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Obie Trice
Second Round’s On Me

Obie.jpgThey say whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. So maybe Obie Trice should thank the bullet lodged in his head. This past New Year’s Eve, the Detroit MC got caught in the crosshairs of the escalating gun violence that has claimed the lives of three prominent local rappers in less than two years (including his label mate Proof). Based on the Motor City’s rising death toll, Obie’s narrow escape makes him one of the lucky ones. With a constant reminder of his mortality stuck in his skull, Obie seems determined to make the most of his second chance at life by putting the D’s strife into song on his sophomore effort, Second Round’s on Me.

While Obie’s 2003 debut, Cheers, was filled with lyrical prowess, its potential was overshadowed by the cartoonish lead single “Got Some Teeth,” which sounded like a Slim Shady outtake. He’s obviously learned from that mistake. Mr. Mathers doesn’t serve as an overbearing presence here, but rather as a worthy copilot through Obie’s bleak oratories of Detroit’s streets. On the Eminem-produced “Violent,” O. Trice sets the dark tone for the album, rhyming, “Hat match the jacket/Jacket match the glove/Glove match the mack that sends niggas above.”

Often associated with a tinny, keyboard-heavy sound, Eminem’s expanded production palate helps his protégé find his swagger on the creepy thump “Kill Me a Mutha” and “Ballad of Obie,” where acoustic guitars, firecracker snares and soothing electric whispers are the sonic foundation. Trice’s superb attention to visual details and calculated rhyme structure serves as the perfect complement. With live drums, horn stabs and a soulful moan, the Sick Notes–produced “Cry Now” shows him at his most lyrically adept (“We cock our tools and shoot our own color/This ain’t Detroit Red, you won’t X me out Malcolm/My exodus would never be from a violent outcome/I turn exorcist on niggas with extra clips/Exit on my ethics is no longer present/ X-rays said I was this close to heaven”).

Second Round rises above being merely a show of complex wordplay. With producer Jonathan “JR” Rotem serving as the album’s other major collaborator, Obie is able to add historical context to his struggles. Backed by JR’s soulful horns and congas on the Trey Songz–featured “Mama,” O spits, “Been on that block from dusk ’til dawn/’Til that shit Whites brought to America’s gone.” The pair creates similar chemistry on the deeply personal “Obie Story,” as JR and Rigo “Riggs” Morales’ layered wall of sound shifts from somber to energetic and back again, depending on the subject matter (“Dad ain’t around/He left a nigga saggin’ in them Superman draws that one Saturday/Is it my fault, shit got dark?”).

Trice rarely struggles lyrically, but on the guitar-drenched “Ghetto” he spews elementary bars like, “I’m from where the diapers full of feces… Bodies lay in traffic, that’s right where the streets be.” Other infractions are the Mr. Lee–produced bounce track “Terrible” and Eminem’s faux-dancehall cut “Jamaican Girl,” which both sound completely out of place among the rest of the album’s darker material. Aside from these awkward broad strokes, Obie paints a memorable allegory of Detroit’s social woes and their affect on his own life. Filled with unflinching street tales and dense lyrical couplets, Second Round should be sipped slowly for full potency. No shots to the head necessary.—BRENDAN FREDERICK

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  • j-roc

    niggas betta wake on obie

  • Tru Wanksta

    Good cd but I’m sure it won’t have mainstream success

  • Black LONDON (With Half Nigerian Blood) Supporting Ghana in the World Cup

    Obie Trice >>>>>>> Yung JOC

  • hgrooves

    Finally he’s getting the respect that he deserves. hopefuly with good marketing he will sell at least at platinum status. GGGG-Unit!!

  • TrueOG

    Man this album isn’t gonna sell cuz there’s no Dr.DRE! Last album, about 250 000 of the fans bought the album for the dre produced and feature song, “Bodygaurd”. Rest of the album was black shady strugglin. He has talent, but he’s never been able to show case it commercially, and this album will falter without Dre’s production assitance.


    get em obie yeah

  • john cochran

    Obie can spit. Imma cop up and see whats good

  • huSTLe

    Dude gon’ do some #s. Obie just need to do hime and leave the gimmicky (is that a word?)first singles alone. Y the fuck is Black London dissin’ Yung Joc, comparing everybody 2 him and saying they better(greater>) than him? Did that nigga smash yo’ bitch r something? Get off his dick…

  • Loes

    Yo Obie is real hard wit his sh!t……Im really feelin this song SNITCH ft Akon this song is off the hook im from Queenz Ny and im a HipHop Head……Keep doin your thang Obie……..

  • Nick

    if u didnt know obie’s last album went platinum so it wasnt a faliure it just wasnt HUGE main stream

  • The ON1E

    Obie trice is a ho ass nilla, dude straight up robbed me man, fo real. Don’t buy his album, he criminal mayne

  • Hipjoint

    surprised XXL even have the album, cuz it hasn’t leaked yet. the date i’ve been told is June 20th 2006 in America and a day earlier on the 19th in the U.K. so i can’t wait for this. i think dre was too busy with busta and Bishop LAmont to contribute any beats to obie. he shud be alrite tho, cuz Eminem got the bass bros, kon artis, luis resto and 54 king if he needed the extra help.

  • I Am A Hater

    Obie can spit, i might pick this up when it comes out.

  • Karim aka Killa Cam

    Man Stat Quo is better than Obie……

  • http://www.ananzi.co.za PHONY YAYO


  • http://myspace.com/keepeace16 JP

    this niggas no joke….lyrics is he thing……im cop this

  • Ian

    Last album went plat, but look at the other shady cd that dropped that year and you’ll see why people don’t remember Obie’s that much. Last time I checked a guy named 50 cent sold ten million that year. Obie won’t sell big b/c MTV banned snitch. He’s definately stepped his lyrical game up, I’ll get this when it drops and whoever said xxl shouldn’t have a copy b/c it hasn’t leaked no offense but you should have kept that to yourself. Record Labels send advanced copies to publications like xxl to review the album and let people know it’s comming, b/c some people buy albums based off of reviews. Look at the back issues and then look at album dates. Sometimes it doesn’t work, b/c of last minute changes. Look at the Massacre. When they reviewed it it had “Talkin’ About Me” on it, but it got cut from the album and held over for the soundtrack.

  • RICE


  • http://www.myspace.com/pamento87 Dante

    Obie is real. The cover looks wack but just by reading the line from “Violence” i know the album is gonna be ill.

  • Scorpio

    I hate it when a reviewer disses an album for showing diversity, like that is a bad thing. People are multi-faceted. I am so tired of hearing a reviewer describe songs as being out of place with one theme, “which both sound completely out of place among the rest of the album’s darker material”. Maybe he needed those songs to lighten up an otherwise consistently dark piece of work. Sometimes I smack my bitch, some times I hug her. That’s range, not inconsistency. Who wants a album of nothing but party songs or dark pieces? That is what makes us human a RANGE of emotion, not the same ones over and over again. Free your mind.

  • http://www.betarecords.com/chillz Chillz

    Obie is Dope & i love is shit, jus hope he goes more than platinum this time around. Plus am doing work myself trying to hit da game so yah’ll can check me out on my website fa some hot upcoming tracks. http://www.betarecords.com/chillz. Labels & A&R’s gotta peep da authenticity of da bwoy..Jamaiaca’s finest….holla!

  • ReDiCuLouS

    Obie is tha illest on Shady/G-Unit/Aftermath/Interscope period. His flow is untouchable….his lyrics & vocab is educated…somthin’ that’s been missin’ in the game for a while…with all shit down south rap talkin’ bout money,cars,clothes, & hoes…theres more to life than that…not much, but there is more. Oh yeah, tell “evan”‘s ma to ~Holla~


    Eminem made the best decision by signing Obie Trice to his label.My man Obie has talent and puts out no bullshit, i think he’s better than 50 cent and im a big fan of him to. Obie is the one who should be getting the most fame. SHADY/AFTERMATH 4 LIFE

  • ?uest

    i must say, i agree with Scorpio
    Life After Death was a dark ablum but it had “Hypnotize” which is more like a light song. laught now, cry later or cry now, laught later. my point is we are made up of diff emotions and dat what makes us human

  • LoVr1 MC from serbia

    Alo bre obie je najjachi rapper na svetu kloshari glupi obie rules!!!!!!!!

  • LoVr1 MC from serbia

    and all yall stupid niggaz f ya all mayn! G UNIT 4 LIFE SHADY 4 LIFE

  • white guy

    cheers was great and refreshing…i’m sure this will be the same…he got overshadowed by pop 50 cent in the past…maybe same thing will happen again maybe obie is not meant for the extreme fame which can be a good thing

  • http://n/a EAST COAST

    Good luck on your new project….and congrat….cause I didn’t know your first went platinum!!

  • V-Man

    CHEERS waz gud, obie is aight, derz better frm detroit, trick trick, proof r.i.p, em, bizzare(lol), hez reppin detroit nd doin his thang, pik diz shit up wen it comz out

  • Nkat

    Obie is tallented,I mean da nigga can spit,but there’s always something that seems 2 lack on his records.Im dissappointed with record, I still prefer cheers & he shouldnt have included Adrenalin rush in this album!!

  • http://xxlmag.com E-man (South c)

    Like East Coast said,But be more careful when you are in DETROIT CITY.Dont go out like Proof

  • danny ocean

    word is now that the album is been pushed back to august sometime, that sucks cuz i;ve waitin’ on that cd for a minute, interscope r fucking up big time, stat shud’ve dropped last year and game shud of came out 6-6-06, “So in the mean time, if it is Jimmy Iovine time, give us a fuckin album man!

  • JP

    wheres the tracklisting?? I doubt they will release this cd in august. thats to much

  • Blaq Thought

    Obie Trice is a dope emcee. I think if this album is consistantly banging he will be able to shake being compared to D12 or Eminiem and be his own Detroit emcee.

  • ausSHADY

    This album will be dope, cant wait 4 it.

  • stat

    Obie? august 15? cmon man thats another 2 months how can you do this to your fans. if MTV accepted SNITCH it would have come out already but no they had to ban it

  • KMay

    Obie Trice’s Cheers was a great album which was way overshadowed by 50 Cents Get Rich or Die Trying. The difference between Obie and 50, is that 50 is slowly selling out day by day where as Obie is actually putting together good music. 50 Cent doesnt care no more. hes made millions and is now just putting music out for 13 year old girls. I like 50 but he needs to STOP writing music for top 40 fans and bring back his street mentality

  • santa

    yeah Obie has been my nig since cheers tha cat has alot of talent and balls I will definately kop the album but not because of XXL and they sorry ass reveiws, but because I know Obie will not let me down.And with that near miss I know he had a creative surge One love to Obie FROM RASKEL FROM THE WEST

  • santa

    OH YEAH REAL NAME NO GIMMICK. HA NO GIMMICK, NO GIMMICK, NO GIMMICK I respected Obie when he said that “real name no gimmick” that what rap needs right about now.

  • kevin

    it s comin on august 15

  • kevin

    they delayd the dam album agian the hell with interscope for what for some other wack rappers to release and dont sell shit and you konow can sell somthin

  • H-Dawg

    NICE! The review has sparked more interest for this album, which I didn’t think was possible. I wasn’t a fan of Snitch, but Cry Now is not bad at all and is rapidly growing on me. Though, it really PISSES me of that the album has been pushed back as far as it has. Interscope need to stop saring “hopeful” release dates, and give out more precise ones… atleast more regularly on their releases. Still looking forward to this, though.

    Props on the review!

  • http://foo Ignorant Hip-Hop Fan

    Yo yo mang wen diz goan drop mang.

    Learn to spell you ignorant, retarded morons. On “the for reallys” as they say. I RUN hip-hop. My brother in law is the guy who shot proof. And you all cry for him.. Proof was acting a fool, pistol whipping and shooting an unarmed man over $15??

    Rappers think they are all-powerfull and special. Yeaaah buddy. Now big bad proof got clapped in the faaaace. He’s six feet decomposing in casket case… I’m a basket case….

    White boy style!

  • E-dog

    yeah obies THE shit



  • Baby C

    this mothafucka obie trice is one of the hardest dudes to come out of detriot cheers was one of the hardest albums and from what i heard already this album is gonna be as hard if not harder tha nigga has skill u just gotta open ya ears and listen to the words tha nigga is sayin

  • http://www.abeerisabeer.com Just Lyphe

    Obie trice actually got faithfuls??? Wow. Don’t mean to burst ya bubble, but that first album was bubble gum. I’ll get this next one though and give it a run for it’s money… Akon sound hot on that snitch track, but he sound good over just about anything…

  • O Trice

    Ey i just wanted to say fuck gunit hahah fucking faggots. The game Muthafuckers Blackwall street 4life.
    And check out the games movie Millionare Boyz Club and Waist Deep as soon as they come out. O Trice is a good rapper but not fifty (homo)
    he gets alot of help by Dre N Em

  • Gutta

    obie trice can spit but he lies just like every other rapper out there…talkin like he from detroit,hes from amsterdam…be serious

  • Slayer-X

    Ya this albums gonna be hot!!!!!!
    Cause Ob Trice GOt That

  • Obie Trice


  • Whiteboy

    What the f*%#!!! August 15?! I’ve seriously been waiting for this cd since fall of ’05. Other than Lloyd Banks, there is no other artist I’ve been waitin for to drop their new cd. And where the hell is Statlanta? I’m so pissed right now. I hate u interscope u dicks.

  • shadylady

    WHAT IS UP WITH THIS SHIT!!!? wheres the CD!!!?? august COME ON NOW, between obie and project pat they are KILLIN me…DAMN, just put the shit out there, WE’LL BUY IT!!

  • Mikey

    I know this might sound bad, but Em signing 50 cud of back fired big time, cuz 50 gave em a chance to sit back and chill and be a producer. think a bout if em didn’t sign 50, then after 8 mile em wud of released a another classic and just carried on working with bass bros, obie and d12. no doubt, financially 50 was em and dres big sucess back in 2002-2004, but now all of g-unit music just sounds,feels and even tastes stale, and Em got too big for his boots, thinkng he was a experinced old producer and started producing for everyone, some of his beats are dope espeacially the ones co-produced by jeff bass & dre, but him on his own with luis resto they just sound flat and amatuer. he destroyed 2pac material. even tho some beats were dope like black cotton. my point is that 50 is flooding the game with shit can’t wait till he leaves shady/aftermath. Em just concentrate on the lyrics not the beats. i don’t care if this is the wrong thread to post my comment but i had to get it off my chest.

  • H-man

    Shout out to 808′s. Big Detroit in da house. Go see Superman….Go cop dis CD…Da label izz Shady/aftermath. Damn, erywhere I go little kids R buying M&M’s. People think that Im Eminem,nope try SS or am I M&M……….Naw, cant B. Im just M. M. lololol

  • www.myspace.com/scabi201

    obie is da truth..hommie can spit…sleeper album of the year


    fuck all u haters hatin on obie!! his last album was the shit!!! hes underated as hell. this album will go platinum i guaratee. his lyrics r sick as hell and hes with the best cats in the business EM and DR.DRE. fuck eveyone else obie i’m picking up that album the 15 of august its on my calender!! (thats if u don’t change it again) but i got shade 45 on sirius and i listen to when its commin out. ur doin great obie keep it up. one love JOE POPPA

  • http://yahoo.com tha throwback kid

    2 all those niggas ho hate on obie u only get 1 bar fuck yall

  • naptown

    fuck that stupid motha fucka Ignorant Hip-Hop Fan claimin his people shot proof!?!? BULLSHIT you fuck pussy eat a dick up and quit lyin and hatin. do ya thing obie

  • http://yahoo.com throwback

    i agree wit nap n u got 2 b a sorry ass nigga 2 say dat R.I.P DERRTY HAIR THE REAL KING OF DETRIOT (n 4 thosse who dnt derrty hairy iz proof) obie stop killin deyz faKE RAPPERS ….. shic

  • finally sum real hip-hop

    im a new york nigga so its hard to impress me lyricaly, but this nigga obie spit sum flames…he kinda reminds me of beans the way he spit…they both spit gridy tho obie is a lil bit more unorthodox…but it makes u rewind…nigga up hear be shitin on him..but most of the time its the same niggaz who like d4l mike jones dem franchise boys and them gimick rappers…i think game is a lil better but game has a new york flow but the niggaz from cali…obie shyt is original…i put mad heads on to that “since they wonna kno” track. and most of them was feelin it. i honstly believe that cheers was a classic and the only reason niggaz aint pay attention was cause of 50 and that got sum teeth bullshit. he admited he fucked up with that 1 and he proved by makin snitch his 1st single…finally a hood nigga doin a hood topic(cause snitchin iz a major problem)..and gettin some shyne for it…only true hip hop head can appriciate this kind of rapper..imma cop this

  • emmic

    obie is the shit. common man you know how he shines… cheers was a fresh dope album


  • FLAboy

    Another Interscope Classic?

  • jus

    i hope 50 isnt all over the album..cuz that would kill it for me

  • the kern

    more xl’s for shady no surprise fuck that sit and fuck xxl the kern album about to pop

  • the kern

    im the illest rapper from the kern,
    listen up and ya’ll learn,
    that i dont give a fuck,
    listen up, look,
    im gona take ya’ll out,
    so ya know not ta mess about,
    with me im me n im real,
    come over here n ill let you feel,
    how good i am,
    how strong i be!
    how nothin that i do is free,
    ill pop ya ass if ya badmouth me

  • jus

    the kern that verse was wack fam…step ya game up please.

  • BlackGloves

    50 is on 1 track.. so thats good

    obie kills every track

    dope album

    it leaked, but imma cop this when it hits the stores..

    eminem did a good job on the productions by the way

  • welcome2compton

    man obie trice is fuckin sick
    is snitch gonna be on the album
    cuz that’s one of the best recent songs

  • http://www.anotha.com Cal

    Album is hot as hell, ill be copping it !!!


    yep i think i’ll either edownload loads of tracks off itunes or buy the whole thing. Keep it up obie, R.E.S.P.E.C.T.

  • Mikey

    no where near as good as cheers, cheers was 5 mic material this is 3.5 mics, man the production is wack, violent sounds like we as americans, and jamaican girl hook over shadows wot trice is spitting, em does good on the 50 track and the j.r rotem traks r fire fo’ sho. but this album leaked dre beats and timbo beats. and the promotion is all over the place, released early in france, and interscope don’t even post anything on their website about the date. no it’s not Jimmy! Iovine! time. it’s get ure pioritys right u over-paid bastards. WE WANT RE-UP!!!

  • ASH

    Wot i’ve heard so far, i like, 50′s hook is heavy, em’s verse sick, but i rather have the full version of emulate on the cd. suprised dre,timbo and mr.porter were absent, j.r rotem is a monster!!! cheers was a instant classic, this one may take time with me. 4/5 so far

  • yung soldier

    EVERYONE cop obie trice second rounds on me shits hot aug. 15

  • Chedda

    shady aftermath g g g g g g unit. fuck game & his bubble gum rappers of blackwallstreet, game says he gon sell 1 mill the week of his release ha ha dude funny only 50 can do such thang, holla at obie, the song everywhere i go is dope mayn, violent and jamaican girl too. so fuck all the haters and game

  • e

    Em ghostwrites for Obie

  • san diego

    damn people are still on that g unot bullshit huh? wow! ne ways obie spits fire real shit. hes the truth hes way under-rated too! this album is hot o trice is a lyricist a fuckin real deal mc.

  • LyRicLY InSaNE

    50 cent is shit he went bitch on that massacre peice of shit if he so gangsta why have an album full of love songs and simple rhyming same with the game his rhyming was shit on most of the documentary he says he dont need 50 but take the dre production and the 50 cent tracks off the album(how we do/ hate it or love it)and whats left NOT MUCH AT ALL!!

  • Mrs.Jones

    I never even heard his 1st album but i like his song “Snitch”

  • san diego

    e Says:

    July 28th, 2006 at 5:36 pm
    Em ghostwrites for Obie

    hahahahahahahahaha! i dont know if that comment is stupid or ignorant prolly both! e if you really listen to lyrics you will find that obie has his own style (which is not hard to hear). stop hatin and give obie the props he deserves hes a fuckin lyricist and if you hear his underground shit b4 he got signed youll see that he still has the same style! and CHEDDA thank you because its about time i see a cat with a steady head on his shoulders and knows to be a leader not a follower like everyone else on “black wallstreets” dick! game u can spit everyone knows it so stop dissin and make some good fuckin music like your album! fuckin a

  • FarUk

    obie has talent but his hooks suck, every verse he spits is hot but as far as a good song with format, i dont see it, i give the album a 7 just cause of verses he spits and some of the beats

  • http://thepiratebay.org This cd is out now…

    It is good shit too. Ill be copin it as soon as I can in the store, its worth it. Obie is back, mafackas better not sleep on this one…

  • http://huh?? Ace!!@#

    obies shit is poppin!!! i heard the whole thing on audioditions.com… yall better not sleep on it and go out and buy a rick ross cd. em’s production is off the chain!!! you wont snap your fingers, or pull your hair… but beware cause obies here!!!


    Obie is the truth and to that London mufucka, obie is not no Yung Joc. Obie would rip tha shit outta Joc…Obie is tha MOST UNDERRATED rapper in tha game today

  • Julz Da Great

    All I want is wats mine I dont care who I hurt
    Since they wanna know
    OBie hip hop hard hitter fo real

  • Argento

    I see alot of stupid comments on here. How about talking about the quality of the album instead of discussing 50 and Game.

    Cheers was a solid album througout. Lyrics and Production were top notch.

    This album shows progression, instead of a Cheers 2 which most people here want?! It’s called building a discography of diverse material.

    Em’s production falters at times, but the dude is trying and comes hard with some material. Obie is one of the most underated lyricists today. Take the album as it is and enjoy it, it is above average and a good prgression from Cheers. Darker and less Shadyesque.

  • agentWONE

    cheers was a album hot and so does 2nd round. dont sleep the “2nd round” bitches!!

  • Simeon Smashes Vick All Day

    I album is WAY tight. My favorite tracks are “Lay Down”, “Kill Me A Mutha” and I was suprised that EM did the beats. Tight beats. “Cry Now” is also a banger. Has a few sorry ass songs, but overall a very good album. Also, I was suprised Em did the beat for Jamiacan Girl, it sounds like a Timaland beat to me. 4.5 out of 5.

  • D-boi


  • truckstop joe

    im from gb so the album aint out yet but i know its gonna rule.





    wack he sux


    the game will murda this pussy
    on the real he should step ya game up
    gunot dickryda.obhave mr wacko.
    west coast is back.
    east coast is ova.
    obie is wack
    he crap
    cant rap
    gon get macked
    slapped tapped
    elimanated eradicated
    hes a nobody now.
    ill personally give
    him 400 bars and gunnin
    and end his career.
    west side nigga

  • the incredibles

    best cd this year and betta is goin to be than the devils advocate

  • san diego

    ruatoria wow!!!!!!! hey for one obie’s been on the rap game hustle wayyyyyyyyyy longer than the game. for two obie and game are homeboys! for three obie is a lyricist this album will go platinum! four, obie is not from the east coast so i dont know where you got that assumption! for five, obie never had a ghost writer! for six, he’s far from a bitch because he drove himself to the hospital with a bullet in his dome! i mean i could go on for days. and it’s funny to see mother fuckers hop on black wallstreets dick right after they were suckin g-units dick! i mean stay true to yourself ruatoria dont say 50′s a snitch cause game said so thats some women shit. hip hop for life read up study up then come chat!

  • san diego

    and dolla im glad you like this shit but to say you never heard him spit like this before is weird cause did you not hear cheers! anyway obie’s a real talent man for real and he’s gettin slept on!

  • XTC luv Xtreme

    ey wats up? im from australia i fukin luv obie, cheers best album i own..anyway second round’s on me biggest let down of the year..like seriously r uz listening to the same album.. this shits worse than yayo’s album..lyricly its insane but beats are wak, depressing shit. i dunno maybe my expectations were too high after cheers but this album sukt for me.. “my opinion”

  • san diego

    yo xtc i mean everyones got opinions but i think you need to go back and really listen i mean smoke a blunt or two and listen. these beats that eminem produced are crazy just like the ones him dre and timbo did on cheers. but dog to say this is worse than yayo’s album is just plain crazy i mean yayo went tripple bronze hommie obie’s a platinum artist cmon now!



  • aftermath

    This cdizz is hype from the first to the last song another album that should be xxl just listen to this cd. Both Obie’s cd’s are amazing!!

  • st8outtacompton

    this album is str8 up amazing!
    best songs are snitch, everywhere i go and all my life

  • ninja ureland

    best album of 2006

  • ninja ireland

    buy it bitches,p.s U.k hiphop is for faggots, 1916

  • beantown

    You people have to realize that Obie is not part of G-Unit and has nothing to do with the 50 Cent / Game beef. By the way, both are dope rappers and there is no reason to choose sides. Just fucking enjoy the music they both make.

    Obie is one of the most underrated rappers of the past few years, the man rhymes tight.

  • eeyore

    obie is tight i bouth this cd 3 times em u gotta help hi more than 50 50 is already rithc obir=e deserves more fame and u know it and hes from the 313 im a em fan since 97 hes still numer 1 rapper and tirce is #2 i loved cheers and i love second round s on m e its better than rotten apple

  • hollaatme

    wha wha

  • hollaatme

    second rounds on me tight album

  • hollaatme

    bow wow is gayy ya heard

  • behard

    this album is in the top 10 2006 easy…