining headliner status seem thwarted from jump. In fact, on superficial songs like the queasy, Alphabit-produced “Animal” and the brazen crunk replica “Knock ’Em Out,” he’s virtually indistinguishable from his creepy cohorts. The same goes for the dismal “Rock Out,” where he awkwardly spits, “I’m like T-Pain, I’ll buy you a drink/Take you to the bathroom and nut on your mink.”

Those mawkish moments aside, he does manage to pull together a few heartfelt cuts. Featuring breezy percussion and a soulful piano, the luminous “Livin’ This Life” finds a thoughtful Bizarre observing how the murder of D12 member Proof still haunts the crew: “Denaun, Swift and Kuniva, I’m talkin’ to y’all/’Til the day I’m gone, y’all gonna be my dawgs/Since Proof left, it’s been a long ride/I can see it in Dolo’s eyes/He still wanna cry.” There’s even the stirring “Money Don’t Make Me,” where Biz details his everyday struggles, before proclaiming, “Leave two million for my firstborn/Fuck making it rain, I’m tryna make it thunderstorm.”

These pockets of substance are unfortunately just flashes in the pan, as grotesque bars and zany, frat-boy humor dominate the album—the best (or worst) example being the disturbing “Sex Tape,” where Biz flips his warped version of Biggie’s “Just Playing (Dreams)” (“Rudy from The Cosby Show, she lookin’ kinda fuckable/Hit her from the back, and she called me Dr. Huxtable”). All in all, Bizarre’s Blue Cheese & Coney Island is an acquired taste that most will find hard to swallow. —WILL DUKES


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  • Chris S

    this cd will be a classic and nobody will tell me any different

  • Danny

    This album is a Classic and y’all can’t tell me any different. Shit I’d hit Rudy too!

    • Jon Dog

      “I’d hit Rudy too”, fuck dude, that’s classic. LMFAO!!

  • Detroit what?

    Wow, did your manager read this spiel before it was posted? It’s funny how Will Duck will not come out and straight up say “I hate Bizarre. I want to listen to songs about fornication, wealth, selling bricks, and totting an AK.” The single off of this album, Fat Boy, is crazy; the song that talks about Proof is titled “So Hard” and that track is fire. LOL at “Livin’ This Life.”

    Whatever you do meng, please do not review D12′s album when it releases next year. Go write up some reviews for Lil Bow Wow or Dem Franchize Boyz.

    D12 is coming! Nate Dogg, Swizz Beatz, Three 6 Mafia…it is fire! I’m going to buy two copies of “Blue Cheese ‘n’ Conie Island.” DETROIT WHAT?!

  • mister p

    1 album wos crazy nuthing at all feat d12
    i like bizarre he make cool n funny music
    n i think he went gold whit hanni cap circus

    world wide wikipidia

  • ole

    l or xl is my review do thaat at boy danse

  • mister p

    Despite a low peak at #48, the album managed to go gold selling 536,000 copies, which means, with exception of Eminem albums’, is the best selling solo album by any D12 member

  • jay

    bizarre is consistently god awful. give him a fuckin S.

  • sean p ro rep

    jay loves cock

  • ~*HEAT*~

    jay does love the cock.
    he is by far the gayest person i have ever seen in my life. he’s gayer than richard simmons riding a rodeo machine in spandex chaps and a pink tank in san francisco at a “man club” while eating a frozen chocolate banana and listening to “wake me up before you go go”. GAYLORD

  • Casper the Prodigy

    Bizzare is the greatest thing to happen to hip-hop music since Slim Shady himself, and everyone knows it! They’re just in denial because they are mad they didn’t come up with this style first!


  • Jon Dog

    “Despite D12’s double-platinum 2001 disc, Devil’s Night, the members of the Detroit-based crew have had trouble achieving the same solo success as front man Eminem.”
    NO SHIT!!!!!! HE’S EMINEM!
    Don’t hate on Bizzy because you can’t handle his lyrics bitch. I alredy told these XXL dudes how I feel about these fuckin’ weak ass reviewers with the “Strength & Loyalty” review, and big up for posting it in the mag!!!
    I’m gonna have to side with “Detroit what?” on this one!!

  • http://xxlmag.com Two Thumbs Down

    Im a Biz fan but this CD is not worth buying


    First off who the FUCK is Will Dukes? And why cant he see that Bizarre is always trying something different than that garbage shit you listen to on the radio? Tell me please. Some of his album is humor some serious but no songs about the same shit over and over. I can appreciate an artist talking about something more than cars, clothes and hoes.

    Fuck Dukes give me a job. I’d love to review shitty music.


    Fuck what they say Bizzy is the shit. He got a style that is original and unmatched. Fuck Mr. Dukes and his review. Detroit Hip Hop forever.

  • Ghost Deini

    This dude should just stop. He’s HORRIBLE.

  • Hooodz


  • 7th Nation

    First off I’d like to congradulate Bizarre for making an album that shows his fans and haters that his music is still hot without a major pushing him or ever caring what people has to say…”the Fan’s still love him”,on top of that I’m on the album cut “How I Struggle” ,the hook and I rhyme second before my man K.D.,that song is gutta too and respect due to Bizarre again for reaching back home to put other people on the map…That’s a true Detroit hiphop star yall!

  • MC Stinger

    This album is good. I love the song ‘animal’. I dont know who ‘Razaaq’ is but he spits fire on the song. ‘sex tape’ is pretty funny, imagining bizarre with a sex tape lol!

  • WinzerOpen

    Bizz has always been diffrent in all his music. The shit is tight . it better hearing someone being diffrent than some rappin about the fuckin dubs they got over and over……….shit. bye the way jay loves the cock.