Bankie IZ finds four of Cleveland's finest young rappers for "2HundredSixteen." Kipp Stone, Shawn K, Curly Chuck, Tae Miles and Bankie himself go off on the new free loosie. If you love bars, this is for you.

Kipp broke out after releasing “30FTALL” and hasn’t looked back. Now he’s gearing up to release a new project that should show off his lyrical prowess.The Cleveland native has been putting in work over the past few years and it's paying off.

Stone explained to XXL what he wants his career to be known for to. "I would want to be the next big cult classic," he said. "When you think of a cult classic they don’t really gain a lot of commercial success or nothing like that. But everybody knows this is it, this is the guy. When you’re watching certain movies like Pulp Fiction… It’s not like a huge movie but when you mention a favorite movie you’re going to mention it. Also, I want to prove that you don’t have to be a snake to get success. I have a lot further to go but I got to where I’m at now by staying true to the people around me and staying true to what I believe. I think that’s huge."

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