Rockie Fresh has put out a ton of music in 2016. The Chicago rapper kicked off the year with The Night I Went To... mixtape and has not slowed down since its release. The Maybach Music Group artist followed that project up with two more tapes titled The Night I Went to... Los Angeles and The Night I Went to... Chicago. Clearly Rockie isn't done as he just dropped a new track called "Lies and Lullabies." The song sees him getting reflective as he questions himself and those around him.

"Hopped up and took a shower/Played songs for an hour/While staring out the window of my tower/Ain't really sleep last night cause I was way too busy/Thinking bout the different ways/That I can learn to practice what I'm preaching/Nigga getting bigger, blowing swishers, fighting cancers/Everyday people swaying, I don't have all of the answers/My stripper chicks say I should make something for the dancers/My blog chicks say hip hop should go and up the standards/Tell me how you feel/Can these hypes fuck with someone that's chill/Can niggas that I came up with be homies still/We make moves when we tryna provide/I'd rather go and take a chance than to say that I never tried," Rockie Fresh raps on the opening verse.

There is no word if "Lies and Lullabies" is intended for a specific project or will simply end up as loose track from the Chicago rhymer. Fans can expect to hear plenty more from Rockie Fresh as he'll likely be a contributor to Maybach Music Group's upcoming compilation Self Made 4.

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