When Apollo Brown and Skyzoo announced they were dropping a joint album back in August, underground hip-hop heads were elated about the Michigan/New York musical mashup. Now, those same fans can double up their excitement because the guys have dropped a new single off the LP called "A Couple Dollars" featuring one of Brooklyn's finest, Joell Ortiz.

The new single is an introspective piece that showcases Skyzoo and Joell at their best over a flute melody. Sky and Joell each take turns rhyming about the relatable issue of needing just a little bit of cash to get by for the day.

"For me, this record is a personal favorite of mine because of what it represents as far as my perspective," explained Skyzoo on Bandcamp when releasing the new banger. "Coming up, I saw certain things in my neighborhood, which led to certain aspirations, which led to motivation of all sorts. This record is about how those things come about, and how they started in the first place, dating back 400+ years ago, as pointed out in the second verse. This song stands as another testament to who, what, when, where and why as far as how it is in my neighborhood."

As a fellow Brooklynite, Ortiz knew the exact message Skyzoo was trying to get across.

"Always feels good to tell the story of my past and how it was growing up in my projects in Brooklyn," said Joell, echoing Skyzoo's sentiments. "Reminds me where I came from. You need that reminder every now and then to keep you focused and sharp."

Just as fall sets in, Apollo Brown and Skyzoo's The Easy Truth drops Sept. 30 via Mello Music Group. For now, listen to "A Couple Dollars" above.

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