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T.I. vs. T.I.P.

ti-cover.jpgWhen Robert Louis Stevenson wrote The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde in 1886, it spoke to the masses. At the time, Victorian manners had a stranglehold on society, and the Scottish author’s sci-fi tale served as a metaphor for the wild lust that lay just beneath the surface of the average gentleman’s buttoned-up facade. Today, it’s also a fitting tale for urban America’s alienated outcasts, who must conform to mainstream society’s rules to find success. Atlanta rapper Clifford Harris opened this old wound four years ago on “T.I. vs. T.I.P.,” a highlight from his sophomore opus, Trap Muzik, where T.I.P., his reckless, shit-talking core, battled T.I., the consummate professional/smooth operator. After a tumultuous 2006 filled with highs (King solidified his place as one of hip-hop’s illuminati) and lows (the senseless murder of his best friend), Tip re-examines his schizophrenic psyche on his fifth album, T.I. vs. T.I.P. Call it trap therapy.

Opening with “Act I,” a frustrated T.I.P. spazzes on his record label and goes on a lyrical tirade for the first section of the album. Tip’s homicidal intensity is best captured on his three collaborations with producer Danja, including the possessed state-of-emergency “Hurt,” featuring Busta Rhymes and Grand Hustle rookie Alfamega. While the motivational, Mannie Fresh–produced “Big Shit Poppin’ (Do It)” fits comfortably alongside some of Tip’s most powerful anthems (“What U Know,” “U Don’t Know Me”), their pairing on “Da Dopeman” results in a lifeless drug exposé. The absence of longtime collaborator DJ Toomp becomes even more obvious when Tip runs through stock tough talk with Jay-Z on the irritable, Khao-produced “Watch What You Say to Me.” Despite Eminem’s stiff brass march carrying “Touchdown,” the trapper does manage to be his most outspoken (“So excuse me, Miss Oprah, I’m sorry, really I promise/Niggas, bitches and hoes do exist, I’m just being honest”).

During “Act II,” the character of T.I. is awoken by news of his alter ego’s rampage and resumes control, plunging the album into a hodgepodge of softer material. The Nelly duet “Show It to Me” sounds better suited for a weekend retreat at Club Med, and “Don’t You Wanna Be High,” produced by the Runners, features some of T.I.’s laziest pillow talk (“I could be your king, you could be my princess/All you gotta do is say yes”). On the bizarre “Help Is Coming,” where producer Just Blaze recycles the sample from the forgotten Roc-A-Fella posse cut “4 Da Fam,” T.I. gets needlessly defensive, engaging in the type of dry self-analysis usually reserved for uptight middle-aged New York rappers: “Fans and the critics say hip-hop’s missin’/This a little proof that hip-hop’s livin’/You can hear hip-hop in ‘Top Back,’ just listen.” Luckily, Wyclef counters with some breezy pop appeal and over-the-top personality on “My Swag,” where Tip harmonizes with a whimsical ’80s synth.

By the time T.I. and T.I.P. confront each other in “Act III,” the distinction between the two seems completely trivial—one’s a little tougher, one’s a little smoother. The poetic closer, “My Type,” where Tip imagines a world without himself or his split personalities (“Now he in heaven on the throne exactly where he belong/He left millions devastated and his family mourns/Sons turned to men since they daddy been gone”), only makes the album’s overall lack of personal insight and creativity more glaring. Hopefully, someday we’ll find out what really makes T.I. tick. —BRENDAN FREDERICK


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  • T.R.E.Y.


  • Danny

    I actually agree with the rating…

    The album was w/e…

  • jon

    this is bullshit. His album kicks ass it deserves at least a xl not a L thats messed up but w.e T.I. vs TIP is the shit buy it now

  • fixda

    I agree too, don’t think it deserves a XL. This album as a whole is not really great…but still has good joints.
    T.I. shows no evolution on this one

  • kalvinLONDON

    Agree with the rating but didnt state that t.i eminem collabo was a let down, by em and his production, and I am an eminem fan.

    Overall this album just highlighted the chemistry between T.I/ T.I.P and DJ toomp was really needed.

  • $catty

    this is probably his worst album
    i agree wit da rating 2…

  • http://loud.com/adrenalinetruth Adrenaline the Truth

    a little harsh for a publication that pressed this disc so much!

  • urn

    I think the rating is basing it more on a lyrical ability then anything else. T.I.’s flow, beat selection, and guests are all great and live up to the high expectation. Even though the idea of the entire album wasnt so clear it was still evident. Above all its better then half the shit sandwiches that came out this year so far.

  • hokus

    Hey man! This disc has got the Juice! So many variations and new sounds that are just begging to bring hip-hop into the new world. In this cut throat shit ya gotta bring something new to the table and T.I. does it with this one. If I had to say something bad about it, it would be that T.I. vs T.I.P. almost ends up being too big for the premise. The album travels over so many different genres of sound, eras of style and tempos that the vocal ideas almost get lost in the mix. I love the idea, but at times it seems that it’s an idea that needed more polish on it. I think T.I. has some serious balls to put out a record this risky in this day and age and he comes so close to pulling it off it’s amazing. A big idea takes a big personality to make it work. T.I. fits the bill almost to a “T” but in the end you have a fantastic record that could have spent another minute in the oven. WOW! I give this record 21 grams out of an ounce. No stems, no seeds, no sticks! T.I. is the man to watch! Also, big up to Jay-Z and Eminem for respecting T.I.’s hustle enough not to kill him on his own shit, as they are both capable and have done it on other rapper’s records. Peace y’all!

  • Holla

    If they gave it an XL (which it does not deserver – this is his worst album by far) yall would say XXL is getting paid off. When they are honest and give it an L, you say they are too harsh. Make up your mind. i think they are VERY on poitn with this one. Get off T.I.’s dick. He made a bad album, it happens.

  • Darren

    Man you guys are dummies don’t know how to review for nothing

  • kalvinLONDON

    Neways most of xxl rating are bullshit tony yayo, rick ross, paul wall etc are given xl reviews not to mention ying yang twins.

    This is why the media is partially to blame for the decline of hip-hop cause it makes acts such as these to be considered good hip-hop therefore some of the younger generation fall into the hype.

  • http://Flatlinez.Blogspot.com Scratch One

    Jay-Z’s verse is the highlight of the album. T.I. is an average mc

  • T.R.E.Y.

    seriously though, how is “Help Is Coming” “bizarre” while “My Swag” is an album highlight? how is “Don’t You Wanna Be High” not smoooooth-as-eggs. how is Jay-Z’s verse on “Watch What You Say” not one of his best in recent memory.

    y’all’re too predictable. take the album on its own merits rather than the silly split-persona thing and it’s pretty dang good.

  • jjjjjj

    it does deserve L because the T.I. part sucked , but the T.I.P. part was preety dope

  • http://myspace.com/loonyt706 Loont

    XXL doesnt understand the plot behind this album. T.I shifted from the norm to show the fans versatility and all u can do is whimper about it not being what your used to. This man has 5 albums that will go down in hip hop history. I though that was the point of growth. If everyone made all thier albums sound the same hip hop would really be dead.

    Gucci Mane will die for dissing T.I.

  • doeboi

    XXL, yall trippin…dis album is da truth..if not a XXL, it definitely deserves a XL…I’d say a XXL though..

  • maingy

    king sucked. urban legend was the best, before ti vs tip.

  • j

    this album is st8 fire. every track is hard. the only thing about it is that the differences between ti and tip arnt very evident… so fuck all the haters… TELL”M I SAID THAT…

  • azythe1st

    I could be wrong but I havent seen any southern rapper get xxl ever, let alone an xl rating…maybe a little bias???
    I’d give T.I. an xl though for this album.

  • Dizzle

    Fuck what ya heard, TIP dropped a classic. Gettin a L is bullshit, respect this hustle

  • Sean

    both T.I and T.I.P is GARBAGE

  • Jay-West

    XXL ratings are trash this album should of got an XL at the min.

  • Sean

    both T.I and T.I.P is GARBAGE.. he copied cassidy wit that shit too… the problem vs. the hustler.. faggot as TI

  • brebre


  • Atl’s own

    who da f@#$ did dis rating there is no way this album shouldn’t get an XL given the ratings i’ve seen on hear for lesser albums.

  • http://www.myglobaloutlet.com Severe

    the rating is on point. L . not great, but not bad. first half is good. about 5 or 6 tracks i bump on the regular. the bonus tracks u get when u buy the cd from best buy are good too. (yall bootleggers wouldnt know)

  • Rashawn

    what does a herb named frederick know about urban america??!!!!! go back to Omaha!

  • Derick

    at first when i listened to the album i didn’t like it. since i have listened to it more i has grown on me and i think it’s one of his best works to come. i feel just like T.I.P. sometimes.

  • Stuckfresh

    I think the album can be XL!!!! The best song on there is DOPEMAN!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lil Joker

    the cd is cool but u gave it an L but gave Clipse an XXL??? clipse are fuckin wack, the cd was fuckin wack, T.I. deserved at least an XL prolly an XXL but watever.

  • ajack

    agreed..this album was way below my expectations for T.I…King was much better, as was Urban Legend

  • BirdsFlySouth

    The album has to grow on you. I really wasn’t feelin it until I listen to the entire album on my ipod.


  • Can’t knock us down

    520,000 sold the first week. Nuff said.

    • sean_izzle

      haha southern dickrider, 520 000 was last album and not this, TI vs. TIP only sold 468, 000 so he fell of hard

  • Back Once Again

    Go peep the internets celebrity video if you wanna see the real Billy Sunday.

    Fat Hypocrite.

  • George

    CHURCH!! T.I. is my man (no homo) but the record is wack as hell. No true T.I.P. jus another T.I. record. Step your game up, T.I. or put out a mixtape of jus straight T.I.P. then the album.

  • George

    and it wasn’t 520,000 sold first week, bitch

  • http://www.myspace.com/honey_kisses86 Michelle

    i’m not surprised by this rating…i was quite ifey when i heard about that split personalities concept…but it’s wateva…

  • Verbatim

    XXL got it right for once

  • 912SAV

    all i’ma say is dat da album wuz raw as hell. forget da split personality thing cuz if thats all yall complainin bout den yall r really missin out on a good ass cd. “hurt” wuz fire! but i also must say Urban Legend wuz his best by far den I’m Serious den T.I. vs. T.I.P. den Trap Muziq den King. T.I. stay on his shit and has an interesting style that some people will like and some won’t.

  • http://www.xxlmag.com Dat Nigga

    Fuck dem haters man T.I. vs. T.I.P. is the shit I’ve been bangin’ dat shit since the day i bought it on the 4th of July. Chicago in this bitch. Wild 100′s!!!!!!!!!!

  • GA all DAY

    this album is hard! should have gotten at least an xl..but u know how haters do da south… like my dog Cant Knock us Down said, 520k first week…enough said!! GA stand up!!

  • http://www.xxlmag.com/?p=10936 Smitty Pt3

    that aint right xl is what it deserved

  • http://www.xxlmag.com/?p=10495 ThisIzRealTalk

    it’s 800,000 sold first week….BITCH!

  • terika


  • Stax On Deck

    Bullshit XXL!!!! BULLSHIT!!!! You gave Swizz Beatz an XL! Somethings fishy round here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • T.R.E.Y.

    i dunno about all this pref for the T.I.P. part, i think both parts are about the same. “Help Is Coming,” “We Do This,” “Show It to Me” (don’t front) and “Don’t You Wanna Be High” are all some of the album’s stronger points. even if “Touchdown’s” the album’s worst song.

    he did 470K with no movie coming out and a single buzzing less than “What You Know…” pretty impressive

  • o diesal

    T.I. did his muthafuckin thing! no it’s not like king or trap music but big shit poppin lil shit stoppin fuck ratings what them numbers do when hater’s done talkin you dig

  • SDFU Sean

    cassidy album what hot ASS GARBAGE LOL

  • Yun

    this album is dope it deserved an XL

  • diaz

    lol these niggas catchin feelings

  • http://allhiphop.com Brian

    Finaly somebody has come to their sences and given this the right rating. If any of you stupid mu fuckas knew the Tip from I’m Serious and the In Da Streets mixtapes would know that this new material that he is releasing is garbage. Tip and Toomp had such a great working relationship that if it weren’t for Toomp and that beat on 24′s none of ya’ll would know who T.I. was. David Banner, Toomp, Swizz, and Fresh have all given him his biggest hits and its a damn shame that Fresh is the only one on this album. Not to mention Da Dopeman sounds just like Lil’ Wayne’s D-Boy. So for all of you that think that this album is anything other than mediocre get a clue.

  • Stonyman

    Seems about right. The album is a great album to add to the collection but to say this deserves an XL would be putting this album up with Trap Muzik and you can’t do that. Trap Muzik is T.I.’s best album. Yeah, yeah, yeah I hear you talking about I’m Serious but I ain’t listening. This album can’t touch Trap Muzik but it does show a different side to making an album and I think T.I. succeeded with this album.

  • http://www.myspace.com/krazy_sexxxy_kool king_of_gq

    okay …he will recover from this let down…it was not betta than KING…or URBAN LEGEND…hell KING wasn’t betta then URBANLEGEND…hopefully the record sales won’t show this let down…i bought the ablum yesterday…TIP…killed his act…but TI…had a lack luster of a performance…although I am a big T.I./T.I.P fan…I agree with the rating

  • Three4

    I agree with the rating…the T.I. part of the album is not that good but the album is not bad though…

  • Da Princess

    okay, wat do you want from an artist. To whom ever wrote this column: it may not be what you prefer to hear but that is T.I. He doesn’t reveal his inner worries like Talib, or get in touch with his soul like common but this is the way that he expresses himself. besides…he is a professional shit talker! And aside from some of the weak lines simply used as bridges you can’t deny the genious word play, and the heart he put into his song. oh, and KING was a bit commercial if you ask me, but he has yet to top trap muzik.

  • http://xxlamg Phil

    I was introduced to TI when I saw the videos for “24s” and “Never Scared”. “24s” was the 1st single for his upcoming CD “Trap Muzik” and “Never Scared” was the debut single from Bonecrusher and the song featured Killer Mike and TI. Both tracks were pretty good but since that was my 1st introduction to TI I decided to wait before I made a purchase. I liked his 2nd single “Be Easy” even better than I did “24s” but since I hadn’t heard anyone talking about the CD, I still decided to be patient and wait it out. However, when I heard the track “Rubberband Man”, which was the 3rd single, I finally made my way out to make the purchase. The track was produced by David Banner and had “hit” written all over it. Once I listened to “Trap Muzik”, I was mad at myself for waiting so long to purchase a nice CD. My favorite tracks ended up being “Bezzle” which featured Bun B from UGK and 8Ball & MJG, the title track, “I Still Luv U”, “Kingofdasouth”, and the 2nd and 3rd single, “Be Easy” and “Rubberband Man”. TI also had a track that introduced his split personality TIP on “TI vs TIP”. TI wanted to capitalize on the momentum of “Rubberband Man” and his 4th single “Let’s Get Away” which was a Jazzephizzleproductshizzle and he quickly came with what I had just found out was his 3rd CD in “Urban Legend”. One of my co-workers who followed the Down South rap scene more than I did informed me that TI’s debut CD was actually a CD entitled “I’m Serious”, which ’til this day I still haven’t heard. TI employed Swizz Beatz and created the club jam of the year in “Bring ‘Em Out”. I wasn’t a huge fan of the track, but anytime you were at a party or at a club, people went bananas as soon as this track came on. I actually liked the 2nd single, “You Don’t Know Me” better than “Bring ‘Em Out”. “Urban Legend” was a nice follow up to “Trap Muzik” and my favorite tracks ended up being “Motivation”, “What They Do” w/BG, “The Greatest”, “ASAP”, “Stand Up” with Trick Daddy, Lil Wayne, & Lil Jon, “My Life” w/Daz and “Freak Though” w/Pharrell. TI was also featured on the Hustle & Flow soundtrack on the lead single, “I’m A King (Remix)” which also featured Big Kuntry from P$C and Lil Scrappy. TI also released a CD with P$C in 2005 entitled “25 To Life” but that pretty much was a CD that if you bought it like I did, you just chalk up as a bad purchase and move on. When you purchase CDs sometimes there are CDs that are better served as coasters instead of being in the CD player. Trust me, this was one of them. I appreciate the fact that TI would want to put a CD out with his homies, but other than some moments by Macboney, once you listen to it, that will probably be your 1st and last time listening to this CD.

    TI locked down all of 2006 in some people’s minds just by dropping the song “What You Know (About That)”. DJ Toomp, who was responsible for TI hits such as “24s”, “Be Easy”, “Bezzle”, “U Don’t Know Me”, and “Motivation” provided TI with a track that was definitely one of the most memorable songs in all of rap music last year. This track was the 1st single to his 4th CD, “King”. My favorite tracks ended up being the Just Blaze produced “King Back”, a remake to the UGK classic in “Front, Back”, “Live In The Sky” w/Jamie Foxx, “I’m Straight” with BG and Young Jeezy, “I’m Talkin’ To You” and “Good Life” which was a nice collaboration with Common and Pharrell joining TI. “King” pretty much set up an expectation when it comes to TI CDs as the “self proclaimed” King Of The South is definitely expected to live up to. Some people will actually agree with TI’s claim. However, when you’re bold enough to make those claims, each and every CD has to back that up.

    “TI Vs TIP” was released on July 3, 2007. The 1st single ends up being “Big Things Poppin’ (Do It)” and it’s produced by Mannie Fresh. I definitely like this track alot more now than I did when I first began to hear the track, but when you compare his 1st single from “King” to this track there is basically no comparison. As a matter of fact, I will even be as bold as saying that “The Greatest” which was Mannie’s contribution to “Urban Legend”, “Front, Back” w/UGK and “Top Back”, which were Mannie’s contributions to “King” are better than “Big Things Poppin’”. “TI Vs TIP” starts with an intro that covers events that has happened to TI since the release of “King”. The rap is definitely off the hook and as one reviewer said you wish the track was an actual song instead of an intro or interlude. The track also reintroduces TIP, which his fans already know from “Trap Muzik”. “Raw” is a pretty good track as well, although you will wish that TI would leave the fact alone that he is better than most rappers from the South. TI you have an excellent resume with “Trap Muzik”, “Urban Legend”, and “King”, I already know that you are better than most Southern rappers so you don’t have to tell me how “Raw” you are. “You Know What It Is” should have been the 1st single, in my opinion, as Wyclef, Jerry Wonder and company provide TI with a refreshing track that does a better job of reintroducing TI than “Big Things Poppin’” did. “Da Dopeman” isn’t one of the better tracks on here. The track is produced by Mannie Fresh and see my definition for the 1st single as Mannie’s production doesn’t do justice to the songs that he has done with TI in the past. “Watch What You Say To Me” isn’t as bad as some people are making it to be, in my opinion. Now I have definitely heard better Jay Z tracks and I have heard better TI tracks but this track is decent and it’s something you will want to listen to more than once. You wish that the 2 rappers would have came with a better energy, but the track is still pretty good. “Hurt” features Alfa Mega, who is a new member to Grand Hustle and Busta Rhymes. This track is clearly one of the better tracks on “TI Vs TIP” as Busta Rhymes clearly steals the show, but TI and Alpha Mega also give nice performances. Danja, who works with Timbaland on alot of his production produces the energetic track. Danja also produced “We Takin’ Over” which featured DJ Khaled, TI, Rick Ross, Fat Joe, Birdman, Lil Wayne & Akon. The “Act 2″ interlude comes up next as once again you will be wishing that the track was a complete song instead of an interlude. The interlude switches the TIP side of the disc over to TI. Although, the “TI vs TIP” theme isn’t that interesting to me anymore, you can’t take the quality of the rhymes and beat to the interlude away from TI or TIP. Just Blaze shows up with what is my favorite track on this CD, “Help Is Coming”. TI clearly delivers a message to anyone thinking hip hop is dead or that rap music is slowly dying. He even goes as far as saying that he is the man that can single handedly save hip hop. I may not agree with that claim, however, you can’t take anything away from this track. The concept, beat and lyrics are the best that you will hear on “TI Vs TIP” in my opinion. Things continue to get better on the cocky “My Swag” which is also produced by Wyclef, Jerry Wonder and company. If someone would have told me that Wyclef and company would have been responsible for 2 tight tracks on a TI CD, I would have laughed. However, Wyclef and TI provide a nice hook and TI does a good job of bragging and boasting on this track. However, after hearing 2 nice tracks in “Help Is Coming” and “My Swag”, things go downhill with “We Do This”, “Show It To Me” w/Nelly, “Don’t You Wanna Be High” and “Touchdown” w/Eminem. “Touchdown” surprsied me the most because once I heard that TI and Eminem would be on the same track, I expected a 4 alarm fire. However, in the end it ended up being some sparklers that you can find at a convenience store on the 4th of July. I was extremely disappointed in this track. It sounded as if Eminem listened to Paul Wall’s “Get Money, Stay True” 10 times and then called TI and said let’s do a track together. TI tries his best to make a contribution, but in my opinion, things just don’t work out this time around. After listening to the 1st bad interlude which has TI and TIP cussin’ and fussin’ at each other, TI or TIP…lol rebounds nicely with “Tell ‘Em I Said That”. Danja makes another contribution with the production and in the end you just wish TI or TIP would have made more songs such as “Help Is Coming” and this track. It seems that TI knows that he is one of the best rappers in the South and his swag ended up hurting him this time around. “Respect This Hustle” just doesn’t work for me. The production is nice but when you compare this track to the best songs on this CD, you wouldn’t even put this track in your top 10. “TI Vs TIP” ends out on a nice note with “My Type”. You will easily call it “Live In The Sky” Part 2 but it’s nice when TI takes a step back from the bragging, boasting and “King” crowning to make a track where he is saying something with some actual meaning behind it.

    If you purchased “TI Vs TIP” from Best Buy then you also got 2 bonus tracks with “The Hottest” featuring Macboney from P$C and “Hustlin’” w/Governor. “The Hottest” is produced by Khao, who produced TI’s jam for the ladies on “King” with “Why You Wanna”. The thing about “The Hottest” is that it’s better than any of the tracks from 11-14. Macboney makes a decent contribution and you’ll wonder why it was a bonus track in the first place. I’ll never forget my introduction to Macboney on a track entitled “Killin’ Me” which has TI on the hook, Macboney on the 1st verse and Paul Wall on the 2nd verse. This track was better than anything on the P$C CD that was released in stores with the exception being “I’m A King” of course. Governor adds a nice touch to “Hustlin’” but in the end it just adds a lighter touch to TI’s strories about being in the “trap”.

    In conclusion, TI still is one of the best rappers in the South. “TI Vs TIP” is a CD that is worth checking out and adding to your collection if you liked TI’s earlier releases. However, there are some “duds” on here. You will also have yourself wondering why would TI go back in time to bring back an old “Trap Muzik” theme from 2003 with “TI Vs TIP”. Some things are better left alone. To anyone that gave this CD 5 stars, I will ask you to listen to tracks 11-14 again and reevaluate what you wrote or thought in your review…lol At the same time, there are some hits on here as well. I am not saying that this is a pathetic release from TI. However, if you are the self appointed “King Of The South”, every release needs to reflect that. After last year’s “King”, “TI Vs TIP” doesn’t display that fact as well as “King” did.

  • futureblacklawyer

    The rating was on point, and i think it should have been lower consiedering how talented T.I. potential can be. Im glad though yall didnt dickride with him and give him a “xl” Knowing he didnt deserve it. Good review.

  • Coach Mo

    Based on Act I and Act III, plus two of the ones from Act II, and the creativity of the intros I’d give the album a XL rating. I don’t work for the magazine though. However, the person that “did” do the review talked about the “touchdown” song in his Act I part of the review so, I don’t honor his opinion. Shawty obviously didn’t play close attention to the cd. Plus, shawty fairly spoke of “My Swag” which was the worst song on the lp. Shawty also hated on Help is on the Way but thats another story. Last, the review didn’t get the concept of the cd. It wasn’t really about “personal insite” like dude put it; it was about who was better TI or TIP. Remember… the title of the album has vs in it!!!!! Dude even had the never to talk about Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (more about inter conflict) not who is better! Do your homework next time!!!

  • Ruckus

    T.I. + T.I.P. – DJ Toomp = His Worst Album

  • Eric

    man this album was the shit… i’d give it a XL, and I’m not the biggest T.I. fan. and somebody said Em and Hov didn’t kill T.I. on his own tracks… Em didn’t but Hov definitely did. T.I.P. held his own but Jay killed it… “soon as you see ‘em/they freeze up like in museums”

  • downsouth nigga

    the rating they gave was being generous…its not better than his last, now let me remind u that dum dum said, that “u can put this album up there with jay-z reasonable doubt and 2pac all eyes on me”…..his shit isnt up there with d4l, it was fucking boring, i dont like ti but i will give respect when its due, and he though just cause he makes a few bangas last year he can get lazy…..its his own fault, he didnt kill 06 jim jones did, fuck what u think….just being honest, like i said in my other blog, his cd is the hot topic for a week or so and u dont hear about it after that, quote me on that nigga…..shouldnt have put too much into his album hyping it up like that….now aint nothing wrong with wyclef but he just aint the hottest island nigga anymore, he should have stuck to producing….could have got sizzla, junior reid, collie buddz list goes on but its his dumb choose he have to live with it…….weezy is running the south like it or not thats who gonna save the day, t.i. will and always be a clown, better be glad it wasnt up to me, nigga would have got a S rating lol its always next yeat nigga!!!!!

  • spanky

    anyone knows how much did this sell?

  • Ali

    It ain’t XXL material but it definetly shoulda got an XL…….I’m surprised he didn’t mention “tell em i said that” in there sumwhere……thats my fave track off the album………tha only thing I agree on is that dont u wanna be high is a horrible track….tha only hole in tha album if u ask me, tho…..tha rest is good

  • -youngone-

    ey u other niggas be hatin on t.i. he doing his shit out there. his new album is good. one of his best tracks on thr is big things popping. you heard.

  • jacquez
  • Big Tone Coleon

    The album is fire!!!! You all who are hateing on this album are probably a bunch of up north rap fans who don’t respect what the southern rappers have to offer. TI is one of the best out there right now. A lot of you don’t like the fact that the south is running this in the rap industry. Respect it and give them their props. Nearly every cut on the album is good. Some disappointment with some production(Wyclef, Eminem), but for the entire album is hot.

  • capostatus

    This ti vs tip shit was straight wack. Bout 4 or 5 good songs but other than that this album sucks. The acts were quite creative though. This just goes to show southern artists are not popular for their lyrical ability but rather because you southern boys simply want to promote your own even though they are lyrically inferior to new york and west coast rappers. The only southern albums that were great from start to end were scarface (the fix) and lil wayne (carter 2) Other than that southern artists are a long way off when it comes to releasing quality full length material. And he calls himself the king of the south. If this is the best the south has to offer then hip hop is dead in the south. Step your rap game up losers.


    This is prolly the nicest review ive read on TI VS TIP. Everyone is knockin this album sayin it aint as good as his last ones…but its fuckin different which makes it good. Hes got original shit on here My swag, help is comin, da dopeman, big shit poppin….all those dope tracks! Everyone complains about the versatality of rappers and TI shows in this album he can make all kinds of shit and hes as versatile as the best. Dont diss this shit. Just cuz it aint KING or Trap Muzik, its still good shit. TI aint recyclin shit, hes doin different shit which is fuckin awesome cuz the game so fucked up right now. I loved the album. Go cop it… wonder how much he sold first week??

  • guyeight

    Alright capostatus…Name a RECENTLY RELEASED album from a ny or west coast rapper that was lyrically good from start to finish then u fuck. TIs album was fuckin good man. stop hatin.

  • futureblacklawyer

    Out of the 18 songs i only liked 7 of them, and most of them were from T.I. side. Nut yea T.I. aont show no growth, hurt, watch what u say to me, and raw all had the same type of hooks. This album sucked. Now i see why he picked the lames young dro and psc to be rapping in his click He has no taste in music.

  • Atl’s own

    Easily the best album of the year (so far).

    obselete critics!

    should of got an XL at the least.

    now when i think about some of the other album ratings on here it should of got no less tha a XXL.

  • Rambo

    July 11th, 2007 at 10:46 am
    Easily the best album of the year (so far).

    obselete critics!

    should of got an XL at the least.

    now when i think about some of the other album ratings on here it should of got no less tha a XXL.




    tRAP MUZIK SHOULD HAVE GOT AN Xxl urban legend and xl this album is a let down my boyz.

  • The Originator

    its a bout fucking time yall see tne this no rapping ass muthafucka for what he is… GARBAGE!!!!

  • http://www.yahoo.com What it do

    How are you going to give them faggots the clipse a xxl, and you give T.I> an L. What the fuck? T.I. album is the shit. Step your game up xxl………… And fuck buck. T.I is the king of the south

  • AR6487

    lyrically this is the best album he has put out so far, its not all about crazy beats he writes his own lyrics for those of u who dont know Cliff has been in the game b4 we wre all born, listen to the lyrics and then rate the album u fuckin queers

  • It’s Me








  • Cleam Caldwell

    Brendan Frederick is it? You sound like a spoon fed ass, suburban, pussy boy. Who are you to even be giving ratings on anything involving hip hop, let alone the streets. T.I.P. is for the hood and I’m sure you can’t relate which explains your rating on such a well put together album. Do me a favor and quit you fucking clown!!! Gary, IN

  • charles luckey

    FUCK ALL THAT!!!!!! This thee most versitile album since Kingdom Come! What the fuck artists gotta do to get a decent rating from ya’ll GIVE YOU A SHOUT OUT on the album?!?!? I’m not feeling this rating at all. Overall there’s probably 1 track I personally skip and its NOT “Touchdown”. If you’re someone who rely’s on these comments before buying an album ? COP T.I vs T.I.P!!!!!!!

  • sobossy

    Hell Hath No Fury was far more superior than T.I. VS T.I.P. The Clipse are way better lyricist and they had better beatz. T.I.’s lyrics are simple and the beatz sound recycled.

  • Re-Up Gang

    T.I Vs TIP deserves S

  • Wamp wamp

    Tss Can’t compare the clipse and T.I …C’mon … T.I ‘s garbage

  • Wamp wamp

    And T.I said this album would be a classic…you did your best ok man… it still ain’t enough…

    We got it for cheap Vol. 3 coming soon….

  • yung ceasa

    i think its tha right ratin cause he only had a few bangers, that entire section wit T.I. was bullshyt and tha intro all tha songs in Act II to those songs were really abused by overused theatric horns, told yall it wasnt gone be better than King.

  • Sofa King

    That shit deserved a M

  • chuck

    hot album, at least worthy of xl

  • http://xxlmag.com Big L

    When I saw that ya’ll gave my man T.I. an L, I was pissed!!XXl needs to fire whoever is writing those dumbass reviews because they dont know what the fuck they talkin about.When you guys rate an album xl or xxl, they flop!!And when you rate an album an l, they go platinum!!!Ya’ll need to do your homework and give T.I. the rating he deserves, An XL!!!

  • http://xxlmag.com Leo

    T.I. Vs T.I.P. was overall a bangin album. The concept was clear, there were bangers on there for the radio, and some real records like “Tell Em I Said That” and “Hurt”. So to see that XXL Magazine rated it a L, I was surprised. You mean to tell me that Paul Wall deserves the same rating as T.I. Come on, T.I. is the only real lyricists in the south besides Ludacris.And according to the Billboard Charts, hes not doing so bad.BANKHEAD!!!

  • Down south Nigga

    yall trippn given T.I vs T.I.P a L.dat shit bout as hot as its gone get

  • NOT A T.I FAN!

    i think his album was trash!! he talked about da same shit on every track.. come on yall.. it was stupid. i mean, u would think it woulda been hot given da title but no.. ti really let us down this time with this one im sorry!

  • nappy

    xxl is wack they’ll give sumthin like young juc album a xxl but won’t give it to T.I. This mag fell off a long time ago

  • It is what it is

    man real talk the album was fire,but the reason they aint given him an xl is because of his track record if lil boozie was to come out with this album ya all would be on his dick yall need 2 forget about what t.i did in the past and really listen to this album sounds like yall knocking his hustle just 4 being creative R E S P E C T H I S H U S T LE

  • GP

    The main part of the rating I disagree with is the fact they ain’t like “Da Dopeman” that track jammed… but whatever….. the album is decent, the only album worth buying so far in 07, I could do without the Nelly and Eminem joints, and without that Alfamega cat too, but other that, most of the rest of the CD jams. Solid Album, y’all given much wacker shit an XL, so this probably could’ve got an XL, but do what you do. You can’t always outdo yourself, I think people’s expectations for TI may be getting a little too high, but he’s still the King of The South… who else fuckin with him?

  • robert

    the album was nice. i would give it an l also. i think the ti side was to pop. ti never sounded that pop before. i didn’t like that

  • flyboy403

    i listen 2 almost only new york shit but i cop TI when ever he comes out and i think he is well deserved of an xl i mean the shit barely been out and i already gave it more play then the new nas and jay-z , even the nelly track wasnt as bad as i expected all though the eminem verse was sub-par
    hurt, help is on the way and respect this hustle alone are better then half the albums out real talk

  • flyboy403

    hahahaha home boy up there like “this is the most versatile album since kingdome come ” hahahahaha i almost fell off my chair that dude is funny

  • Di$$3/

    Weakest joint from T.I yet. few hot tracks but no real classics/ worth tha L

  • T Blaze

    amazing how he sold 468,000 copies in his first week yet no many people are feeling the album. Can you say overhyped?

  • M-Kay

    This new TI album is way below wat I’d expected. The whole concept of split persona shit is vague and not convincing. L rating is the best he could get…

  • lolxd73

    the T.I.P songs where the best , but what about “We Do This” is it T.I or T.I.P ? Good album but king was better….


    y’all haters,T.I iz ill

  • http://www.msn.com LIL HUSTLE

    T.I deserved XL not L.dat’z what ya did wit the inspiration.The f&#kin’ album ‘s classic.

  • Babii Boo

    I love it ckuz T.I.P iz ma future babis n the album iz tight

  • Alex

    i actually agree it wasnt that good couldve been better he need dj toomp

  • Mighty mighty t.n.

    It felt like the album concept was just overthought and he focused more on creating a sound and character for t.i. & t.i.p., instead of just makin dope music.

  • Young Sleep

    i dont agree, T.I. vs T.I.P should have got a Huge S!!! it sucks all around except for busta & jay-z verses

  • Chad

    damn that review was bullshit. help is coming is one of the better tracks on the disc. i usually agree with xxl on their reviews but they just got this one wrong. T.I. vs. T.I.P. deserves an XL.

  • http://www.myspace.com/deadprezadents Frank

    Man fuck all that dumb shit the album was dope. The nigga actually succeeded at accomplishing what the fuck he wanted to accomplish. Setting himself aside from all these other wanna-be-rappers. in doing so he actually divided his two alter egos and gave you the priviledge to watch both of them during an interview. The music always gonna be poppin so that goes without saying. Nuff said keep it pimpin homie!

  • http://www.xxlmag.com/?p=11609 BlackDante

    i heard the album, it was ok…but nothing special

  • t

    t.i.p. part was good he should make a t.i.p album with dj toomp

  • bizzle

    He’s lucky he got an L…this album is complete garbage from the features to ti himself. Step yo game up! And to the people that say the album is “ok”…it might be to today’s standards which isn’t saying much at all.


    unbeleivable…ti vs tip is the southern equivelant of get rich or die trying!! as an album it is introspective, crative, and conceptually ahead of its time. there are some filler tracks, but overall it is entertaining, and isn’t that what it’s all about?? p.s. mr. mathers is great acting out his part as a southern eminem!!!

  • http://nonehotmail.com powerman1979

    all the bitches like this lame…thats coo..but a true lyricist he’s NOT!! Real niggas see strait through that tough guy talk..dude is overly overrated to the 10th power!! This is my opinion like Mac Mall said in 94!! lol



  • http://myspace.com/shay3ffm Lady Shay


  • EdWord

    You guys hit it on the head. After King, I expected a harder album…T.I. is still dope, but failed to step it up on this one.

  • Mergency

    I listen to the entire album I will agree with most its not his best album based upon the beat production that u heard on his last albums… I liked Act I II & III WE do This Big Thing Poppin You Know What it is Help is Coming and My Type & Watch what You say to me. The ones I thought was total bs was My Swag and Touchdown the was just STRAIGHT I felt the album was rushed in my opinion…

  • Va Beach 757

    This albumn was aight, but I was a lil disappointed. T.I.P is my nigga, but with all the hype and commercials and all that shit I thought he was bout to put out a classic. It’s hard for me to say but this album was just average compared to his other work. Urban Legend and KING were his best albumns off top. You can’t expect any albumn from any artist to get more than an ‘L’ if everybody is saying “It’s just gotta grow on you”. I agree wit the review, but im sure T.I.P will come harder next albumn….

  • Dre

    what the fuck was Brendan Fuckface listning to? This album is a classic. quit hatin on Tha King

  • grapes

    I never believed he could live up to the hype. Apparently, everyone thinks he did except for this reviewer. I agree with the reviewer. Ya’ll think he’s so “classic” because he was one of the only artists to go plat last year…which he deserved. But then again, there were better candidates for platinum status that didn’t get it. T.I. was lucky that last joint, I’m sorry to say. That was probably the prime of his career. I hope I’m wrong though.

  • james schaefer

    T.I. had an opus?

  • Mike

    I rated da album myself b4 readin all dis shit frum XXL & whoeva else rated it & I gave it da same thing if not 1/2 lower. Busta & mi boi Jay saved his ho ass. Possibly da only people who like dis shit & say its betta than Hell Hath no Fury are you simple minded non-rappin ass Jeezy worshipin muu fukas. TI got sum of da most basic rap patterns I heard i my life. Clipse doin it big & it hurts u south niggas dat sumody otha than yall gettin recognition. Record sales dnt mean shit. Let them niggas go toe 2 toe then see whos betta. Dat nigga is YALL “king” cuz his rhymin is superior 2 yall but 2 us he just a average ass big headed nigga gettin ahead of his-self tryin 2 keep up wit da real niggas. Fuk dis album. Worthless trash. Word 2 yall south niggas: u gotta give respect 2 get respect. yall want us 2 respect yall but yall dnt respect us. WTF is wrong wit yall?

  • jose

    T.I. V$ T.I.P is one of they best albums that has came out since 2pac i mean jezzy is doing his thang just like 50 n buck lil scrappy the whole south but cant nobody do it like the king


  • devonte

    yo T.I ur album was great styl ehuh dont listen to these ppl there jealous cause ur makeing cake styll and u dont forget were u came form

  • T.I.P

    yo T.I u better stop talking shit ehuh get at me nigga am ur evil half comeing for u styll lol dont be all like wtf right now cause after am done battleing u its over ehuh!!!!

  • tstarceo

    This album deserves what it got…It’s average…(and bad by T.I. standards) L is an average rating…average rating for an average album…thats all there is to it. Bring back the T.I. from Trap Muzik and Urban Legend…thats when a nigga was hungry.

  • http://XXlMag.com YounGuttaBkaCuzoDaking(LongliveDaking)Mw

    Dude not even who he say he is really….He just went straight to the garbage wit dis….

  • Ghost27

    I feel financially he’s in a different space, so his music probably now goes over ppl head like Jay-Z last album. It was so much hype about Kingdom Come and it didnt meet the exception either. When you got the money they got ppl that dont cant relate

  • http://www.myspace.com/youngchyco Chyco Gangsta

    “Quit Hatin The South”
    T.I. iz hip hop u ol fuck ass nigga.

  • http://myspace.com/itscalledcrack J-Will

    yeah… not T.I.’s best work. I like the concept of going against his alter ego. And I feel that T.I.P. does exist. however, T.I. does not develop that aspect of the album enough. King is still his best album. I think he should take another try at his T.I. vs. T.I.P. concept and he’ll do a lot better. Holdin’ it down from Huntsville, Texas and H-Town. All the way to ATL, Bankhead, Zone 4.

  • http://xxlmag.com hiphop aint dead

    common xl man t,i da shit dont be mad at the south and da king how runin it yall the cd baggin from song one to 18 he the reason hiphop livin him weezy 50cent not these rapper how say they did stuff but really didnt p.s fuck luda

  • http://xxlmag.com hiphop aint dead

    common xl man t,i da shit dont be mad at the south and da king how runin it yall the cd baggin from song one to 18 he the reason hiphop livin him weezy 50cent not these rapper how say they did stuff but really didnt p.s fuck luda

  • sophie

    man dis album is so tight

  • http://www.hotmail.com Hollygrove c

    i got it thinkin i was gonna b on some Radio Rahim Shit….Dat shit was wack like a Motherfucka…waist of 15 dollas!!

  • curtissssss

    this album is wack as hell, ti fell off

    curtis september 11

  • http://yahoo C-Port Representative

    To everybody who thinks my boy deserved a L, fuck yall. most of yall thats hatin’ is NEW YORK anyways. yall know that T.I. and the rest of the south is on top and all yall whack ass NY niggas ain’t shit no more without JAY-Z, who is a good friend of T.I.’s. You know you doing good when your CD came out almost a month ago and you still have the #1 Album in the country. So, to all yall who said T.I. ain’t shit, YA Mommas ain’t shit bitches!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • jfoxgotraps

    lil flip beat TI his album was way better

  • jay

    no way xl, l probably right. last album was times better than this

  • Trizzle

    man thys album was tha truth! fuc deez nigga

  • ray

    The album is the shitt just like the last, t.i. is as real and hard as it gets

  • Lil’ Dez

    Defintly agree with the rating I mean its obvious T.I. rushed this album and an L is what it deserves. King was 100 percent better.

  • chopdogg

    fuck T.I he ripped of big shit poppin from d4l’s song bankhead where they use that phrase 2:15 into the song, not to mention he stole the name bankhead for his own song, corny ass nigga…

  • Nastyboi727

    shuda got XL!!! final answer

  • honestasicanb

    Your rating system sucks 9.5 out of 10 times but this is that .5 where u get it right. This album was weak. And all you new t.i. fans urban legend and king were not close to his best cds. Trap Music and I’m Serious are the ones that allow to even get away with this king talk. From Urban Legend on to now is just crap, but the rest of rap is so bad he can get away with it. By the way Jay-Z sucked on there also. If that’s the best he got for Weezy I suggest both of them, TI and Jay-Z, pick another fight because they will only solidify Weezy’s presence in the game right now.

  • gin

    I agree the cd waas weak, if you are going to take a previous titled track and base your new cd off of it then at least deliver what the fan are expecting. Other than the one confrontation where he is talking to tip in the mirror, there is no direct self battling in the enitre cd which makes the new shit a little disappointing. butter better than The King.

  • Da dude

    This just another case of a bitter ass east coast nigga hatin on somebody that AINT fromup there. If T.I. was from new york they would give this album a xxl. Haters!

  • D-HOOD


  • Disbelief


  • Unseen G

    First off let me say that hip-hop in general is at a critical crossroads. I’m from Kansas and personally i’m more into lyrical beast such as Jadakiss, Styles P, Scarface, Eminem, Jay-Z, Nas, Twista, Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, and Andre from Outkast. The only niggaz from the south I listen too are Outkast, Luda, Young Buck, and U.G.K. Lil Wayne is ok sometimes, but it seems he stole Jay-Z’s style and swagger (listen to his older material and be the judge). T.I.vs T.I.P. is ok but overhyped and as an MC T.I. is vastly overrated. Too much junk is comming out of the south and most of it isn’t comming from the established artist in the south, only those snap music, can’t rhyme a lick, packaged sugary pop artist like Young Joc, Kia Shine, Hurricane Chris, Shop Boyz etc. etc. etc. (I could go on and on but i’m only gonna make myself even more upset!!) Words of wisdom to those artist: you’re songs aren’t hip hop! they are jingles and kiddie sing a longs! Dr. Dre please come out with Detox and feature the real mc’s of the game and save hip-hop before it really dies!!!!!

    C-Ville, Kansas! Midwest!!!!!!!

  • north-n-long_representer

    yall niggaz iz dipset. and when i say that i mean assholes just like them diplomat niggaz. T.I vs T.I.P was hard as shit. even tho TI went wit some songs i dont agree wit on the album(my swag,show it to me, dont u wanna b high)i understand that them songs is for tha bitches and they shouldnt really appeal to a nigga like me but all n all this is a solid hard-hittin album.4 real also yall say dpoeman was weak. succ dicc no homo. thats 1 of tha hardest songs on there

  • Young Mako

    i am a huge T.I. fan an i agree wit this rating. What T.I. shoulda done was wat weezy is doin wit tha carter 3. By making the release date l8r, like 2009. It makes the fans want more of the artist, so wen it does come out fans will shit there pants when the album really comes out. ya dig!

  • commercialrapgunclap

    This album sucks

  • Uhh

    This album sucks something terrible. The hooks r trash. It’s maybe 7 songs I listen to including the interludes.

  • Only real

    Fuck what u heard and fuck what u talkin bout..this cd is and will be the best this year!!People always want to comment on shit they know nothin about..LISTEN to this dude..Listen to his word play and how tight his flow is..NOBODY is fuckin wit him..and all yall idiots on Wayne dick..do what the song say “pull that nigga resume” T.I.P. sums it up on track 16..I cant listen to a pussy ass reppin ass bitch ass nigga!! Hes a hoe (babys bitch)and always will be, no matter how many songs he make.Besides that nigga dont talk about shit, he should ve stuck with his own style and stayed off Jigga dick..I need real music..Thank u T.I.P. for givin me that..

  • Soo upset wit yall

    People keep comparing this cd to his last..Fuck what hes done look at what hes doin..this cd is worth every penny u pay and more..T.I is wearin his crown and NOBODY can take it away from him!! fuck the concept, since when a nigga need a concept to put out a cd..the whole cd tight..i will admit i expected somethin betta from nelly and eminem but u cant deny t.i. flow on both songs!!”Respect my hustle”..tight!! “Dont u wanna be high”..soo laid back and soo hott..”da DOPEMAN”..are u serious this song itself deserves a XXL..”My swag”..priceless, makes me wanna salsa..We do this is my least fav. just because im not with the whole “I got this”,”i got that” bullshit..”Help is coming”..Yall need help if u dont like this damn song plus the track is blazin..then the undeniable songs like “watch what u say to me”,”Hurt”,”Tell em I said dat”, then that amazin finish with “My Type”.. PLUS the two singles “Big things poppin” and “U know what it is”..yall is krazy..fuckin nutz..Lyrically amazin..People cant deal with different,change is good People!! get off that same ol bubble gum as rap and listen to a real, creative, lyrical genius!! I been a fan since Trap Musik and bought every cd includin Im Serious..Yall betta listen to this nigga,and stop being influenced by this fake ass rappers..”real recongize real and eventually theyll see”

  • http://www.xxlmag.com Kareem

    Soo Upset Wit Yall I gotta agree with that..

  • Hooodz

    ya’ll heard what hovac said about the south that hatin cause mobb deep have not went plat since the 90′s

  • cmart

    this alblem is terrible by far the worst ti put out he is obvioulsy going to commercial. busta rhymes, eminem, wyclef, and nelly u know it gonna be wack he would have never had them on trap muzik ti needs to quit with the commercial bulls*** and go back hood

  • Real Recognize Real

    XXL…nothing less

  • Norway/Aftermath07

    This Album is Crazzy. TI King. ” Big shit poppin, and lil shit stoppin” Listen to Touchdown feat Eminem. Is da shit!

  • Honest

    lets be real, the album is horrible. Compared to im serious, trap music, urban legend, and king this album pure trash. Im from the A, straight of college park. All my partners know this album is garbage. Big things popping is just a recycled top back. I bet you in 2 weeks his album wont be in top 20 on the billboards. His album was built off hype. Unless you you know music for real dont comment back, most of you that think the album is hot are probably people who just listen to one style of music with no substance to it. Hey if you like to be dumbed down and listen to stuff that you really cant relate to, then hey thats your preference

  • Blayze

    This album is overall good. At first the L rating was another case of regional hatin, but as listen more and more it does deserve that. Now I have huge respect for TIP but at times it’s seems he dont try to impress the listener. I still think yall hatin because of the review. Dopeman was educational for those who didnt know, and his message was clear to me. Why are people claimin the south killed hip-hop?How? we have our own style, and various sounds. I’m sorry we just don’t wanna rap like other regions and sound the same. Hip hop slowed down cause real hip hop niggaz stop doing what they did. Dont blame us cause we dont make that type of music. And listen to Jada when he said”y is everybody so mad at the south 4, switch yo style up change to southpaw” words spoken from a real hip hop nigga

  • Cory

    I agree with majority of what everyone is sayin, don’t get me wrong i’m a DIE HARD T.I./T.I.P fan, but in all I felt like he could have done better with this album, the hype was bigger than the album. Alot say that T.I. has lost a lil’ bit of the hunger he had when he was the REAL T.I.P (i.e. I’m Serious, which is a CLASSIC in my book and Trap Muzik) no matter what he says the koney then got to homie and I honestly don’t think he has it anymore, but I will give him credit “Da Dopeman” is probably as close to bein TIP again, all in all it was his worst album, but it had a couple of hotspots.

  • mthc4life

    “L?” Are u serious. XX or maybe even a XXL. This album goes hard. He changed his flow. Nobody wants the to listen to the same shit over and over. The only whack song on the album is we do this. He straight killed Tell em S aid that and My type. Hurt is straight sick too. Get off T.I.’s dick. If i recall, XXL gave Tony Yayo a XL or XXL and he is the whackest thing out there since Everlast. Give respect where its due. When was the last time a rapper put out an album less than a year after they put out a classic? Exactly. T.I. isn’t just the king of the south, hes the king of hip hop.

  • thugL1fe

    Fuck this shit sucks DICK!!!

  • Beef

    July 10th, 2007 at 12:37 pm

    this is bullshit. His album kicks ass it deserves at least a xl not a L thats messed up but w.e T.I. vs TIP is the shit buy it now
    In my opinion, this rating is completely bullshit. This album deserves at least an XL for sure man. I mean T.I. himself is a pretty average mc let’s not lie to ourselves, but he make good music and when I’m thinkin of some of the songs mentioned in the review I’m just thinking…what the hell was xxlmag thinkin?

    “Big shit poppin” definite banger it’s bin on top of the charts for months now

    “Raw” pretty hot beat don’t see anything wrong wit it

    “You know what it is” me personally its not a favorite but then again it’s also been on top of the charts for a long time now

    “Watch What You Say” Ok, arguable but most can agree Hova kinda saved this one, and it’s not that Tip’s part was bad, it’s just the beat didn’t really go well and his part kinda grows on you.

    “Hurt” SHIT IS FIRE and it’s like this beat was made for busta he killed it

    “My Swag” I mean you could call it a song to fill up space, one of the weak points but solid comparing it to other shit

    “Show it to Me” Good energy bringin in nelly nothin wrong wit this song

    “Touchdown” ok, the only thing wrong with this song is since it was Eminem expectations weren’t exactly met as far as his verse(don’t mean it was bad), but the beat was fire and as the next single it should be big

    “Tell em I said that” FIRE

    and not like this is all the songs but it’s the basic gist of things shoulda gotten an XL for sure…even the review itself doesn’t make it sound like it deserves an L until the end.

  • http://www.myspace.com/younmazin Mazin

    Yo, this album is deff a XL, yall niggaz are trippin over there man, Most tracks are bangers, is not a classic, but is not a wack or average album either. Get ur rating game up yall

  • daisean

    i’m a t.i fan to the fullest but ti vs. tip was kind of weak so it deserve what it got a L because it didnt move me like king did and the others, but his best album was trap muzik and t.i. said this album is compared to trap muzik sorry brother no way.

  • JC

    that shit was ok but, it should get at least an XL. It’s bigger than just a L

  • jojothamojo

    this album i would say deserves a L or an XL… Its just missing a certain touch of class… not saying itaint classy tho.. its got lyrics, its got beats, its got guests n even a storyline… but its just missing THA X FACTOR that most artists are lagging these days. T.I lacks tha x factor that he had on King. And its not T.I’s fault… its us.. the fans… these guys are signed to huuuge record deals and are expected to sell 5 million + and so on… and we just jump on limewire n download the tracks… then the record sales drop and its the artists who gets labelled as a “has been” or “one hit wonder” … you could say the same thing happened with The Game.. no one thought he could succeed without 50 cent on his Doctors Advocate… but the critics were wrong.. that album boasted powerful tracks with raw in-ya-face westcoast lyrics n tight beats… but the fans just wanted to see that nigga 5.0′z name on a track to purchase the album.. The fans are the reason hip hop n record sales are dying.. im looking foward to see what Nelly’s “the Prelude” will offer… i got high expectations.. Chamillionaires next album will be hyped up like T.I, but the fans are going to bring him back down to earth… I think artists like Stat Quo are what we should look for. The underestimated ones.. Statlanta will be huuuge… but us fans *including us loyal ones that bought the albums* should feel a little to blame for why RAP artists cant back up a successful album..

  • sur trece

    track was sick

  • Lord Raiden

    This ablum was straight garbage, I will never buy another T.I. CD

  • Mcdatruest

    T.I. flopped out on this one. Left all the shit that got him to the (alleged)top behind, and tried to make an album to grab the attention of the mainstream and the media, a safe album. He wanted to prove he could crossover. Only thing is, anybody can cross over. Yo fans just thought you wouldn’t. I wonder why Pac never turned into a different person when he put on a suit. Too many niggas tryin to get they place at the white man’s table. T.I ‘s fans well me at least, liked dude cause he was down to earth. Now it’s literally not a song on this whole album where he don’t talk about flyin on airplanes. Damn man, that’s all you do is fly now! I be jokin wit my niggas tellin’em he do G4 rap now. As far as quotables go, he didn’t really push his self lyrically, and he left DJ Toomp out the mix BUT ACCEPTED SOME BAGPIPE, ST. PATRICK’S DAY SHIT FROM EMINEM, THAT EMINEM CAME SUPER WEAK ON,BECAUSE HE WOULD NEVER PUT THAT BEAT ON HIS ALBUM ! Then had some WYCLEF beats…WYCLEF JEANS?!! JAY-Z DID A “FEATURE ARTIST” STYLE VERSE-real Breezy and Simple. Overall this shit was a waste of money for T.I. -It will definitely sale to people who never bought a T.I. album before, because they will sense this is a different, safer T.I. that wants to be a part of the priveledged class of rappers- I like Dro better. Pleeeeeaase don’t stop Dro from comin’ out or sabatoge his career. Atlantic. two thumbs down

  • Hooodz

    i’m not a T.I. fan like i used 2 be not since trap muzik its somthing missin from this cd

  • aj

    me myself i think the album is genius 1 person, 2 personalities classic strategy. this is an album for the ages. this lp is equipped with every style of hip hp there is. a masterpiece!!!! grand hustle pimp. all u haterz shut ur muthafukin mouth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • H.A.Z

    T.I. vs. T.I.P is tight, but I agree King is better. T.I. really proved himself there with King, while T.I. vs. T.I.P was.. I wouldn’t say a let-down or somethin’, more like a set-back. We all know T.I. can do better, but once again I ain’t puttin’ down the album. Had some nice spots, and I sure as hell wouldn’t call it a ‘bad’ album. You haters need to watch out, just ’cause it didn’t live up to what King was. The rating is fair, I’ll give it that, it shouldn’t be rated too lightly, although it didn’t completely suck. I’m happy with the rating.

  • http://xxlmag.com T-Jay

    My 18 month old son can rap better than that nigga that niggas garbage!

  • Some1

    T.I. vs. T.I.P. deserves a XL

  • Muzik Iz My Thang

    Look A Dis Lil Nigga Ay T.I. dat really u man Ya Wuz Happin’ Cud U Give Me A Ride Hom’ . Itz 2:30 In da mutha fuckin’ Mornin’ What da Fuck . IM DA dopeman nigga (6x)

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